An Informative Guide to Choosing a Customer Service Call Center/Contact Center for Meeting Outsourcing Needs

An Informative Guide to Choosing a Customer Service Call Center/Contact Center for Meeting Outsourcing Needs

A customer service rep provides superb, quality remote customer service support to inbound/outbound callers and live chat customers; these are qualities that are key to choosing a customer service call center.

So, your business has begun to profit from national sales of its products/services; you’re gaining substantial ground against domestic competitors and are now ready to venture into the wild (global sales markets) to gain international customers to begin building a long-term, global brand legacy via consistent global sales and a competitive drive worldwide. Going global – and the essence of having a big vision for the long-term future when it comes to strong sales success & financial security – is extremely exciting; being able to make your brand image & reputation globally-known – while ensuring they grow – is a grand endeavor guaranteed to bring key advantages for your corporation’s future.

Going global means you can:

  • increase sales & profits since fixed costs correlate with domestic operations, leading to a positive gap in growth gain,
  • earn a larger return from core competencies,
  • generate economies of scale in production,
  • enhance local competitiveness, paving the way for lucrative customer opportunities,
  • create jobs and productivity growth & wealth,
  • enlarge potential investor pools,
  • segregate seasonal local sales by acquiring foreign markets & selling excess production capacity,
  • cut costs via outsourcing,
  • lessen existing market dependency, and
  • capitalize on tax advantages.

To capitalize on such go-global benefits and build global brand success, it’s highly-important to make the right decisions regarding how to bring global market expansion to reality as you ensure long-term growth & global market dominance. As Callnovo Contact Center mentioned on key benefits to multilingual customer service (CS) solutions & technical support solutions, “with great power comes great responsibility.” As such, we must look at a vital step in global market expansion: selecting a call center/contact center to meet your business process outsourcing (a.k.a. BPO)/call center outsourcing/contact center outsourcing needs.

In this article, you’ll find an informative guide to choosing a customer service call center/contact center to successfully-meet your outsourcing needs, leading to a long-term, global brand legacy via consistent global sales & a global competitive drive; if you’d like more info. on what BPO is – and its advantages – please visit “Contact Center Outsourcing: It’s Advantages & How Callnovo Can Help You Begin.”

Let’s look at:

  • top call center/contact center features to consider,
  • how to choose the right customer service call center/contact center, and
  • why Callnovo’s viable call center/contact center outsourcing solutions help you build a global brand legacy.

Top Features to Look For

Multi-channel vs. Omnichannel Solutions

We’re no longer in the late 1990s/early 2000s – the traditional phone-only-based service center has now been enhanced, adding multichannel service solutions for global customer-to-brand communication. As such, though consumers deal with different agents per selected channel, they’re receiving all-around, enhanced service.

Enhanced call/contact centers are omnichannel, proportioning a consistently-smooth customer experience (CX) across each channel by ensuring personal data, CS issues, and past customer interactions are incorporated and accessible by customer service reps (CSRs) and their customers on each channel. With an omnichannel-based CX, customers value their interactions with your brand since their contact points are like an ongoing conversation, building confidence that your CSRs fully-understand their needs.

Skill-based Routing

Highly-important, skill-based routing – which directs incoming channel contact into queues for the most-qualified CSRs to handle – increases the likelihood of first-contact resolution (FCR) even when customers’ inquiries require complex knowledge, privileged access to customer data, and/or support in other languages. By employing skill-based routing, you ensure consumers only need to explain their issues to the right agents, evading the need to frequently-transfer customers until the correct skillset is found; as such, other CSRs’ workloads are reduced, increasing customer satisfaction.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration

Seamless CRM integration is vitally-important for a superb call center experience; with such a feature, CSRs can review entire customer journeys, giving them insight into which of your brand’s products/services/history your customers have with you. Likewise, your CSRs can access & store critical info. that allows them to easily-tailor customers’ CS experiences, delivering grand omnichannel value. Ultimately, an integrated CRM platform facilitates customer journeys that deliver lasting satisfaction beyond a single touchpoint.

Outbound Campaign Management

Robust outbound campaigns – as critical consumer information-gathering, marketing & sales programs – free CSRs to focus entirely on customers, maximizing successful outcome opportunities – involving combining automated dialing with proper inbound customer ticket routing. As such, top contact center service providers provide you with the best technology and info. to create successful campaigns.

Channel Recordings

Recording channel communication between CSRs and customers is vital; two-way recording increases CSR accountability, quality assurance (Q&A), and allows you to handle customer complaints and/or data confidentiality issues. Channel recording provides legal protection by confirming agreements with customers and/or commitments made during customer contact. Furthermore, your training program will benefit as you select valuable, real-life customer convo. examples for new CSRs to follow.

Supervisor Tools

Comprehensive dashboards for supervisors allow you to successfully-monitor CSR performance by examining contact volume/duration – or even silent-monitoring channel convos. in real-time. Supervisors also manually-adjust consumer routing & queues to keep service center operations smooth in times of unusual or peak channel volume. You’ll find outsourcing partners with robust supervisor tools put you in a great position to manage growing complexity – all to the end you successfully-expand to global market niches.

24/7 Service Delivery and Security

Outsourced service providers – at the forefront – naturally-provide top-class network security and monitoring at all times, responding to customer inquiries in real-time to reduce risk. To be there when customers need you, choose a provider that both delivers the best uptime – and spreads operations across multiple geographic areas/operations centers – to empower 24/7/365 service opportunities.

Some Tips on How to Choose a Service Provider

1. Decide your Needed Call Center Service(s)

In outsourcing, there’re 3 types of call centers/contact centers; you’ll need to decide which serves your business needs.

  • Virtual Service Centers
    • Virtual contact centers have CSRs spread across various locations – connected via cloud-based software; you can integrate inbound/outbound call center services while operating globally. Virtual call centers are convenient to serve customers through different operations centers and within any required time zone – even for remotely-operating businesses.
  • Inbound Call Centers
    • Inbound service centers primarily-handle inbound CS tickets whereby customers are actively-seeking support; typically, tickets include incoming pre-sales/post-sales customer questions and/or issues.
  • Outbound Contact Centers
    • An outbound BPO primarily-handles outbound CS tickets occurring when CSRs need to contact customers; typically, CSRs contact consumers in an outbound manner for sales and/or marketing purposes.

Depending on your business’ principal service needs, you can make your decision. If you only desire outsourced CSRs for incoming channel contact/searches, contract an inbound service center – or, if maximizing profits and improving your customer base is your main business goal, consider contracting an outbound call center. Otherwise, if you need inbound & outbound service support, you can go for a virtual call center.

2. Understand & Record your Business Reqs.

No matter what service needs you might have, the 1st step is analyzing your business needs. Gather your in-office teams together and discuss the following:

  • what your reasons are for considering outsourcing against insourcing,
  • what you’re looking to accomplish at the out front and over time,
  • what core and/or non-core business processes you’re looking to outsource,
  • what service pain points you’re looking to effectively deal with, and
  • other key considerations.

3. Determine Which Provider Can Meet your Req. Channel Volume

Another step is determining an estimated size of your required channel volume; you’ll then be able to find the right outsourced service provider that efficiently-handles such ticket volume and affords top-quality CX. In the outsourcing industry, a min. channel volume may be required before signing a service agreement with a specific call center; understandably, sizeable contact centers partner with businesses with high channel volume and/or workloads – while smaller call centers accept businesses with fewer customer tickets and/or workloads. Be sure to at least estimate the number of inbound & outbound inquiries so you can determine what call center provider is best suitable in terms of pricing and size.

4. Do your Research by Checking External Business Reviews

After completing an internal analysis, you should consider communicating with specific call centers’ clients and/or customers that have used their provided services; getting such feedback is reliable and can help your business make an informative decision. You can even safely ask service centers to provide business references – particularly in the same industry your business provides products/services in; not only will you narrow down and even select the right call center – but, you will even determine to an extent which contact centers already have experience providing service to other businesses that function within your same industry niche.

Callnovo’s Solutions for Stellar Outsourcing Support

A handsome call center outsourcing based agent works closely with a Big Tech company to provide a business solution to their customers' antivirus protection needs.

Callnovo Contact Center –a 18+ year tenure contact center outsourcing expert, with outsourcing experience in 40+ industries, providing superb customer service solutions to close to 1,500 global corporations & Fortune 500 companies – can guarantee many advantages so you can gain a hold on strong global sales market shares and build a long-term sales legacy.

Some key advantages are:

  • Omnichannel Support – accessible, rapid contact solutions through all comm. channels – leading to enhanced CX, influencing long-term customer brand ambassadorship/customer loyalty.
  • Native Language Support – meeting customers’ needs efficiently, conforming to cultural expectations & improving customer loyalty.
  • Always-available Service – maximizing customer satisfaction/CX by continually meeting customers’ needs without limits.
  • High-quality Expertise – quality service via personnel skilled in such areas as:
    • customer-centric enthusiasm/service attitude,
    • strong communication skills,
    • customer service soft-skills,
    • intuitive logical thinking skills,
    • complex product/service/troubleshooting knowledge/skills, and
    • acute management/operations skills.


Choosing a customer service call center/contact center to meet your outsourcing needs is a vital step in taking your products/services to new, global sales markets; by ensuring you partner with the right one, you’ll be able to begin building a brand legacy by gaining a global customer base that leads to long-term sales growth and market dominance. To support you, Callnovo offers omnichannel, multilingual outsourcing solutions that resonate with international customers, affording customer-centric support and CX that meets their expectations, leading to long-term brand loyalty growth and global sales success & permanence.


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