The Necessity of Content Moderation Manual Review of Content by Content Moderators in the Southeast Asian Market

This infograph shows a moderator performing content moderation for a Thailand-based social media marketing company.

Although modern technology can process & review large amounts of content/data – there’re are still some limitations which such technology that only human content moderators can regulate & fix – such as: correcting errors in a timely manner, an effective consideration of cultural differences & values of different regions, as well as communities, to conduct effective reviews, a proper understanding of semantics, utilizing the right handling method to determine if content may be deleted or modified, etc. Inside, you’ll specifically-find an explanation of how human content moderators can ensure accurate, appropriate content moderation so as to ensure quality & stability of audit results, improving and promoting the sustainable development of the Southeast Asian market. Furthermore, you’ll learn how Callnovo Contact Center’s content moderators in the Southeast Asian market can take your brand to the next level.

9 Key Customer Service Soft Skills for Customer Service that Enhance Customer Engagement

This infograph displays customer service soft skills - such as: creative problem-solving, follow-up questioning, and effectiveness in properly-starting conversations.

Building strong relationships with your brand’s customers is very rewarding in reference to turning initial customers into long-term, loyal customers – as your business’ll effectively gain an edge on the global sales market through substantial incrementation in sales and brand growth/reputation; this article’s 9 key customer service soft skills for customer service will help you gain long-term customer loyalty, leading to strong global market competition. Take a look inside for a detailed guide on how your brand can make sales market dominance a reality.

Customer Service Phone Etiquette Tips to Ensure Quality CX via Phone based Customer Service

An attractive woman connects with a phone based customer support team that utilizes key customer service phone etiquette tips to ask about the delivery time-frame for the new kitchenware she bought.

By having your global business’ customer service teams provide top-tier phone based customer service support through the usage of fantastic customer service phone etiquette tips, your business will not only ensure quality CX that influences long-term customer loyalty – but, it will also guarantee itself strong brand growth and a fortified brand reputation that brings the competition to the global market and ensures even greater global brand success; find out why inside – as well as how our own Callnovo can further enhance your customers’ overall service experience.

The Importance of Deescalation (Customer Service) + 5 Worthwhile De-escalation Techniques Customers React To

A frustrated business executive that utilizes a prominent antivirus provider demonstrates their cry for help - as their provided antivirus program has caused issues with their workforce management (WFM) program on all company PCs; he not only is looking for superb service - however, he also needs a customer service agent that knows how to use de-escalation to make the situation more manageable.

Customers are extremely important to global brands’ customer retention, brand reputation/loyalty, and long-term market competition and success; in situations where global customers are frustrated/upset, it’s highly important for your CSRs to know how to de-escalate situations and regain consumer trust. Check our own Callnovo Contact Center’s guide to 5 worthwhile de-escalation techniques meant to recover CX and afford your business even greater long-term sales success.

SMS Customer Service/Texting Services: Tips for Creating Sensational Customer Experiences

How superb SMS customer service creates strong CX that leaves customers content and happy with brands is shown.

With SMS customer service/texting services, global brands – such as your own – have the opportunity to offer fantastic customer experiences (CX) that augment the customer base, leading to heightened long-term brand reputation/loyalty and an irreversible, increasing market presence; check out our guide to SMS-based customer service and how you can begin to ensure top-tier CX via SMS customer service that brings long-term brand loyalty and market competition advantages.

How an Effective Customer Service Outsourcing Solution Gives a Competitive Edge

Different cooking products are shown that are found throughout the kitchen; as such, for the food industry, it's important to utilize customer service outsourcing solutions with the proper kitchenware product knowledge/troubleshooting knowledge to find strong, long-term brand success.

For go-global brands, there are any challenges that must be conquered to secure superb customer engagement opportunities and afford pleasant CX; by offering excellent customer interactions, such global brands as your own can build a strong market presence and long-term brand loyalty/sales success. Find out inside how our own Callnovo helps a global juicer brand to make this a reality via top-tier omnichannel, multilingual customer service outsourcing solutions.

How Important is Customer Service and Customer Service Outsourcing in the Food Catering Industry?

A food consumer gets ready to purchase delicious food online from a well-known Japanese food catering brand.

Though localization plays a grand part in food catering brands’ global market success, customer service outsourcing plays a big role in enhancing consumer trust and increasing order conversion rates. For go-global businesses looking to get past localization pain points and provide a superb customer experience from start-to-end, Callnovo is ready with superb omnichannel, multilingual customer service outsourcing solutions to help food catering brands provide an excellent service experience – one consumer at a time.

Contact Center Outsourcing: It’s Advantages & How Our Own Callnovo Can Help You Begin

A few Fortune 500 company executives take the time to meet regarding the short-and-long-term advantages to contact center outsourcing their non-core business functions.

Business process outsourcing (BPO outsourcing) – synonymous with call center/contact center outsourcing – offers a plethora of advantages to go-global companies looking to build/expand their brand growth and loyalty via international markets; to make this a reality, our very own Callnovo is ready to meet global businesses with superb omnichannel, multilingual customer service outsourcing solutions that ensure high-quality global CX and in-turn create strong global sales market competition so that such businesses can benefit from long-term global sales success.

Our Guide to White-glove Customer Service: How to Ensure Service Excellence

A green background infograph demonstrates various factors that contribute to exceptional white-glove customer service.

Nowadays, for global brands to provide exceptional customer service that grandly augments customer retention and brand loyalty, leading to great brand competition in the global sales market, it is highly important to provide white-glove customer service; for brands looking to provide such white-glove service and successfully capitalize on sales market gains, Callnovo stands ready with excellent customer service outsourcing solutions to make this a reality.

Expert Tips: How to Improve Customer Retention via Top-tier Customer Service

An Asian female customer smiles as she demonstrates the benefit to high-quality CX which in-turn fosters positive word-of-mouth, bringing new customers to go-global businesses' when customer service teams improve customer retention via superb, customer-centric CX, it shows.

Improving customer retention via customer retention management strategies that include customer-centric service solutions grandly ensures go-global businesses benefit from long-term brand loyalty; to help in this endeavor, Callnovo Contact Center offers a comprehensive multilingual, omnichannel customer service solution to meet customers’ CX expectations by proportioning superb customer satisfaction experiences that increase ROI, customer retention, customer loyalty, and secure long-term sales success.