German Phone Call Etiquette (Inbound/Outbound) and the Vital Importance of Native German Language Customer Service Outsourcing

Within the booming German eCommerce market – and, behind steadily-growing Gross Domestic Product (GDP) numbers that should reach approximately US$ 4.9 U.S. trillion dollars by 2024 – cross-border eSellers have an unprecedented opportunity to expand into the German market with top-quality customer service that instills trust amongst German consumers and builds strong brand loyalty. In order to maximize the gains that come from this opportunity to provide superb customer service, we have included phone etiquette tips on how to best resonate with German eCommerce customers – furthermore, with our very own Callnovo Contact Center’s native language outsourced customer solutions, market-expanding eCommerce sellers can build solid relationships with German eCommerce consumers in such a way that they – via a heightened brand image – build long-term sales growth and financial success.

A Beautiful Celebration of Joy | An International Colleague’s Wedding Invitations and Celebration, Callnovo’s Remote Blessing

A beautiful wedding ceremony and celebration is not only a blessed day for all those involved – but, more specifically for the bride and groom themselves as it not only marks the grand decision that they have decided to take to remain the rest of their lives together – but, it also marks the start of that wonderful journey with its challenges and intrinsic rewards. For our Callnovo family, this new chapter of life is even more significant – especially this particular time – as it was a special day to participate in the grand wedding of one of our most appreciated colleagues.