How an Effective Customer Service Outsourcing Solution Gives a Competitive Edge

How an Effective Customer Service Outsourcing Solution Gives a Competitive Edge

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With the continuous increase of economic globalization, more and more enterprises are expanding their reach to markets around the world. Many of these newer enterprises must learn how to stand out among the hundreds of other enterprises seeking to make a mark. The solution to this seems to lie in innovation, which is a necessary condition for businesses to find vitality and success. But what does innovation mean exactly? Should the focus be on product innovation, sales model innovation, or customer service innovation? The following case study may provide some insight.

In 2021, a juicer brand nicknamed “CI” unexpectedly become popular among young people in Europe and America. While the quality of the product is very high, how did this juicer brand stand out among the vast array of similar products?

At first glance, CI’s target customer base is young adults in Europe and America who want to lose weight or enjoy exercising. As the idea of ​​healthy living and eating spreads, this group of young people is looking to make “healthy shakes” with fruits and vegetables as meal replacements, or as a post-workout supplement. The CI juicer focuses on being able to meet their dietary needs for fitness and weight loss. But surely this is not what makes CI stand out. There are countless juicer brands in every market, many of them offering similar quality juicers at a similar or even cheaper price. In fact, any juicer can be used to make “healthy shakes”.

After in-depth research, it is realized that CI not only sell juicers, but they have also prepared a whole set of fitness courses and matching diet plans for customers, which are all available on their independently developed app. They design their app and products to rely on and create traffic for each other. This idea allowed them to pursue a new path of their own and differentiate themselves from competitors. Thus, innovation in products and sales models can help a brand stand out, but is it the only way?

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As CI grew their business, they also expanded into new global markets such as France, Germany, Spain, and others. They began to gain customers from different countries, who live in different time zones, and speak different languages. Through an interview with CI about their customer service operation, a representative said the following: “The company receives 200-300 calls from different countries every day. When the customer speaks English, I can handle it, but sometimes the customer speaks German, French, Russian, or a language I don’t even recognize, let alone understand. One time a customer called, who only seemed to speak Spanish. I didn’t know what the customer was asking, and the customer didn’t understand what I was saying. The customer was anxious, and I was anxious too. It was a completely unhelpful exchange.” So how can CI provide a quality customer care experience for every customer? Fortunately, after considering their options, CI decided to outsource their contact center to Callnovo, a multilingual customer service outsourcing center dedicated to the global market. After quickly implementing a professional customer service team with extensive technical knowledge, customers of CI from various regions and language backgrounds could receive the support that they needed. The enhance customer service experience provided by Callnovo helps CI build a reputation in the new markets, a reputation of caring for all their loyal customers. Having a multilingual, multichannel customer service operation is a guaranteed method of standing out amongst other brands.

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Callnovo has partnered with businesses covering 180+ countries and regions around the world, providing one-stop multilingual customer service outsourcing solutions for large and small enterprises. In addition to matching customer service personnel around the world, Callnovo also provides you with a CRM cloud communication system, so that phone calls, emails, and online chats are all integrated into one system. This allows the customer service operation to run smoothly and efficiently and makes it easy to manage the customer service agents and ensure high-quality service. While in cooperation with Callnovo, a Client Success Manager is also provided. A Client Success Manager monitors the progress of the project, the performance of customer service agents, and helps keep the operation stable, so that you will not need to actively manage daily operations If you, like CI, are planning to go global with your business, if you are worried about the time difference with your customers and missed orders, worried about your customers speaking French, German, Russian, or even Swahili; or you already have a customer service team, but you are worried about the high costs, then your solution may lie in Callnovo Contact Center. Whatever concerns you may have, Callnovo can provide cost-efficient customer service outsourcing solutions. By joining forces, Callnovo can help you become the leader of your industry and stand out from every other brand.


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