Callnovo’s One-stop Global CX Solutions Alleviate Global E-Commerce Customer Service Struggle

Callnovo’s One-stop Global CX Solutions Alleviate Global E-Commerce Customer Service Struggle

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For e-commerce brands that are expanding globally, a high-quality customer service operation is critical for building a loyal customer base in any new market. The in-house customer service team of a smart home cleaning brand, STSE, was struggling to provide sufficient service. Their leaders were troubled by the high customer service personnel turnover rate. This inconsistent customer service team also greatly affects other operations as well.

The STSE brand has been involved in the industry of smart living appliances for more than ten years. Its business product lines mainly include four categories: smart home cleaning, smart cooking, smart personal care, and smart lifestyle. In 2020, the high-end smart washing machine launched by STSE gradually became the main product of the brand.

Due to the high turnover rate of customer service personnel in glob markets with in-house teams, the lack of qualified personnel with proficient language skills, and no one to handle overnight shifts, STSE decided it was time to step up the quality of customer service and signed a contract with Callnovo Contact Center – an internationally-leading customer service outsourcing service provider in early 2021. During this project cooperation, Callnovo provided STSE with a set of multilingual and multi-channel global one-stop customer service outsourcing solutions/global CX solutions, including:

  1. Native-language customer service in English, Dutch, and German, answering customer questions on daily phone calls, and handling customer inquiries on social media platforms such as online chat, email, SMS, Facebook, etc.
  2. 24/7 pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale service. The services mainly include: technical support such as product installation and user guidance, troubleshooting, and customer services such as replacement and return guidance, logistics tracking and inquiries.
  3. Toll free number customer service hotline in the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, and the Netherlands, with plans to open the service hotlines in Japan, Spain, France, and Australia.
  4. Callnovo global cloud communication system and indicators such as workload/service quality/satisfaction of customer service agents, which provide support for data management.
A smiling customer service rep – with her understanding of complex product knowledge – provides superb after-sales product troubleshooting support to a high-tech eCommerce brand.

Irina, a local Dutch customer service representative for STSE, shared her customer service experience:

“Email remains the most popular online activity in Europe and the US. The daily use of email ranks first among all online activities, outpacing other online activities such as social media, online shopping, and audio and video consumption. European consumers like to inquire about product information by email. Our team can receive various service requests from consumers of different ages every day, such as product pre-sale consultation, after-sale return and exchange processing, order inquiry, logistics inquiry, order information change, payment methods, troubleshooting, maintenance appointments, and regular customer return visits and customer satisfaction surveys.

In my one year of full-time customer service for STSE, I have encountered many difficult customers. The user groups of the leading product washing machines all have relatively high requirements for quality of life. Before placing an order, customers will worry about whether our washing machine can deal with pet hair or stains or other life scenarios. They also need to know about the replacement of accessories, warranty, and other details.

If the consumers can’t quickly grasp how to use the product, they can easily think that the problem is with the product, and they will put the blame on the unreasonable design of the product. If there is no way to reply to the customer solution in a short time, the impatient customer is likely to choose to return it directly and leave a bad review on Amazon.

In the face of difficult customers, Callnovo’s team that proportions exceptional global CX solutions must demonstrate various key customer service soft-skills – such as keep calm, patiently listen to the needs of consumers, and make professional suggestions according to the situation. If there is a situation that cannot be resolved, we will turn to the core team as soon as possible, ask consumers to leave their contact information, contact customers after getting a solution, and give feedback as soon as possible. Callnovo gives us regular training to strengthen our comprehensive customer service soft skills.

We are proud that under Callnovo’s professional operation, in most cases, the customer service personnel can not only solve problems for customers with ease, but also often receive praise and thanks from customers, which makes the project customer service team members feel very fulfilled. “

A representative of STSE also provided feedback:

For eCommerce brands, it is direly important to provide exceptional customer service and tech support solutions that augment customers’ CX, resulting in higher customer acquisition/customer retention and leading to stronger brand loyalty.

“Our STSE brand washing machine has maintained continuous technological innovation, and we will launch at least 2 to 3 new products on the market a year. Different models have different product parameters and their own characteristics. Complex product and service knowledge puts forward higher requirements on the language level, service experience and comprehensive ability of customer service personnel.

In the early stages, we internally trained a group of customer service personnel, but due to the difficulty of finding night-shift customer service, the team was difficult to stabilize, and the loss of customer service personnel led to management difficulties.”

Luckily, none of these issues are a problem now as a result of Callnovo’s superb global CX solutions. Since the cooperation of more than a year, the product return rate of STSE has been declining, and the product conversion rate and customer feedback rate have maintained a steady upward trend.

Callnovo is committed to providing one-stop global multilingual customer service and technical support for global enterprises. We have nearly 20 years of service experience in the field of multilingual call centers, and have now served more than 1,000 B2B, B2C, large, medium, and small enterprises and institutions from various industries around the world, including Fortune 500 companies and various emerging global cross border e-commerce sellers. For those that are worried about the after-sales support of global customer service, no matter the size and scale of your global customer service outsourcing needs, Callnovo will always have a customized solution suitable for your company.


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