Customer Conflict Resolution Skills & Conflict Management Soft Skills to Re-build Customer Trust & Afford Quality CX

A woman can't believe that a retailer double-charged her debit card for a Nintendo Switch (OLED version) which was supposed to be a gift for her son; she decided to call customer support to complain and to demand that a re-imbursement be made for the double charge. in such situations, proper conflict management is direly important on behalf of customer service support teams.

Though long-term brand loyalty – bred through consistent, high-quality customer engagement – offers incredible advantages to go-global businesses, the universal challenge of resolving customer conflict is a real one – common throughout customer journeys. Within our guide, you’ll find out how your business can overcome customer conflict through the practice of customer conflict resolution skills & conflict management soft skills that enhance customer engagement, leading to strong competition in global sales markets and the opportunity to build a long-term brand legacy.