How Pet Product Brands Leverage Customer Service Outsourcing to Efficiently Go Global

A cool cat (Russian blue) with glasses (found on Tiktok) and a beige/caramel color dog demonstrate a cute pose for the camera; pet brands that highly-desire their customers to enjoy their own pets' health and well-being can turn to customer service outsourcing to help them accomplish their CX goals.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has changed people’s love for animals and their disposition when it comes to adopting domestic animals – like cats and dogs, global pet product brands are finding a rise in sales; our very own Callnovo Contact Center is here and ready to help such pet brands increase their customers’ CX with multilingual (native language support), omnichannel customer service outsourcing solutions, leading to increase customer acquisition/ customer retention rates and allowing global brands to find an even greater competitive drive in the global market.