How High-Quality Customer Service Representatives Create Brand Value and Great Value Brands

How High-Quality Customer Service Representatives Create Brand Value and Great Value Brands

This image shows the text, "The expert in anything was once a beginner" - detailing the fact that every professional starts at the basics and works their way up to being a skilled expert; with the proper training, due diligence, continual practice of acquired skills, and a resolve to continually grow and do their best, professionals can become true masters of their trade.

When people hear about the profession of customer service, the first reaction is usually along the lines of: customer service is just listening to customers’ “complaints” every day and solving some “non-technical” problems. It doesn’t sound too difficult, and it seems like anyone is capable of doing it. But is the job of customer service really that simple and underappreciated?

The answer is: definitely not. Customer service is a very basic and important position, and it is an important link between enterprises and consumers. For many brands, a good customer service team is necessary to build their brand reputation. They do their best to serve everyone equally. They meet all kinds of people every day, some that are well-tempered and some not as much. When encountering customers who are difficult to communicate with, they must control their emotions, answer patiently, and respond skillfully by reasoning with customers instead of arguing or refusing to help.

Callnovo’s professional customer service representatives ensure their professionalism no matter the customer. Unfriendly customers may occur every day, and each customer requires smart navigation and problem solving. When encountering inquisitive customers, they must patiently guide them and answer their questions thoroughly. When encountering customers who are returning goods, they must be careful to accompany them to make sure they don’t leave bad reviews for no reason. When encountering customers who are complaining, they must explain calmly to keep up their performance points. When encountering malicious customers, they must respond skillfully, ensuring that the customer doesn’t spread misinformation and negative comments. Customer service is a skillful job. The customer service agents must worry about many different things at the same time. The job not only needs full enthusiasm for the work, but being amiable, calm, and empathetic.

One of Callnovo’s top CSRs shows excitement and a grand appreciation for their team’s 1st anniversary in a business partnership with the client, XGIMI.

Qualities of a Professional Customer Service Representative

When consulting customer support for an issue, customers not only need to have their basic functional needs met, but also expect to obtain emotional satisfaction and psychological recognition. Under the patient guidance of Callnovo customer service representatives, the emotional needs of customers are met, their questions resolved, and their anxiety eased. But this not necessarily an easy task, and the representatives must have the ability to learn how to effectively support customers.

As far as Callnovo is concerned, a customer service representative is considered qualified once they’ve completed an evaluation through two major criteria: professional ability and emotional intelligence.

Firstly, to be diligent is to master business knowledge and improve business professional ability. Professional skills are the foundation. When customer service representatives can solve problems for customers smoothly, then the first step is already complete. If a customer service representative is not confident in their knowledge, then the customer won’t be either. Any Callnovo representative must have a deep understanding of their task in order to efficiently provide support.

Having emotional intelligence is to consider the problem from the customer’s point of view, understand the customer’s urgency, and meet the customer’s needs. The essence of customer service is empathy. The ability to know how to think in a different position is crucial. Learning tolerance and patience is the most basic course in customer service soft skills training. With a sincere attitude while treating customers, the agents can win customer satisfaction and praise. Customer service representatives also needs to have a certain degree of self-control. With these skills and a good attitude to face work and customers, Callnovo’s representatives can not only can spread their attitude to customers but also maintain their own mood.

This picture shows a prominent team of seven tech support professionals posing for the camera; these professionals manage various clients from the Big Tech industry, providing top-tier service based on a customer-centric service strategy.

Customer service may seem like a mundane job, but that is far from the case. The two-way cooperation of IQ and EQ enables customer service representatives to create extraordinary value. The mastery of professional skills and the service attitude and emotional control are the skills that it takes to be a customer service representative. Callnovo’s customer service teams and agents have either mastered or are well on their way to mastering the necessary skills of a successful customer service representative. We are proud to help our agents achieve their great potential and provide value to any operation they are a part of.


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