Best Customer Service Practices: 5 Practices for Top Support

Best Customer Service Practices: 5 Practices for Top Support

A male customer service agent throws a thumbs up as he smiles, demonstrating that quality service begins with a customer-centric attitude that treats consumers fairly and as more important than the CSRs themselves.

The agents in the customer service industry are tasked with serving a huge customer base, with thousands of people in various industries every day. They deal with people of different personalities, different situations, and different ages. In order for customer service agents to properly serve every type of customer, they must adapt to each scenario. Learning how to go off script is just as important as learning the script itself. While learning how to adapt to every customer is not an easy task, here are some best customer service practices to keep in mind when engaging with customers.

  • Try not to sound robotic.

    When customer service agents always stick to the script, it can seem unnaturally robotic and cold. Often, this comes across as unempathetic to the customer. The agent is like a “robot” just to get the job done, but ignores the emotional appeal to customers. In the face of such customer service, the customer will inevitably feel helpless. In a Forrester Reporter survey, 65% of customers said they have changed to a different brand because of a poor experience. Such a way of handling will not leave a good impression on customers nor earn the customer’s loyalty. Having emotional intelligence is one of the key best customer service practices of a customer service agent, and empathizing with the customer will make them feel understood and cared for. Take a survey of the customers’ real needs rather than focusing only on performance statistics, which may make customers feel that the company is more interested in making a profit than addressing their concerns.
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  • Keep answers simple and concise.

    Sometimes products or services may be complicated, and the issues regarding them are even more complicated. In such cases, explaining or resolving complex problems can be easily explained by the customer service agent with extensive knowledge about the product or service. But most customers do not have the same knowledge or understanding, and sometimes trying to resolve the issues in fact makes the customer more confused. In such a scenario, the customer service agent should practice one of the other best customer service practices – mainly, trying to answer questions as simply as possible, walking through step-by-step if needed. In some cases, the customer can even get very agitated if the solution doesn’t make sense to them, so simple language and concise answers can make customers feel more at ease.
  • Make sure all questions are answered.

    Some customers may have many complaints but are non-confrontational and it may take some encouragement to voice their problems. Following up on all their questions and proactively asking if certain problems are resolved can go a long way toward raising customer satisfaction. You want your customers to leave the call or chat with absolutely no complaints and a productive customer service experience.
  • Understand cultural differences in your customers.

    Particularly for companies with customers in multiple places, understanding the cultural differences and unique aspects of your customers can help immensely in building a solid relationship with them. Only by knowing your customers and connecting with them on a more personal level can you create deep connections and loyalty. Language-wise, customers who can communicate freely in their native tongue will feel more at ease, and conversations will be smoother. A customer service agent who can accomplish this key practice of the best customer service practices will seem more like a friend than an agent, and will create an even better customer service experience.
  • Request Feedback.

    At the end of any conversation with a customer, asking for feedback – as one of the vital best customer service practices – is the easiest way to know whether or not the customer is satisfied. If the call goes well, a line such as “I know you might not have anything negative to say, but if you could tell us what went right, it would be a great help in perfecting our service” can help determine which aspect the agent performed well in, and keep in mind for the future. If the call goes poorly, the agent will learn which areas need improvement so the mistakes can be avoided in future calls. It is estimated that only 1 in 26 customers will tell a business about their negative experience. The other 25 will leave without explaining or complaining. Proactively asking for feedback directly after the conversation can give invaluable insight on how to improve in the future. Customer feedback is crucial because it serves as a road map for both your support staff and the entire company.

According to a 2018 Customer Expectations Survey, 68% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for products and services from a brand known to offer good customer service experiences. Improving customer satisfaction and cultivating customer lifelong loyalty is the ultimate goal of customer service, which requires continuous innovation, practice, and changes in order to consistently gain customer approval.

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At Callnovo, we take pride in training agents with such skills and emotional intelligence to provide the best customer support. Callnovo provides high-quality global multilingual customer service resources, including English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Korean, Italian, Finnish, and any other bilingual customer service solutions that you may need. Smooth communication with customers around the world can reduce unnecessary misunderstandings and misjudgments caused by language barriers.

The level of customer service affects the brand image of the client, and Callnovo is devoted to building an exceptional brand image for our clients. Our agents truly care about the customers, going above and beyond in each interaction, Whether it is customer experience or service agent experience, the value behind the experience is our greatest asset. We serve our employees with heart, and our employees serve customers with heart. Therefore, companies no longer have to worry about the quality of customer service agents. Through real feedback from customers, Callnovo continuously strives to deliver high-quality customized global customer service outsourcing services to customers and create greater value for the client and the customer. Callnovo continues to move forward on the road of customer service, providing competitive solutions and services, and continues to empower and create value for clients anywhere in the world.


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