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A multilingual call center plays a big part in any global business plan. The challenge to provide local customer service becomes more complex as your market expands. When languages become barriers, the need to outsource to a multilingual call center becomes clear.

A multilingual call center bridges the gap between your business and customers. When you partner with Callnovo your customers won’t even know it. They will feel they are speaking directly to a company reps able to meet their needs.
Plus, they will love how your company handles their call with calm expertise!

For multilingual call center outsourcing projects, finding a professional and experienced call center partner with the right cultural fit is crucial.

Call Center agents provide service to people speaking different languages, and also from different cultures. Many cultures may have particular expectations for customer service that an expert multilingual call center will understand.
With Callnovo, your customers will feel good that the call takes place in their own language. Even better, the agents’ understanding of their culture will make them feel right at home!

Your company’s multilingual call center agents now will be much easier to talk to than your rival’s in-house workers. These satisfied customers will be loyal advocates of your brand, right in your target market!

Callnovo’s multilingual call centers provide service in more than twenty of the world’s most in demand business languages. [1]
You will only need to deal with one single point of contact for all languages. What a convenience and advantage!
3500+ agents located across Asia and South America offer rich ethnic diversity and knowledge of regional customs and cultures such as:
– English
– French
– Spanish
– German
– Russian
– Ukrainian
– Chinese (Mandarin)
– Chinese (Cantonese)
– Japanese
– Korean
– Filipino
– Thai
– Vietnamese
– Bahasa Indonesia
– Bahasa Malaysia
– …and others!

You can rest assured that Callnovo’s industry leading quality control ensures that the service of all languages and cultures is maintained at superior levels across the board.

One of the secrets of Callnovo’s success as a leading multilingual call center is low employee turnover rates. Callnovo ensures employee satisfaction by promoting a healthy workplace with attractive local salary and benefits packages. Frequent business and social skills training ensures that agents are well equipped to excel in their duties. Team-building exercises promote a sense of fellowship among staff to ensure they don’t feel alone with clients who are sometimes angry on a call. Staying calm is made easier for the agent by the shared experiences of the team.

As your company expands it’s markets in the world, make sure your multilingual call center is speaking a language your customers understand! They will thank you!

Contact us now to entrust your front-line to Callnovo’s multilingual call centers, your bottom-line will see the profits!


[1] Bloomberg Business – Mandarin Chinese Most Useful Business Language After English http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2011-08-30/mandarin-chinese-most-useful-business-language-after-english-1-

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