The Necessity of Content Moderation Manual Review of Content by Content Moderators in the Southeast Asian Market

This infograph shows a moderator performing content moderation for a Thailand-based social media marketing company.

Although modern technology can process & review large amounts of content/data – there’re are still some limitations which such technology that only human content moderators can regulate & fix – such as: correcting errors in a timely manner, an effective consideration of cultural differences & values of different regions, as well as communities, to conduct effective reviews, a proper understanding of semantics, utilizing the right handling method to determine if content may be deleted or modified, etc. Inside, you’ll specifically-find an explanation of how human content moderators can ensure accurate, appropriate content moderation so as to ensure quality & stability of audit results, improving and promoting the sustainable development of the Southeast Asian market. Furthermore, you’ll learn how Callnovo Contact Center’s content moderators in the Southeast Asian market can take your brand to the next level.