How Customer Service CRM Software Improves the Customer Service Experience

How Customer Service CRM Software Improves the Customer Service Experience

A vector image shows a computer that demonstrates cloud-based SaaS CRM and communications platform software; the image likewise includes various bubbles to demonstrate the versatility of its features that enhance CS strategies so that top-quality CS experiences can be fostered.

The pace of technology is so rapid that businesses must always be alert and ready for significant changes. The customer service industry is particularly subject to this need to constantly adapt because it usually involves connecting people with a company or brand in some way. Customer service software is a must for any business. A dedicated customer support system will help you respond to customer inquiries immediately, saving time and allowing customers to get the help they need fully. A good CRM software will allow you to manage your customer inquiries in a more organized way. For customer service, CRM technology is an immensely useful asset for the agents as well as managers.

Investing in the right CRM software can make a huge difference on the quality of your customer service experience.

A good CRM will allow you to do the following:

  • Keep track of all your customers and their details.
  • Create reports on what’s happening with each of your customers, which includes things like their average order value and frequency of purchases. This will help you plan ahead for growth by knowing what new products or services are needed to meet their needs, as well as how many people need to be hired to provide those services.
  • Indicate whether a customer is satisfied with the service they received from you so that you can improve on it if necessary (or reward them if they’re thrilled).

These are only a few necessary capabilities of CRM software. There are many more features of CRM software that can help deliver a superior customer service experience. At Callnovo, we have an internally-developed all-in-one customer service CRM platform that handles every customer service-related task in one system, significantly improving the efficiency of your customer service operation. Let’s take a look at the capabilities of Callnovo CRM platform.

Improved Customer Service Operation

The primary feature of any customer service CRM software is handling customer service requests. Customers appreciate being able to get their answers quickly and easily; it makes them feel valued as customers. This is especially true if the request is urgent or time sensitive. Some features of Callnovo’s CRM software that assist with this are automatic call distributor (ACD) queues, which facilitates incoming calls efficiently, and interactive voice response (IVR) system that allows for faster routing of customer inquiries and lowers caller abandon rates. The speed at which agents are able to respond with an answer will go a long way towards ensuring that your customers remain loyal, satisfied customers—and who doesn’t want that? On Callnovo’s CRM platform, every inbound customer service request, whether through phone, email, chat, or other channel, generates a ticket for the agent handling the task. Each ticket includes information about the customer and a detailed record of the interaction. Through each ticket, our CRM platform shows a comprehensive view of the customer, their needs, and every point of communication with the customer. If a manager is needed to assist, the ticket can be transferred to the manager with a simple click, reducing the time of transition and providing service as quick as possible. This main feature can provide businesses with a centralized repository of all data, which helps them easily access customer information and share it with other departments such as marketing or sales.

A vector image demonstrates how customer service representatives foster top-tier CX via the provision of omnichannel customer service solutions – behind a state-of-the-art, global SaaS CRM and Communications platform – in order to increase brands’ customer acquisition/retention rates, leading to stronger brand loyalty, long-term sales success, and an even greater competitive drive in the global sales market.

For businesses that are expanding into the global market, integrating a CRM platform can be a particularly difficult task due to the many differences in customer service culture and language. This is an area of specialization for Callnovo, as our platform enables customer services teams to provide multilingual and personalized service, customizing the CRM platform for each market’s needs. With all customer service teams working within this fully-integrated platform, the business can connect with current and prospective customers easily and eliminating miscommunication.

KPI Monitoring and Client Satisfaction

At Callnovo, our quality assurance specialists can easily review the performance of agents through KPI statistics, customer interaction records, and agent monitoring. But the evaluations conducted by the QA specialists typically focus on the communication soft skills of the agents. As for the actual technical support or advice provided by the agents, our client knows best whether the agent’s performance is up to standard. That’s why our CRM platform includes a monthly survey sent to all clients to make sure they are satisfied with the performance of the agents. This consistent and frequent communication allows the operation and the agents to constantly improve in weaker areas.

The advanced technology behind global, cloud-based SaaS CRM and Communications platforms – such as Callnovo’s internally-developed, customizable CRM system – ensures that businesses from any/all industry/ies can offer high-quality customer service/tech support solutions that build their long-term brand identity/reputation/loyalty, ensuring long-term financial growth, stability, and success.

Workforce Automation Capabilities

CRM software is critical for handling the interactions between customer and brand, but if the agents are not organized while receiving customer service requests, then the quality of the customer service operation will never reach its full potential. That is why we have implemented components of work force management (WFM) capabilities into the platform. Features such as agent scheduling, absence management, agent monitoring, task assignment, and many others helps maximize the productivity of the operation. Having all these tools in one place simplifies the entire management process and saves the cost of using multiple software technologies. 


If you’re looking for a way to improve your customer service experience, or just curious about how our CRM platform could help your business, contact us today! Having a good customer service CRM can help you keep pace as technology continues to change how customers interact with businesses. With our platform, we hope to help businesses build a successful and reputable customer service operation and provide them with the best solutions to their problems.


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