6 Quality Sales Representative Skills to Crank Up Total Sales Volume

6 Quality Sales Representative Skills to Crank Up Total Sales Volume

The how is demonstrated of, when a global brand partners with an outbound sales outsourcing call center, the brand has the opportunity to successfully connect with prospects/qualified leads to then increase its global total sales volume; a key factor in the reality of this vision is excellent sales representative skills - put into action by highly-skilled sales agents.

Customarily, we’ve been going through stellar tips to ensure global brands – like your own – foster next-level customer experiences (CX) that steadily-increase customer retention, securing long-term sales success through a dominant global sales market competitive drive. We’ve focused on how top-tier omnichannel, multilingual customer service (CS) enhances customer engagement, leading to greater customer lifetime value – finishing up with an article on key multilingual customer support tips to enhance CX.

Though stellar CS strategy topics were reviewed that enhance CX – customer outsourcing & the benefits to omnichannel & multilingual CS, white-glove & proactive CS, CS skills & soft skills, channel-based CS techniques, de-escalation techniques, etc. – it’s imperative to visit the other side of the coin – highly-important to retention and ensuring global sales grow, leading to higher profits, giving you ample opportunity to build a global legacy; this’d be sales – and, we’ll cover 6 quality sales representative skills meant to crank up your total sales volume.

What’s the advantage of a solid outbound sales strategy?

A solid outbound sales strategy is crucial – because you can utilize already-available tools to augment sales revenue; if coupled with outbound sales outsourcing, your company can reduce operational costs/save time. Such techniques as: multichannel warm and/or cold calling, social selling, lead cleaning, lead generation, market surveying, etc., ensures effective finding/converting of leads, increasing global sales revenue/total sales volume on a monthly-to-yearly basis – and customer satisfaction – leading to a steadily-growing customer base.

Here’s some of the biggest effective outbound sales strategy advantages:

  • Easy Implementation: outbound selling is easily implemented; you only need contact lists of prospects, concrete outbound processes, and supporting outbound marketing tools (i.e. email, outbound phone, social media, etc.).
  • Business Scaling:coupled with outbound outsourcing, you can freely-focus on other key aspects – such as product development/service improvement – which allows you to establish good customer relationships since you’ve experienced sales experts from trusted contact centers to fall on, increasing product/service awareness, generating more qualifiable leads.
  • Predictable Revenue Opportunities: Outbound sales through outsourcing allows your company to effectively-determine the number of prospects campaigns are likely to reach – as well as how many leads they’ll generate – so you can accurately forecast revenue, ensuring you’re on track with your business’ expectations/goals while controlling costs.
  • Niche Domination: Outbound selling targets the prospects with the most potential of buying your products/services; since such leads know their needs, it’ll be easier for them to make key purchase decisions – meaning you can gain a competitive edge since you’ll be creating brand awareness/driving sales.
  • Full Targeting & Pace Control: Outbound sales allow full targeting & pace control – meaning you can update outbound prospect lists, decrease/increase daily number of targeted contacts, etc.; you’ll have a better chance of improving productivity, ensuring outbound processes are paced as you like.

What’re the key sales representative skills meant to augment total sales volume?

Since a solid outbound strategy allows you to enjoy the above-mentioned (and more), creating stronger opportunities for revenue & allowing your business to gain a competitive sales advantage over global competitors that sell the same types of products/services, let’s review 6 key sales representative skills that’ll ensure global sales opportunity maximization, cranking up your total sales volume.

Lead with Empathy

Sales should be buyer-centric; the best salespeople sell, believing their brands’ products/services are the most beneficial solutions to fit prospects’ interests. Sales experts should demonstrate empathy, considering prospects’ circumstances, focusing on building genuine relationships, and minding how prospects feel – all to inform your reps on how to pace sales efforts. Ultimately, your sellers should deeply-consider their engaging real people; have them maintain humanity throughout sales, solving more for than selling to prospects.

Stay True to the Sales Process

Striking a balance between sales as art and science creates effective sales – so, while demonstrating “artistic finesse,” thinking on your sales team’s feet are important, their approach should be backed by “scientific discipline.” To properly conduct consistent efforts, delivering quality results, follow a concrete sales structure; have your sales associates thoroughly-understand the sales process, sticking to its steps, adding a personal touch within its boundaries.

Depict the Purchasing Process Naturally

Setting/meeting reasonable buyer expectations is central to trust-building – starting with being upfront about the purchasing process as selling progresses; if salespeople mislead prospects about the process, what features are accessible, and/or the ultimate price prospects will pay for products/services, credibility will be undermined – and, you’ll fail at closing deals. Ensure sellers fulfill their promises, being clear about what your prospects will receive at the price point they purchase at; not doing so runs you the risk of causing disgruntled customers to quickly-churn, vocalizing their frustrations and eventually killing your brand reputation.

Conduct Effective Buyer Research

To appeal to buyers, your team must know who prospects are, what they do, and what their business needs are – as they can successfully engage with prospects, closing sales. Conducting extensive buyer research is necessary. Have your sales representatives pore through prospects’ business sites to learn about what their businesses do. Have them find insight into their organizations’ performance. Have them familiarize themselves with prospects’ industries to better understand their place in the competitive landscape. Your salespeople should find out prospects’ backgrounds, what their position is, and any interests they have – great for building rapport. Putting together a holistic picture on prospects helps to tailor communication to which means is best for connecting with them, letting them know you’re locked on to their interests, leading to quality sales conversations.

Use Compelling Storytelling to your Advantage

Engaging communication is effective to strong relationship-building; when buyers have a personal stake in sales – when your sales team compellingly-tells stories to shape pitches, presentations, and other correspondence – deep product/service engagement is proportioned, leading to strongly-effective selling and felt brand value. Utilize relevant case studies, leveraging stories to help your prospects imagine how they’d use your products/services; ensure your sales reps cover character, conflict, and context elements – as well as viable resolutions.

Demonstrate Potential Return-on-Investment (ROI)

When a clear, persuasive picture on what results prospects’ purchases will yield is provided, you build trust, ensuring prospects understand the value that products/services have. Have your sales teams convey the strong advantages of prospects making such an investment of time/money; case studies, client base data, and your own estimates help paint a more vivid picture than when your sellers interact with prospects, saying, “This is worth it because you’ll save time.” Connect active customers with prospects so prospects can gain a clear opinion on your products/services.

How can Callnovo’s superb outbound outsourcing solutions help you to rock in total sales incrementation?

A lovely female sales associate smiles for the camera, demonstrating the right attitude and sales rep skills behind a prospect-centric sales strategy - crucial for maximizing on sales opportunities and successfully converting leads, leading to long-term total sales volume growth.

Callnovo Contact Center – a 17+ tenure digital CX leader – offers a complete outbound sales outsourcing solution tailored to your specific needs to secure long-term sales success through a dominant competitive drive by ensuring you build rapport with prospects, increasing customer-felt brand value that successfully closes sales.

Callnovo currently-partners with 1,200+ clients in 40+ industries – including top, globally-recognized clients that’ve required outbound sales support with CSRs that put into action excellent sales representative skills in such industries as: virtual teaching platforms, law and immigration, food services, investing, software-as-a-service (SaaS), business-to-business (B2B) marketplaces, etc. One example is a U.S.-based publishing company (name kept confidential), founded in 2003, that offers a variety of products – including marketing materials; in October 2021, they partnered with Callnovo to overcome having their in-house marketing department focus too much time/energy on lead cleaning qualified leads so it could sell services to real estate brokers. After contracting Callnovo’s outbound lead generation/lead cleaning services, this business’s been able to allocate time/effort to its core business processes so it could better meet current clients’ various service needs and secure a more superb service.

After 1 year with Callnovo, this client’s been able to successfully update its internal database of qualified real estate broker leads so it could successfully send their offices marketing materials, cleaning on a monthly average 6,000-8,000 qualified leads, successfully updating real estate office info. for approx. 2/5 of the total monthly leads; since Callnovo’s been successfully meeting expectations, succeeding expected success rates, the client has recently decided to coordinate with Callnovo on a separate “looking for bread” opportunity whereby Callnovo can call/qualify Facebook-based real estate leads and have them sold to brokers. Currently, Callnovo and this publishing company are collaborating on this service opportunity which’ll be implemented within 1-2 months.


Behind the above-mentioned sales representative skills sales agents should know to crank up the volume on total sales, your sales teams can maximize on global sales opportunities and create a long-lasting global sales and brand legacy. To support you, our very own Callnovo offers a comprehensive multilingual, omnichannel outsourcing solution to help you cultivate on unique, persistent sales opportunities while creating customer-felt brand value so it can significantly-increase its global sales revenue and global market share.


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