How Pet Product Brands Leverage Customer Service Outsourcing to Efficiently Go Global

How Pet Product Brands Leverage Customer Service Outsourcing to Efficiently Go Global

A cool cat (Russian blue) with glasses (found on Tiktok) and a beige/caramel color dog demonstrate a cute pose for the camera; pet brands that highly-desire their customers to enjoy their own pets' health and well-being can turn to customer service outsourcing to help them accomplish their CX goals.

Due to the COVID pandemic in recent years, the state of people’s emotional health and needs have changed significantly. One method of dealing with these needs has surged during the pandemic, adopting loving and healing pet animals. These pets have become an indispensable part of many people’s lives. The development of domestic and foreign pet products brands has also surged to meet the needs of pet owners, and the choice of pet products brands to go overseas via superb customer service outsourcing solutions has become one of the important developments in the industry.

So, for these emerging pet product brands, what is the most important aspect in competing with other pet products? At the same price and product quality, meticulous customer service is the secret to winning. It is critical to establish a high-quality global multilingual customer service operation for pet products brands to go overseas.

ZSA Pet Products Co., Ltd. is a young enterprise specializing in the development of smart pet products. The ZSA brand has developed a series of smart pet products such as pet smart water dispensers, smart feeders, and smart cat litter boxes. Out of all the products, the most popular one is the smart cat litter box with built-in sensors that can be linked with smartphones. It can not only automatically clean the cat litter box, but it can also count relevant data such as weight and usage time whenever the cat uses the litter box, so that owner can keep track of the pet’s physical health. The product is immensely useful for cat owners.

Before the establishment of the brand, the founder aimed at the Japanese market, a region with a booming pet product industry, and quickly established a customer service team, realizing the potential of customers placing orders online. For consumers in the Japanese market, before deciding whether to buy a product, they are very concerned about whether the seller has professional online services and after-sales channels.

In 2021, due to an adjustment of the sales plan, ZSA’s self-built in-house customer service team faced enormous pressure. Since most Japanese consumers do not speak English, translation software can lead to ambiguity and cannot accurately translate customer concerns, resulting in frequent misunderstandings when consumers seek help from customer service. However, the training cost of customer service personnel with excellent Japanese ability is very high. When the customer service turnover rate is high, the project is much more difficult to run.

At that time, ZSA decisively chose to outsource its customer service operation in the Japanese market to Callnovo Contact Center’s professional customer service solutions. Over the course of 18 years of service, Callnovo has established more than ten overseas customer service operation centers around the world, including a Callnovo Japanese customer service center.

Within a week of learning about the needs of ZSA, Callnovo screened out a number of local native-speaking Japanese customer service personnel with more than two years of customer service experience based on the service needs of ZSA. After satisfactory interviews, ZSA successfully implemented Callnovo’s employee training system and conducted supervision to ensure that the service project was launched quickly and on schedule.

Front-line customer service personnel in all Callnovo projects have at least two years of customer service experience in various industries, and a few senior customer service representatives upwards of five years of industry service experience.

Compared with the ZSA’s in-house customer service team, with Callnovo the customer service recruitment cycle is greatly shortened, and the company no longer needs to pay high compensation for the loss of customer service personnel or the dismissal of personnel, saving at least 30% of personnel recruitment and management costs.

The customer service team of the ZSA project provide Japanese local consumers with 24/7 online customer service through omnichannel support solutions such as telephone service lines, text messages, emails, online chat on the official website, and social media channels such as Facebook. At present, the project has been in stable operation for nearly a year. Callnovo has successfully assisted ZSA in the Japanese market and helped established a reputation.

As an experienced global one-stop professional customer service outsourcing expert, Callnovo can customize multilingual omni-channel customer service outsourcing solutions for you according to your business needs. From customer service employment configuration, customer service efficiency, operation management process, etc., the continuous improvement of the operation will reduce comprehensive cost input and increase corporate profits. The difference in customer service focus allows you to gain favor from global customers and accumulate brand reputation.

Callnovo always maintains its original belief of highest customer-centric service quality. We always pay attention to the challenges and values of global customer service, provide competitive customer service outsourcing solutions and services, and continue to empower and create value for enterprises. We look forward to helping brands in every industry achieve their goals by offering a multilingual omnichannel customer service operation that will impress upon customers the absolute most satisfaction.


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