How Important is Customer Service and Customer Service Outsourcing in the Food Catering Industry?

How Important is Customer Service and Customer Service Outsourcing in the Food Catering Industry?

A food consumer gets ready to purchase delicious food online from a well-known Japanese food catering brand.

The catering industry has always been an industry that’s heavily affected by localization. Consumers’ taste preferences are different in each country. The brands that are recognized in each country vary also, and thus if an organization’s local operation is directly moved to the global markets, they might encounter difficulty in achieving the same status or results. In addition to the challenges of brand awareness and product quality when catering brands go global, a high-quality multilingual customer service operation is also very important. Today, we will show you why the catering industry needs a high-quality customer service experience more with the customer service outsourcing project of a time-honored Japanese dessert brand partnered with Callnovo for their customer service outsourcing solutions.

LT is a world-renowned dessert company founded in Japan in the 1990s. They make all kinds of Japanese desserts including cakes, biscuits, chocolates, and other candies. With more than 20 years of experience in dessert making and selling, LT has grown from a dessert shop to an internationally renowned dessert brand covering China, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, and other markets. In order to continue the expansion of their brand influence in the Asia-Pacific market, LT began planning to enter the Australian market. Deploying a high-quality customer service operation is an important part of maintaining the past development momentum in the new market.

According to the survey “New Trends in the Global Food Consumption Market”, diversified tastes, food quality and safety, distribution logistics, and traceable ingredients are the four factors that consumers consider the most before placing an order. Customer service agents who are familiar with brand information and selling points can effectively enhance consumer trust and increase order conversion rates.

Smiling Australian customer service reps provide a food delivery service brand rapid food order & delivery confirmation and dispatch services.

The increasing diversity of consumer tastes is the number one trend facing the global food industry. Consumers want to be able to try food from all over the world while staying at home and preserving their local food culture. High-end imported food with rich taste, health, and safe distribution are more likely to gain favor and recognition from local consumer.

Before placing an order to buy food, consumers are generally inclined to consult the customer service staff in detail about the food preservation technology, raw food materials, nutritional ingredients, whether it has passed the certification of the food safety agency, etc. Food allergens are the most frequently consulted topics, while other topics such as whether ingredients are organic, gluten-free, or lactose-free are also common questions consumers ask in pre-sales customer service.

Consumers are not only pursuing healthy diets, but are also willing to contribute to environmental protection, which is another trend in the food market. According to the survey, 33% of consumers will ask customer service about the brand’s sustainable development before making a purchase decision.

Confirming delivery orders and querying logistics information for consumers is one of the important tasks of customer service staff. Nielsen’s global survey shows that young consumers aged 15-34 are the main users of online grocery shopping, with 28% of young people preferring brands that can deliver on the same day, 30% of consumers preferring a variety of delivery methods. 14% of consumers said they would use customer service to rush orders that didn’t arrive on time, while 17% said they would give bad reviews to orders that were shipped incorrectly.

More and more people in the world are becoming aware of the importance of food safety and are curious about the process of how their food is sourced and screened. A customer service team that understands the origin and nutritional value of products and can provide professional recipe and food pairing suggestions can tremendously increase the reputation of the brand. A high-quality brand customer service team can attract and retain more consumers.

A young man looks up exquisite, fun-to-cook kid recipes so that he can cook nice meals for his kids.

At the end of 2021, the well-known Japanese dessert brand LT needed to quickly recruit a professional customer service team in a short period of time to relieve the customer service pressure due to the explosion of orders. In order to recruit customer service personnel while realizing a flexible employment model in different situations and reducing the overall cost, LT decisively chose to outsource its customer service operation in the Australian market to the professional Callnovo Philippines English call center which specializes in native English customer service outsourcing solutions. In just 5 working days, Callnovo quickly screened out several fluent English customer service agents with customer service experience in the catering industry for the service needs of the LT project, and successfully introduced them into the Callnovo employee training system to supervise the process to ensure that the service project can be launched quickly and on schedule.

The customer service staff of this project provides Australian local consumers with 8 hours a day, 7 days a week online customer service through telephone service line, SMS, email, official website online chat and social media channels. The main tasks include providing product consultation, brand introduction, confirming or cancelling orders, correcting wrong order information, order delivery distribution, carrying out brand promotion and activity promotion on social media, providing customized packaging for consumers in need, product returns, refunds, and other services. At present, this project has been in stable operation for nearly half a year, successfully building a reputation for the LT brand in the Australian market, and at the same time helping the enterprise to avoid potential risks such as unstable orders, employment risks, and policy risks.

A native English-speaking customer service representative intently monitors his screen to ensure that the various food deliveries he’s dispatched for a global food delivery brand arrive on time and successfully to the brand’s customers.

Nowadays, the global trend of the catering industry is intensifying. International brands such as KFC, McDonald’s, and Starbucks have been in the global market for a long time, but now many other brands are joining them. There is no food industry brand in the world that can satisfy everyone’s taste. As a professional global one-stop customer service outsourcing expert, Callnovo can customize multilingual omni-channel customer service outsourcing solutions for you according to your business needs, ranging from customer service staffing configuration, customer service efficiency, or operation management process. Callnovo is dedicated to helping your brand thrive globally by building your reputation through the highest quality customer service outsourcing solutions.


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