Customer Service Phone Etiquette Tips to Ensure Quality CX via Phone based Customer Service

Customer Service Phone Etiquette Tips to Ensure Quality CX via Phone based Customer Service

An attractive woman connects with a phone based customer support team to ask about the delivery time-frame for the new kitchenware she bought.

For our readers, recently, we went over tips for creating sensational customer experiences via SMS customer service; therein-mentioned, 69% of global customers prefer company interactions via SMS. Though SMS service options are preferred by worldwide consumers, high-quality phone based customer service via CS teams usage of fantastic customer service phone etiquette tips is in high demand, dominating as customers’ choice communication channel.

According to a 3rd party:

  • 76% of global customers contact customer service (CS) teams via the inbound/outbound calling channel.
  • Globally, 50%+ across all age groups reach out to CS teams via phone.
  • 65% of American consumers find phone-based customer service as the easiest-to-use CS channel.

For global brands – like your very own – looking to augment customer acquisition/retention rates via top-quality customer experiences (CX), superb phone-based customer service is an absolute must – offering such advantages as:

  • Greater Customer Reach – telephones ensure greater access to your global brand’s customer service representatives (CSRs) – especially for customers from the Baby Boomers/Generation X generations, bringing the short-term advantage of greater customer reach – as well as the long-term advantage of brand reputation/loyalty incrementation and global sales success consistency.
  • Business Connection Simplicity – a 3rd party survey provided to global customers mentions 47% reported annoyance/frustration when direct brand contact opportunities weren’t an option; voice over internet protocol’s (VoIP) click-to-call and automatic call-back ensure customers reach real CS personnel via simple, convenient, direct, rapid communication that increases satisfaction by lowering the customer effort score.
  • Enhanced Brand Growth – through call monitoring/data collection, phone based customer service allows you to see where your business excels/lacks in its CS strategies; by knowing such data, better service/CX can be ensured, leading to greater brand/sales growth and global market competition.

As sensational phone CS ensures the above-mentioned advantages are enjoyed by your brand, we’ll provide for you 8 essential customer service phone etiquette tips that’ll help you ensure high-quality customer engagement/CX so your customer acquisition/retention rates grow, leading to greater global sales success/financial security.

Customer Service Phone Etiquette: 8 Essentials to Guarantee Fantastic CX

Let’s dive right into essential customer service phone etiquette tips to ensure customer-centric service that guarantee fantastic customer engagement experiences:

Answer Calls Within 3 Rings

Focused CSRs answering calls within 3 rings can ensure global customers receive rapid service which lowers first response time (FRT)/long queue time; we recommend 3 rings to give your CSRs time to zone-in and prepare for interactions – as answering too quickly can leave them flustered.

Introduction at the Outset

Upon picking up and formally greeting customers with their name, your brand name, and a nice “how may I help you,” your CSRs can build rapport quickly and ensure a smooth experience. Have your CSRs let callers know if they’ve hit a wrong number as well. In the end, your customers will be met with warmness, encouraging a positive start to the conversation – and, if for example, it ends up being a rocker looking to book a gig, they’ll appreciate CSRs’ friendliness at the very least.

Clear Communication

Phone calls require strong interpersonal skills; speakers can only judge the others based on voice since they can’t identify body language/a kind smile. Have CSRs speak clearly, projecting without shouting and avoiding having to repeat. A strong, confident voice builds consumer trust. In the case of bad service, have your CS teams immediately ask customers to hang up/call back.

Actively Listen/Take Notes

It’s essential for CSRs to actively listen; active listening means hearing what is said and basing responses off of customer feedback rather than a script or personal feelings. By having CSRs practice this, customers will feel empathy present. Additionally, CSRs should take notes and file such a record post-conversation, ensuring that, during long-winded customer explanations, they can jot down only important points and then problem-solve without requiring customers to repeat.

Utilize Proper Language

Slang/swearing can cause CSRs to lose customers; they should be mindful/respectful – as they’ll never know what language could offend customers – so formal language is best. Throwing in humor when appropriate is encouraged to lighten customer issues – but, never allow CSRs to crack an upsetting joke.

Be Cheerful

As part of the customer journey, it’s natural for consumers to become frustrated/upset; though unfortunate, the manner in which your CS teams handle/deescalate customer issues is vital for long-term customer retention/loyalty. During such interactions, CSRs should step into customers’ shoes, recognizing why they’re upset. Have CSRs be friendly/positive – especially during negative interactions; their optimistic outlook may turn unsatisfactory customer situations around. Since the last thing customers want is long phone conversations with CS, CSRs should make calls worthwhile, leading to long-term customer loyalty.

Be honest/Prudential

Sometimes, it’s difficult to know how to handle customers’ pre-sales/post-sales questions/issues during initial phone calls – and, if not handled correctly, customers will get frustrated and doubt they’ll ever be able to move forward. If customers must be put on hold/calls need to be transferred, CSRs should ask for permission first, explaining why it’s necessary and reassuring them their problem will be solved swiftly; by keeping customers in the loop, they’ll be less inclined to complain about waiting long. It’s also best to have CSRs admit when they “don’t know” the solution rather than making excuses/falsely handling the situation. Even if they don’t know the answer, CSRs should tell customers they’ll do everything to resolve customer requests and will get back to them A.S.A.P. or find a customer service agent that can.

Observe Missed Calls/Voicemails

Missing customer calls/not getting back to them until it’s too late is frustrating. instantly motivating them to purchase from competitors. To ensure higher CX/secure a long-lasting customer relationship with your brand, CSRs should be on top of missed calls/voicemails. They should start/end each day by checking voicemail messages; it takes only a few minutes and can avoid unnoticed customer support requests. Providing prompt return calls are pleasing, leading to the provision of friendly, knowledgeable support.

Callnovo’s Omnichannel, Multilingual Customer Service Outsourcing Solutions Guarantee Quality CX

This pictures focuses on a handsome customer service agent utilizing phone based customer service and various customer service phone etiquette tips to ensure that the specific eCommerce brand’s customers that he supports are provided top-quality service that influences their long-term loyalty.

To compliment the above-mentioned customer service phone etiquette tips and associated benefits, we at Callnovo Contact Center – a globally-outsourced 17+ tenure digital CX leader – can support you with fantastic customer service outsourcing solutions that ensure top-tier CX, leading to heightened customer acquisition/retention rates and long-term brand loyalty/sales success. Some of our outsourcing advantages are:

  • Omnichannel Support – as featured through our global, cloud-based SaaS CRM platform, our CS teams ensure accessible, rapid contact solutions are provided through all communication channels (i.e. phone, live chat, SMS, email, social media, etc.) – guaranteeing that support is always available, leading to enhanced CX and influencing long-term customer loyalty/positive word-of-mouth brand advertising.
  • Quality Expertise – our global CS teams share expert service backgrounds/skills to ensure quality service is provided with the utmost success; we provide tailored service plans and ensure personnel are skilled in such areas as:
    • logical thinking skills,
    • management/operations skills, and
    • product/troubleshooting service experience.
  • Native Language Support – our native language support ensures you can meet customers’ needs efficiently, conforming to cultural expectations and improving customer loyalty.


Through fantastic phone support via the above-mentioned customer service phone etiquette tips, your CS team(s) can successfully ensure its customers receive the top-tier CS they need, leading to enhanced CX/brand experiences that motivate them to remain long-term, loyal customers and spread the word of your brand’s service solutions to their friends, family, and acquaintances. To help you accomplish this, our own Callnovo Contact Center offers a comprehensive omnichannel, multilingual customer service solution with customer-centricity in mind so you can meet your customers’ CX expectations through fantastic satisfaction experiences that improve long-term customer acquisition/retention numbers, fortify your brand’s growth/loyalty, and secure long-term sales success.


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