A Beautiful Celebration of Joy | An International Colleague’s Wedding Invitations and Celebration, Callnovo’s Remote Blessing

A vintage style photo shows two newly-wedded love birds holding hands, looking forward to the sacred, beautiful, enjoyable journey of a lifetime. This image is commonly-used for wedding invitations.

A beautiful wedding ceremony and celebration is not only a blessed day for all those involved – but, more specifically for the bride and groom themselves as it not only marks the grand decision that they have decided to take to remain the rest of their lives together – but, it also marks the start of that wonderful journey with its challenges and intrinsic rewards. For our Callnovo family, this new chapter of life is even more significant – especially this particular time – as it was a special day to participate in the grand wedding of one of our most appreciated colleagues.

Tier 1 Tech Support Employee Highlight: Diego Orbegoso – Callnovo’s Bolivian Tech Support Team Leader for a Solar Energy Inverter Business

A picture of the smiling Diego Orbegoso - Callnovo Contact Center's Bolivian tier 1 tech support team leader of a solar energy inverter business.

Thanks to tech support team leaders like Diego Orbegoso and their tech support teams, Callnovo Contact Center is a leading expert in providing high-quality outsourced technical support – as well as customer service – that can guarantee any business or corporation strong customer retention and a highly-recognized and respected brand reputation, ensuring that their sales growth and sales success increasingly become more secure and stable in the global market.