5 Vital Tier 1 Tech Support Skills to Foster Top-tier Troubleshooting Support that Enhances CX

5 Vital Tier 1 Tech Support Skills to Foster Top-tier Troubleshooting Support that Enhances CX

A tier 1 tech support engineer demonstrating tier 1 tech support skills provides via the vector image live chat based troubleshooting to end-users; likewise, qualities of an outsourced call center that provides 24/7 troubleshooting, help desk, and service desk support are demonstrated.

For global business, having tier 1 tech support specialists that share crucial tech support skills is vitally-important to top-tier troubleshooting support that enhances customer experiences (CX), leading to a comparison between two sides of a coin, offering crucial benefits: on one hand, superb CX fostered through concrete, effective troubleshooting/help desk support gives your customers/end-users the confidence to trust/find value in your global brand’s products/services – leading to the other side: strengthened brand reputation/loyalty through long-term brand ambassadorship that increases long-term sales/market success – whether you’re go-global or just offering products/services in a specific onshore market niche.

Recently, Callnovo Contact Center wrote an article on customer service principles CSRs should follow to ensure fantastic customer engagement – offering key positive CX advantages; within, they mentioned:

  • Positive CX influences repeat sales – as 89% of consumers are motivated to repeat product/service purchases from the same brands.
  • Positive CX heavily-impacts brand ambassadorship – leading 94% with pleasant customer satisfaction experiences to recommend the same brand(s) to others.
  • 50-60% of global customers are greatly-disposed to switching to competitors when they experience negative/unsatisfactory customer experiences (CX).

Considering the above, it’s direly-important to have your technical support specialists strike a balance between hard/soft communication skills, good old-fashioned people skills, technical expertise, and product knowledge – as you’ll ensure customers receive top support that enhances CX in a way that they’ll remain long-term loyal customers, influencing others to purchase/use your same products/services – leading to a growing customer base, brand loyalty/business reputation incrementation, and a permanently-increasing competitive drive.

We’ll go through crucial tier 1 tech support skills to foster top-tier troubleshooting support that enhances CX – touching on:

  • what tier 1 tech support is,
  • 5 vital tier 1 tech support skills, and
  • what Callnovo offers in terms of outsourced technical support and how the jack-of-all-trades outsourced call center successfully-helps global businesses meet their short-and-long-term service needs.

Tier 1 Tech Support – a Viable Explanation

Troubleshooting support is a complex service to provide – especially if your customers/end-users need beyond-standard help desk support; there are 4 levels of service desk support (L0, L1, L2, and L3) – though the 1st level functions as self-service where user-retrieved info. can be acquired – requiring your team offers technical/marketing resources that contain created & maintained product/service info. Let’s get into what tier 1 IT level support (L1) is – the main support level that you’ll be providing your consumers.

What is Tier I Technical Support?

Tier 1 tech support (L1) specialists – the first level of direct support – typically provide basic IT, help desk, and service desk support, meaning your support agents help users to quickly-solve non-complex tech issues. This channel’s name is derived from the “tier” (category/level) that service tickets fall under when on their way to resolution – so, tier I support is also known as level 1 support. Support teams follow a tiered structure to ensure customers are prioritized according to priority/urgency.

What are the Tier I Technical Support Functions?

Though tier 1 tech support teams provide only basic troubleshooting support, they handle approximately 80% of all user issues due to their expertise in such areas as:

  • basic troubleshooting,
  • account and/or password resets,
  • call filtering,
  • payment/subscription processing,
  • navigation assistance,
  • ticket creation, categorization, and filtering,
  • email maintenance, and
  • user information collection.

While they resolve general customer issues – such as usage issues, offering detailed product info. when needed, and fulfilling service desk requests that need information technology/infotech (IT) specialist support – L1 support actually handles many different functions – such as:

  • record user requests,
  • attend users via various communication channels – such as:
    • inbound/outbound phone calls,
    • emails,
    • live web chat,
    • SMS messaging,
    • And/or social media,
  • log/follow-up on user issues via support tickets,
  • basic troubleshooting via related questionnaires,
  • installing new tech software, teaching end users how to use it,
  • backing up/restoring user data,
  • maintaining/repairing operating systems (OS), and
  • much more.

5 Vital Tier 1 Tech Support Skills to Master for Top-tier Troubleshooting Support

A 3rd party survey provided to 33,000 customers/end users states: superb technical support plays a key role in overall support service quality – up to 86%. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure your tier 1 tech support team demonstrates vital tier 1 tech support skills that lead consumers to trust/value your products/services, leading to long-term brand growth/market success. Let’s get into 5 key L1 tech support skills your tier 1 tech support specialists should master to enhance CX.

Working Adaptability & Flexibility

Technology doesn’t sleep – tech issues can arise at any time within 24 hours; it’s crucially-important for your tier 1 tech support specialists to adapt to customer needs – which may mean working onsite, offsite, or on call at any time. Furthermore, though tech workers may need to frequently-work alone, they must also be able to escalate issues as needed, working cooperatively with other IT specialists.

Key points:

  • adaptability to team & customer/end user needs,
  • successful time management,
  • prioritization,
  • onsite and remote working capabilities,
  • concrete knowledge of communications systems, and
  • a passion for tech.

Stellar Communication Skills

Your technical support engineers can be the most knowledgeable experts – however, just because they “know it all” doesn’t mean your end users do; your L1 technical support staff should communicate technical issues/solutions to your consumers in a way that they understand what’s said, “dumbing down” the technical jargon/complex explanations, giving explanations in a way that they’re equally-understood by technicians and tech-challenged users. Furthermore, tier 1 tech support engineers should actively listen.

Key points:

  • concrete language proficiency,
  • active listening,
  • concrete oral/written communication,
  • interpersonal skills,
  • customer-centric attitude,
  • complex understanding of product/service knowledge,
  • strong guidance disposition, and
  • strong internal teamwork/collaboration.

Tight Problem-solving Ability

Along with stellar communication skills, problem-solving is a very-needed tier tech support skill since tier technical support engineers must know how to decipher/resolve consumers’ tech issues while clearly communicating such technical issues/solutions. This involves your tier technical support specialists carefully listening to users’ concerns, figuring out the problem, and coming up with an issue resolution plan; therefore, having creative problem-solving strategies is a must.

Strong points:

  • intuitive attention to detail,
  • a keen understanding of systematic issues,
  • troubleshooting skills,
  • determination, and
  • keen inductive/deductive reasoning ability.

Sufficient Patience

Though mainly a customer service skill, patience is still a key tier 1 tech support skill because frustrated/annoyed/angry tech users are apt to escalate issues – especially if the technology used is important to keeping their lives secure/in good shape. Therefore, tier 1 tech specialists must listen patiently to customers’/users’ concerns, calmly helping them resolve their issues – which requires patience, kindness, and understanding.

Strong points:

  • detail orientation,
  • strong concentration,
  • commitment,
  • active listening,
  • strong customer service skills, and
  • top troubleshooting skills.

Wide Range of Hard Skills

It doesn’t take someone sharp as a marble to understand the high-importance of hard skills to troubleshooting support; hard skills are crucial to desk/service desk/troubleshooting support. Your tier 1 tech support personnel should have a base of technical knowledge and should stay up-to-date on current hardware/software.

Here’s an unexhaustive list of the most common tier 1 tech support skills:

  • remote software,
  • cyber security,
  • backup/imaging software,
  • diagnostics,
  • WAN/LAN/internet connectivity,
  • IT admin software,
  • Network monitoring software,
  • telecom.,
  • electronics,
  • email management,
  • VoIP systems,
  • mobile software,
  • virus protection software,
  • basic coding, scripting, and programming,
  • Mac/Linux/PC/Unix OS and software,
  • knowledge-based systems,
  • data report maintenance,
  • servers, and
  • etc.

Callnovo’s Technical Support Outsourcing Solutions – Guaranteeing Top-tier CX

A tier 1 tech support engineer talks with a well-known antivirus brand's customers, providing installation and configuration support.

To compliment the above-mentioned detailed guide, Callnovo Contact Center – having worked with 1,200+ global corporations/Fortune 500 companies throughout 40+ industries for 17+ years – can support you with top-quality tech support outsourcing, ensuring top-tier customer engagement enhancement, leading to brand loyalty/business reputation incrementation and a permanently-increasing competitive drive in your specific market niche(s).

Some Callnovo technical support outsourcing advantages are:

  • High-quality Expertise – ensuring quality tier 1 troubleshooting/help desk support – as they ensure personnel are skilled in:
  • customer-centric enthusiasm/service attitude,
  • interpersonal communication skills,
  • logical thinking skills,
  • management/operations skills,
    • product/troubleshooting service experience, and
    • a wide range of hard skills/niche service knowledge – such as:
      • appliances,
      • applications,
      • B2B software,
      • cloud-based software,
      • consumer electronics,
      • IPTV systems,
      • app support,
      • security monitoring,
      • smart devices, and
      • many more.


Via a concrete understanding of tier 1 tech support – as well as encouraging your technical support team to practice the above-mentioned key tier 1 tech support skills – you can foster superb customer engagement that greatly-enhances CX, turning your customers/end-users into long-term brand ambassadors. For support, Callnovo Contact Center offers a comprehensive multilingual, omnichannel technical support outsourcing solution to help you successfully-meet consumers’ high service expectations, increasing long-term sales/market success – whether you’re go-global or only offering products/services in specific onshore market niches.


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