The Importance of Deescalation (Customer Service) + 5 Worthwhile De-escalation Techniques Customers React To

A frustrated business executive that utilizes a prominent antivirus provider demonstrates their cry for help - as their provided antivirus program has caused issues with their workforce management (WFM) program on all company PCs; he not only is looking for superb service - however, he also needs a customer service agent that knows how to use de-escalation to make the situation more manageable.

Customers are extremely important to global brands’ customer retention, brand reputation/loyalty, and long-term market competition and success; in situations where global customers are frustrated/upset, it’s highly important for your CSRs to know how to de-escalate situations and regain consumer trust. Check our own Callnovo Contact Center’s guide to 5 worthwhile de-escalation techniques meant to recover CX and afford your business even greater long-term sales success.