Key Multilingual Customer Support Tips to Enhance CX

Key Multilingual Customer Support Tips to Enhance CX

A customer service agent demonstrates multilingual customer support that enhances brand's engagement with customers, leading to strong, long-term, global brand competition.

In today’s digitally-enhanced, technologically-driven world, top-quality service that exceeds customer expectations to secure long-term retention is crucial to ensuring a strong competitive edge in the world’s sales markets – especially for go global companies looking to expand their brand reach/long-term global sales permanence. Customer service/tech support outsourcing solutions that offer an omnichannel service solution, along with multilingual customer support, are key to smoothly-handling customer engagement throughout, offering comprehensive customer care solutions that enhance customer experiences (CX) and create strong customer retention/brand loyalty that ensures global brands – like your own – can benefit from global market dominance and ever-increasing global market share.

In a recent article on 9 superb customer service (CS) skills every service rep should master to foster top-tier CX, we mentioned:

  • Positive CX is a strong sales influencer – as 89% of customers are motivated to continually-purchase loyally from the same brands.
  • Positive CX heavily-impacts brand ambassadorship – leading approx. 94% to recommend the same brand(s) to others.
  • Globally, 50-60% of customers are highly-disposed to switching to competitors when they experience negative CX.

As such, top-tier CX is vital to securing long-term customer retention that influences brand growth, ensuring your business can compete strongly in the global market against competitors. As we’ve recently gone over omnichannel customer service, it’s advantages, and have provided tips to ensuring seamless omnichannel experiences, we’ll take the opportunity to now go over (1) multilingual customer support advantages, (2) stellar tips to ensuring strong multi-lingual customer service, and (3) how Callnovo’s omnichannel, omnilingual call center outsourcing solutions provide for you a strong advantage – all so you’re thoroughly-equipped to ensure customer-centric service that leads to fantastic CX.

Multilingual Customer Service/Tech Support Advantages

With omni-lingual customer support, your global company can resonate with local-language customers that aren’t capacitated to connect with your customer service reps (CSRs) that speak specific languages; as such, your business can build a diverse customer base that isn’t limited due to language barriers – further enhancing global sales opportunities since you can reach global customers and influence them to long-term customer loyalty.

Multilingual customer support provides a slew of advantages that benefit global brands over the short-and-long-term; here’s some top benefits:

  • A Competitive Advantage – multilingual support increases customer lifetime and purchase value; let’s face it – some purchasers go for higher-priced options and even pay top dollar for stellar service; as such, multilingual support that enhances CS sets you apart from competitors in saturated markets and positions you to attract certain market segments, building stronger emotional connections with your customers.
  • Sales Augmentation – additionally, provided multilingual customer support gives your competitors’ customers a reason to migrate their business to your own brand. A 3rd party survey among non-native English speakers says: 35% of non-native English-speaking customers are open to switching to products available in their local language(s); products, details, business info., and localized customer support in preferred native languages improves conversion rates – especially in non-native English-speaking regions.
  • Smoother Customer Engagement Facilitation – when customers can speak effortlessly in their preferred languages, they can express themselves and their concerns better; furthermore, your native-speaking CSRs can accurately/fluently address their needs. As a result, your consumers will feel heard, understood, and valued – leading to strong customer-felt brand value, boosted CS efficiency/quality, and faster resolution rates.

4 Key Multilingual Customer Service/Tech Support Tips

With the above advantages and more, your business can secure even greater sales growth and global brand reputation; let’s get into 4 tips on how you can proportion multilingual customer support that ensures customer-centric service, guaranteeing quality customer engagement, leading to fantastic CX:

Provide Self-service Options

70% of your brand’s customers prefer solving their own issues/questions online rather than through your CS support options; as such, self-help service options are important – such as: FAQs, knowledge bases, on-site info., self-service portals, integrated chatbots, in-depth tutorials, community forums, etc.

With self-service solutions, you can:

  • lighten your CS staff’s workload,
  • allow customers support without having them wait to connect, and
  • allow non-native language speakers to take time understanding what’s written in case you haven’t translated content yet.

To ensure self-service improves upon CX:

  • create databases with FAQs, tutorials, and whatever else customers should know,
  • ensure clear guidance on how to access such resources, and
  • use links throughout the site, creating a dedicated pillar page and/or footer with links to all pages.

Understand International Customers’ Languages

Here’s a shocker: only 20% of the global population speaks English – meaning a whopping 80% of the world’s population speaks native languages other than English. It’s direly important to understand your global customers’ localized language preferences and then provide quality service in such languages. Considering there’re about 6,900 languages worldwide, brands, like your own, should get an accurate picture – and, this is done through customers’ demographics, email and internet protocol (IP) addresses, and other contact info. to pin down customers’ locales and the languages that are spoken. Furthermore, your brand can even conduct surveys, asking open-ended questions to gather more info. on your targeted market(s)’ culture and languages spoken.

Ensure CSRs are Prepared

A wholistic CS approach is crucial to ensuring top-tier CX – it’s not just about properly speaking/writing to customers in their native languages. Having your CSRs prepared, practicing and improving their CS/interpersonal skills, can go a long way in creating customer engagement that motivates international customers to long-term customer loyalty.

Excellent CS comes from:

  • acute product knowledge that speeds up ticket resolution times, creating customer value – because no one wants to spend their time on hold, waiting for solutions,
  • positivity when customer conversations gets ugly; as mentioned in the article, “The Importance of Deescalation…,” the way your CSRs behave during high-tension customer interactions can either make-or-break customer loyalty – so, your staff should be kind/patient with customers – even when they’re not enjoying a good customer journey and have made your team well-aware, and
  • not assuming customers’ issues – as assuming leads to inaccurate solutions/discontent customers; combat this urge with active listening – that is, being fully-submersed in listening to customers.

Consider Contact Center Outsourcing

A moderate investment in high-quality CS means your business will substantially-increase profit margins; one superb option is to invest in business process outsourcing (BPO) – also known as contact center/call center outsourcing. Call center outsourcing affords you the high-quality customer support you need at a highly-affordable cost.

Your company can receive the following additional benefits through BPO outsourcing:

  • Complete, Unlimited Service – tailored customer service outsourcing solutions allow for high-quality service 24/7/365 through omnichannel, multilingual communication support that meets customers at every customer journey point; furthermore, global call centers’ operations centers provide native-language speaking service personnel so nothing gets lost in translation, quality customer interactions that follow cultural norms, and high-quality CX that enhances brands’ long-term customer loyalty.
  • Improved Time Efficiency – outsourced contact centers help you efficiently-utilize time/energy, ensuring that:
    • key knowledge experts are contracted,
    • service personnel have native proficiency levels, interpersonal communication skills, customer-centric enthusiasm/service attitude, logical thinking skills, and product/troubleshooting service experience,
    • service teams are effectively managed, proportioning the best service performance, building consumer trust/brand loyalty, and
    • you gain a competitive edge – especially when others had/have decided on building an in-house team to handle operations.
  • Risk Mitigation Associated w/ Lack of Industry Experience – as every business specializes in specific industry fields, if CS would be a weak point, then outsourcing ensures the risks associated with non-specialized service personnel handling special operations processes are properly mitigated/resolved – accomplished by outsourced service personnel experienced in their fields that can handle the operations processes you’re not specialized in, leading to improved brand reputation.

Callnovo’s Customer Service Outsourcing Solutions – Guaranteeing Top-tier CX

A multiethnic customer service teams provides omni-channel, multi-lingual customer service support to go-global brands, enhancing customer communication that leads to top-tier CX and long-term brand loyalty. on a global level.

To compliment the above-mentioned 4 key multilingual customer service tips, Callnovo Contact Center offers your business excellent CS outsourcing solutions, ensuring top-tier CX, leading to heightened customer retention and long-term brand loyalty.

Some of Callnovo’s outsourcing advantages are:

  • Native Language Support – their native language support ensures customers’ needs are met efficiently, conforming to cultural expectations, improving customer loyalty.
  • High-quality Expertise – their global CS teams share expert service backgrounds/skills to ensure quality service with the utmost success – skilled in areas as:
    • interpersonal communication skills,
    • customer-centric enthusiasm/service attitude,
    • logical thinking skills,
    • management/operations skills, and
    • product/troubleshooting service experience.
  • Omnichannel Support – as featured via their global, cloud-based SaaS CRM platform, their CS teams ensure accessible, rapid contact solutions through all communication channels – guaranteeing always-available support, leading to enhanced CX, influencing long-term customer brand ambassadorship/customer loyalty.


Via the above-mentioned important multilingual customer Service/tech support tips, your business can proportion top-tier CX that fosters grand long-term global brand loyalty/brand reputation. To support you, Callnovo offers a comprehensive multilingual, omnichannel customer service outsourcing solution meant to help you meet customers’ CX expectations, securing global sales success.


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