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Callnovo’s native Spanish call center service solution enables you to access the massive Spanish speaking global marketplace, including the U.S. Hispanic market, Mexico, Spain, Central & South America and other Spanish speaking countries.

Why Choose Callnovo’s Spanish Call Center:

      • Native Spanish Speakers from the Philippines

Callnovo deploys its Spanish call center in the Philippines, not only because our low cost Philippines Spanish call center can allow our clients to be more competitive, but also because the Philippines people have a shared cultural history with other Hispanophone peoples.

      • Bilingual Spanish Services Available from Philippines

Callnovo Spanish call center also offers Spanish & French Bilingual, Spanish & English Bilingual, and Spanish & Russian Bilingual services. Callnovo’s team can perform business services on your behalf with bilingual services in markets that require bilingual skills. Callnovo will expertly translate and accurately represent the ethnic spirit of your brand identity.

      • Business Experience in Over 20 Industries

Callnovo has in depth experience in providing full Spanish call center service to governments, small and medium businesses and fortune 500 companies across many industries including e-commerce, education, travel, hotel, energy, food, luxury, real estate, food, insurance, telecom, auto, IT, etc.

      • Flexible Hours of Operation

Callnovo offers service whenever you want it, 24x7x365, 12x7x365, 8×5, after hours, etc.

      • Multiple Contact Channels

Callnovo is expert at delivering service via Phone, E-mail, Live Chat and Social Media.

      • Choose Shared or Dedicated Agents

Spanish customer service, tech support, sales solutions by shared agents (work for multiple clients at same time) or dedicated agents (work for just one client) models.

      • International

Callnovo’s experienced Spanish speaking agents understand the various cultural nuances and local consumer behaviors in a variety of international Spanish markets worldwide, including the United States, Mexico, Spain, South America, Central America, etc.

      • Multiple Sites

Callnovo has multiple Spanish call center offices in the Philippines. You’ll never worry about scalability or regional disaster recovery issues.

      • Account Management and QA

Callnovo’s dedicated account management and QA teams are consistently in touch with you to ensure all services meet your standards or even beyond the standards.

      • No Project is Too Small or Too Big

There’s no need to worry whether your customer contact volume is only minimal as a start-up or in early stage, or if your customer contact volume is huge and you need a large team with hundreds of agents to support! Callnovo caters to both!

      • Easily Scalable

Callnovo’s services are easily scalable to suit clients’ business needs. Start with one agent and quickly scale up to hundreds of seats to handle increased call volume and cater to peak seasons and marketing promotions.

      • Cost-Saving

Not only will you save money on the enormous operations and HR costs of setting up a call center of your own, but you’ll also have long term peace of mind knowing that Callnovo will never compete with your business and your valuable client list is safe.


What Callnovo’s Spanish Speaking Call Center Can Do For You:

  • Customer Service in Clearly Spoken Spanish
  • Technical Support in Spanish (Level I, Level II and Level III Support)
  • Sales, Cross-Sell and Up-Sell in Spanish
  • Back Office in Spanish
  • E-Mail Support in Spanish
  • Live Chat in Spanish
  • Phone Answering in Spanish
  • Order Management
  • Customer Retention
  • Phone Answering Service in Spanish
  • Fraud Monitoring and Investigations
  • Spanish Social Media Management
  • Market Survey in Spanish

Why the Spanish Language Speaking Market Is So Important:

Spanish is a Global Language of Business

As the second most common native language (after Mandarin), there are about half a billion native Spanish speakers in the world living in dozens of different countries.
The U.S. alone has a Hispanic population of over 50 million, the majority of whom agree that, “When I hear a company advertise in Spanish, it makes me feel like they respect my heritage and want my business.” and feel “much more loyal to companies that show appreciation of our culture by advertising in Spanish.” (According to the Experian Simmons Summer 2011 National Hispanic Consumer Study).
For this reason, Spanish should be a key focus of your business expansion, both in the US and around the world.
Callnovo’s Philippines Spanish call centers can gracefully help your business communicate with this huge market without barriers. If your business has plans to address the key Hispanic market segment, it’s time to ensure that you are able to provide native Spanish sales, support & customer service to your customers at home and abroad.

Spanish Speaking Market Embraces M-Commerce (Mobile E-Commerce)

For online businesses, it makes good strategic sense to cater to the highly desirable Hispanic customer profile.
According to the U.S. Hispanic Market Imperative Report:

  • 60% of U.S. Hispanic households own at least one mobile device that can access the Internet, compared to 43% of the general market.
  • 56% of U.S. Hispanics shop using a mobile phone vs 33% of the general market.
  • 43% of U.S. Hispanics shop using a tablet device vs 25% of the general market.
  • 31% of U.S. Hispanics enjoy trying new products first vs 14% of the general market.

Callnovo has a native Spanish call center solution to help position the Hispanic market as a key pillar of your business.

Callnovo Shares Spanish Market Insights from 10 Years Experience

Spanish Language Consumer Market Information

Spanish is the third most commonly used language on the Internet, after English and Mandarin.
The $1.2 trillion Hispanic market is larger than the entire economies of all but 13 countries in the world, and is growing fast.
Approximately 54 million Hispanics live in the US, about 17 percent of the population.
The US Census Bureau projects that by 2060 the Hispanic population will grow to account for 28.6 percent… More than a quarter of the US population!

According to the 2011 Gallup Eurobarometer Survey, over 50% of Internet users in Spain thought they missed interesting information because websites were not available in a language they understood.
What is YOUR business missing?
Callnovo can help!

20+ Languages

With choice 20+ languages at Callnovo, we can serve Chinese Mandarin, Chinese Cantonese, English, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Filipino, French, Vietnamese,
BahasaIndonesia, Bahasa, Malaysia, Thai, Khmer, Laos, Punjabi, Hmong, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Ukrainian, German, Dutch, Hungarian, Italian, Czech, Greek, Hebrew, Romanian, Turkey, Swedish, Finnish, Arabic and more languages.


Our call center likes SMALL or BIG, Long term or short term projects. No matter you are a new small start-up looking for just one call center virtual assistant, or you are a large corporation that requires hundreds of inbound call center agents for 24X7, we welcome you!

Personal touch

We have that personal touch that gives you an amazing collaboration experience, emphasizing our belief in excellent results, ethical services and transparent operation and communication that show how passionate we are about your business.

Fast turnaround

Our team delivers quality results with short turnaround times, staying true to our commitment to efficiency that your business expects. Time is crucial in call center operations, so Callnovo team always updates you the operation status and answers your questions in no time.

Easy dialogue

Talk with our China and Philippines call center agents and managers and experience what excellence truly means. We are always more than happy to show you how we can build the outsourced call center team for you and with you together.


Because we know what a call center means to your business, we strive to embrace your goals as our own. More than 10 years’ knowledge in different industries enables Callnovo China and Philippines call center to do the best job we can on every task client assigns to us.

Superb quality

We deliver professional and quality results on each call center project. We are ISO9001 certified and we have most updated industry technology and know-how to solve your call center sales and customer service challenges. Clients always tell us that they get more beyond they are expecting on quality.


We utilize our skills and the best contact center resources to make you competitive. We will offer you a customized sales or customer service call center solution rather than a generic one to any clients. We constantly ensure our objective is streamlined to yours. Your success is Callnovo’s success.

24X7 Flexible

Our call center likes SMALL or BIG, long term or short term projects. No matter you are a new small start-up looking for just one call center virtual assistant, or you are a large corporation that requires hundreds of inbound call center agents for 24X7, we welcome you!

Languages Around World

Sites Around The Globe

Years In Business

Industries Experience

Small & Medium Business Clients


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What our clients say about us

  • Owner


    One California Based Creative Clothing Company Owner
    Callnovo team is very helpful with very quick turnaround time! My China start-up e-commerce company now is equipped with full call center capability at very affordable price. I enjoy outsourcing my call center to Callnovo

  • Operation Director

    Operation Director

    One New York Based Brand Name IPTV Company Operation Director
    Working with Callnovo, my China inbound customer service team of 20 CSRs and 2 Team Leaders were quickly setup at very cost-effective monthly price. Outsourcing to Callnovo is the right choice

  • Senior Program Manager

    Senior Program Manager

    One Famous Fortune 500 IT Company Senior Program Manager
    Callnovo quickly dispatched and trained 80 outbound B2B lead generation telemarketers for us in 3-4 weeks. My outbound campaign was successfully executed with good results in 2 months.

  • CEO in China

    CEO in China

    One of the European Airlines
    Callnovo Chinese call center team members are all quick learners and quicker responders. Our China 400 Toll-free number inbound call center and live web chat service in China are fully outsourced to Callnovo and our airline tickets after-sales service and baggage tracking are all covered well by them. Callnovo’s Chinese call center team is flexible and on-demand to match our seasonal service volume fluctuation. Excellent service!

  • Director in Asia

    Director in Asia

    A California Advanced Software Company
    Our software is being sold in Asia and we need to provide tech support to clients. Considering there are so many different languages in Asia market, providing a one-stop multilingual contact center solution is amazing from Callnovo. Although in China market we used more than 10 tech support reps from Callnovo to cover 365 days’ tech support, other languages such as Vietnamese is offering very limited call volume since it’s a new market to us. However, Callnovo manages all of them very well in a single platform with single point of contact. This saves our efforts and costs and bring peace of mind and big convenience to me!

  • Conference Director in Asia

    Conference Director in Asia

    A US-based Leading Media Company
    Callnovo offered us great quality customer service agents, they are professional and strive to achieve goals. The team was set up and came to full force operation less than 2 weeks. Outsourcing to Callnovo is the right choice and we will recommend to other clients.


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