SMS Customer Service/Texting Services: Tips for Creating Sensational Customer Experiences

SMS Customer Service/Texting Services: Tips for Creating Sensational Customer Experiences

A vector image demonstrates how superb SMS messaging creates strong CX that leaves customers content and happy with brands.

In our digitally-enhanced world, 92% of the time Americans alone use their cellphones, they: (1) spend time on social media apps, (2) enjoy entertainment, and (3) communicate with others – via the Short Message Service (SMS messaging)/texting. SMS has become a standard communication platform – no different between personal/business communication. Accordingly, worldwide:

  • around 91% of customers prefer international brands’ texts when it comes to ads/promotions,
  • approx. 69% prefer interacting with companies via SMS messaging, and
  • 55% of consumers on average use native messenger apps in general for texting.

Business SMS messaging has become a highly-preferred channel as it offers domestic/international customers quick access to brands’ customer service (CS) teams. With SMS as a viable method for customer-brand interaction, corporations – like your own – can benefit from extensive brand growth/reputation/loyalty advantages – such as:

  • increased consumer demand – that is, 52%+ of consumers contacting you via your own SMS customer service options, leading to increased brand exposure and long-term customer acquisition/retention, and
  • improved cost-savings efficiency – as SMS customer support reduces calling fees by approx. US$ 14.00-15.00 dollars per interaction – furthermore, minimizing the stress your operations management/CS teams go through trying to handle a lofty amount of phone calls.

Since SMS customer service solutions are highly-preferred, offering key benefits, we’ll offer some tips on how your CS team can begin to utilize SMS customer support/texting services for offering fantastic customer experiences (CX) that augment your brand’s customer base, leading to heightened long-term brand reputation/loyalty and an irreversible, increasing market presence.

Best Practices to Begin Creating Sensational Customer Engagement Experiences

Clarify Support Goals

By being clear on your goal(s) for offering customer service messaging options, your business can ensure you/your product/service consumers get the most from the service.

In terms of objectives, think about the following:

  • How will SMS customer service options help save on/reduce costs?
  • Will texting services help your CS teams increase efficiency/productivity?
  • What are your customer satisfaction goals – and, will text services help you accomplish them?

Select the Most Effective SMS Service Channel

There are a wide range of channels/platforms to choose from depending upon the niche; it’s important to think indepthly on what channels/platforms to use and how to get the most out of them. Survey your customers to find out which messaging apps they prefer – then, take a look at the features offered and how you can maximize on their benefits.

Balance Automation & Human Input

Automation makes SMS services more cost-efficient – and, SMS offers a greater scope to CS messaging as AI-integrated chatbots resolve customer inquiries without agent involvement; while this saves on associated costs, full automation isn’t recommended – as customers enjoy personalized SMS support, creating rapport and leading to deeper trust. Try to use automation only for simple tasks requiring minimal communication.

Categorize/Prioritize inbound Messages

A first in, first out (FIFO) approach is not the most recommended in most cases. Create a strategy that prioritizes messages; attempt to categorize the requests/messages received and segment them by customer value/urgency. Likewise, let chatbots handle simple requests, freeing up CSRs so they can handle high-value orders and field such cases rapidly.

Collect Customer Feedback

By offering options for customer feedback over SMS, your brand can close the gap between silent customers not leaving feedback about negative experiences and still going to competitors, as well as ensure you receive honest feedback that helps you to grow into a greater success while meeting customer needs/proportioning satisfactory CX.

Integrate SMS with Comm. Channels

By integrating/unifying all channels into one comprehensive, state-of-the-art cloud-based CRM platform as much as possible, your business can ensure consistent, quick service that meets customer needs without barriers and offers a seamless experience throughout each customer journey without respect to the particular channels customers utilize.

Follow-up with Customers

Though providing quick answers to customers’ pre-sales/after-sales requests is easy, showing genuine care by following-up with them afterwards is more difficult. Going above-and-beyond requires that CSRs:

  • offer personalized service by utilizing proper names,
  • intuitively – without urgency – show genuine interest (especially if customers haven’t been utilizing your business’ products/services recently),
  • offer incentives when needed to bring customers back and/or get them interested in making more purchases, and
  • be sensitive to their needs.

Send Engagement Reminders

Quick, timely reminders sent via SMS can be a lifesaver for customers – and a means by which your CS team can confirm their availability/commitment. This can be completed anytime in advance – though 1 week to a few days in advance is recommended – and customers can confirm quickly simply with a one-word response.

Quickly Get to the Point

Customer service communication via text is to be concise. Long-winded interactions/flashy text should be left to email. Furthermore, brief summaries of 15-20 words should be what your CSRs should convey. For outbound SMS support, likewise, messages should be short, engaging, leaving a positive impact and showing your team’s commitment to service excellence.

Promote your Customer Service SMS Solutions

Once you have your service running, publicize such support options – as they show your commitment to excellence to customers while ensuring they know the option is there.

  • Via phone, you can promote your SMS solutions through the interactive voice response (IVR) system.
  • On-site or in-app, promote SMS via links and/or details posted on web pages and through menus.
  • Via social media, promote text services solutions via social media bios and/or detail/info. boxes.

Callnovo Contact Center: A Viable Solution to Meeting your Omni-channel Customer Service Outsourcing Needs

Four multiethnic customer service representatives provide rapid SMS-based food delivery confirmation services to a food delivery service brand’s customers.

By adapting a SMS customer service strategy along with your multi-channel support, your business can ensure top-tier CX that brings long-term brand loyalty and market competition advantages; to compliment your omnichannel strategy, our very own Callnovo Contact Center – a 17+ tenure customer service outsourcing leader – offers superb multilingual, omnichannel call center outsourcing solutions that afford the following advantages (and more):

  • Omnichannel Customer Service Solutions via our state-of-the-art, comprehensive, global Cloud-based SaaS CRM/Communications platform, your business can offer an omni-channel solution that meets customers’ needs efficiently – since all customer data is consolidated into one place, ensuring consumers receive the best customer engagement – at an affordable, competitive price.
  • Round-the-Clock Service w/ Native Language Support – due to our own tailored service plans, you can maximize customers’ satisfaction/CX by meeting customers’ needs without limits via 24/7/365 native language customer support, conforming to cultural expectations and improving customer acquisition/retention numbers.
  • Cost-savings – from recruitment, to on-going training, to operations management, to brand success, we help your business save on incurred in-house costs – such as HR/recruitment expenses, office space rental, and employee salaries with benefits – with affordable, comprehensive pricing – beyond other contact center leaders.


As we covered, SMS customer service/texting solutions offer fantastic CX that can augment your brand’s customer base, leading to heightened long-term brand reputation/loyalty and an irreversible, increasing market presence. We invite you to consider our Callnovo Contact Center’s comprehensive multilingual, omnichannel contact center outsourcing solutions so this can further become a reality, leading to long-term, global sales success.


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