12 Help Desk Metrics & Help Desk Performance Metrics to Ensure Stellar Customer Engagement

How remote help desk support that follow superb help desk metrics offers struggling customers with the superb solutions they need — in the moment that they need them — whether it’s via phone, live chat, email, social media — you name it - is shown..

By understanding, training, and having your help desk technicians put into practice key help desk metrics & help desk performance metrics, your global brand can orient itself on its CS / TS team(s)’ efficiency & service performance – as well as improve upon them – to effectively-ensure customer-centric service that leads to long-term customer base growth, customer retention, and brand loyalty. Check out Callnovo’s guide to help you successfully-meet consumers’ / end-users’ high service expectations, increasing your long-term global sales success.

Callnovo’s Two Way SMS Solutions Featured in its CRM Platform Enables Intelligent Manufacturers in the Global Market

A laptop demonstrates Callnovo Contact Center's two way SMS solutions which are featured in its internally-developed global cloud-based SaaS CRM and Communications platform.

As customer service communication technology and customer service operations are critical links for a business’ long-term global success, Callnovo offers various channels by which businesses can communicate with their customers/users in order to build a stronger competitive drive in the global market through customer experiences that promote long-term brand loyalty; for intelligent manufacturing companies specifically, Callnovo’s two way SMS solutions bring such long-term market success to a reality.

Canadian eCommerce Market: Tips for Go Global Ecommerce Businesses Entering the Market

Though Canada has a total population of approx. 38 million people, its population is primarily concentrated along the southern Great Lakes, with other marginally more populated areas like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, and Halifax.

When we look at the continent of North America, it’s impossible to overlook the sheer size of Canada. Canada has a massive land area of approximately 9-10 million square kilometers. However, it has only a population of around 38 million people. The population of Canada is primarily concentrated along the southern Great Lakes, with other […]

Callnovo’s Powerful International Toll-Free Service (ITFS) Strategy for Businesses

A magnifying glass demonstrates a close-up magnification of the business, PetMed Express, Inc.'s, toll-free phone number, 1-800-PETMEDS.

An International Toll-Free Number (ITFN) is a sophisticated telecommunications number that can be dialed free of charge to the caller and paid for by the owner of the number, enabling international connection between customers and businesses. The worldwide 800-toll-free service hotline is a vital tool for global businesses to expand into new markets and establish […]

The Importance of an Omni-Channel Contact Center to a Brands’s Global Strategy

An infograph highlights details of Callnovo's global customer service team and internally-developed cloud-based SaaS CRM and communications platform; such factors are demonstrated - like: global native language speakers, 24/7 coverage, low customer service representative turnover rates, tailored plans, and phone, SMS, social media, live chat, email, and in-app messaging integration.

Amazon recently banned many Ecommerce sellers for generating fake reviews for their products – a well-known industry secret. This blockade pushed many global e-Commerce brands to pursue a different path. These brands are now working to develop unique brand premiums and independence to build their own identity outside of the Amazon platform, which requires improved products and […]

Callnovo’s Top-Tier Customer Service Propels a Scooter Brand into the U.S. Market

scooter brand

Callnovo provides after-sales support to a well-known electric scooter manufacturer; to keep the brand name confidential, we’ll use the name ISCT. ISCT primarily manufactures electric scooters, electric bicycles, and hoverboards for different purposes and consumer groups. After establishing a strong presence in European markets – such as: the United Kingdom, Germany, and France – the brand shifted […]

Callnovo Assists Nurse Recruitment Platforms – such as the W Company – Despite the Current United States Labor Shortage

A head nurse evaluates current shift schedules so that they vould determine how better to allocate their staff.

To meet the current labor shortage pain points in the United States for travel nurse recruitment platforms such as the W Company, Callnovo provides superb English-language customer service outsourcing solutions that meet the high demand for customer service personnel, enabling businesses to successfully meet customer expectations without restrictions, bringing value to small and big brand names alike.

Ultimate Guide: Importance of German Customer Service Culture and How to Successfully Resonate with German Customers via Localized Customer Service

A global, diverse outsourcing team specializing in German language customer engagement solutions decides on the final details regarding a strategic approach to help a client launch services in Germany.

By having a clear understanding of Germany’s customer service culture and how to engage German customers effectively, businesses looking to expand to the German sales market have the opportunity to effectively build a strong customer base that brings long-term brand recognition and loyalty, ensuring sales benefits and a continual increase in financial security for a lifetime.