Amazon Poland Ready to Launch: Callnovo is Ready to Help Global eCommerce Sellers’ Entrance into the Polish Market by Providing Exceptional Localized Customer Service

With Amazon Poland now ready to be launched, global eCommerce sellers have an unprecedented opportunity to tap into the Polish eCommerce market; Callnovo can help e-Commerce sellers tap into the market with localized customer service in the Polish language, increasing customer acquisition and influencing Polish customers to remain long-term loyal customers to the brands that they purchase from.

Utilizing CRM and Toll-Free Numbers can Encourage 5-Star Amazon Feedback Ratings and Improve Customer Reviews for Cross-Border Sellers

An inconspicuous headline related to Amazon has caused many cross-border sellers to pay serious attention, as well as dominating the news headlines of major e-commerce platforms. “Policy Update: Effective December 3, Amazon prohibits sellers from using languages or emails that incentivize positive reviews or feedback!” Even stated, “Amazon has restricted seller communication with customers, making […]