Leveraging Callnovo’s Call Center Expertise & Outsourcing Services for the Nordic e-Commerce Market: A Guide to Long-term Business Growth & Customer Retention

A Nordic couple connects with a Nordic e-commerce call center representative via live chat to ask for product info. and pricing for various cookware products for their respective family members for Christmas; there are presents already wrapped in red, sea green, and white Christmas wrapping paper on the table, and the couple is smiling as they type their requests into the laptop.

The Nordic e-commerce market presents a lucrative – yet challenging – frontier. As of 2020, these countries – such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland – have collectively-accounted for approximately 4.27% of global e-commerce sales. To take full advantage of this market and ensure long-term business growth & success, your e-commerce business should learn how to effectively-resonate with Nordic consumers; doing so will lead to a substantial-augmentation of long-term customer acquisition & retention, as well as a continually-strong competitive edge. In our guide, you’ll learn about the opportunities & challenges of the Nordic market, the role of customer service outsourcing services, and how Callnovo’s unique call center approach fosters long-term customer retention & business growth.