Customer service/ Contact Care after sales support is a critical component of success for many businesses. Customer Service or Contact Care after sales support call center is an integral part of a company’s value proposition. These involve activities that enhance your customer’s level of satisfaction, with the aim of going beyond their expectations. Inbound and outbound customer service/after sales support is the two general types of call center services offered globally by Callnovo. Inbound services are performed by reps who field calls from customers. Outbound reps make calls to customers to follow up on or inquire about account issues.

Global Contact Customer Service / Care Call Center

Regardless if you are looking for a telephone, email, live chat or email customer service/after sales support, Callnovo outsourcing call center team is right here to help. With more than 10 years’ experience, Callnovo one-stop multi-language customer service/after sales support call center team takes care of clients’ every single detailed customer service/after sales support need. We are happy to provide English inbound call center, Chinese inbound call center, Spanish inbound call center and more.

Callnovo China call center operation sites, Philippines call center operation sites and other languages outsourcing call center sites are all 24X365. We are very flexible in working hours so we can match different client’ customer service/after sales support call center requirements from different countries.

What We Offer

We have industry know-how and utilize state-of-the-art WFM (Work Force Management) software to manage the call center customer service/after sales support team shifts. Cutting cost is a definitely a key objective of ours and of clients. By working with our team, we will assist you in reducing the amount of money you spend on customer care and support. You will no longer need to hire dedicated employees to handle these tasks, nor will you need to invest in the facilities or equipment that customer service call centers require.

In addition, Callnovo customer service/after sales support call center team helps clients transform the customer service/after sales support team from a cost center into a profit center. We know how to convert a customer complaint into a positive social media marketing opportunity. We know how to strategize the call center customer service/after sales support workflow to gain productivity. Our abundant experiences in welcome-call, win-back, retention, up-sell, and cross-sell have gained high-level satisfaction from lots of clients.

Our services are completely flexible and scalable. If you need a few shared agents to handle after hour inbound calls, that’s no problem. If you later decide you want to shift into making a large number of outbound calls or your customer base increases, we can bring in a team of dedicated agents who provide you with customer care call center support at all hours of the day. With this flexibility, you never have to worry about having too few or too many agents. We are also capable of increasing your number of agents for specific time periods such as during the holiday season.

Inbound Customer Service/After Sales Support

Inbound customer service/after sales support is the process of receiving incoming calls from prospects and customers. Some calls come from people wanting to learn more about your business, products, and services. Other calls come from people inquiring about their accounts, product issues or billing concerns. Inbound reps typically have access to contact management software solutions that allow them to open customer accounts, when applicable, to answer account-specific questions.

Working with a customer care call center provides you with a wide number of inbound customer service support, including the following:

  • Potential customers can receive answers to their questions from a live person rather than trying to find the information online.
  • Current customers can work with an agent to resolve problems or other concerns in real-time rather than waiting to hear back from an email.
  • Working with an agent is often more satisfying to customers than trying to work through an automated system or using an online account manager.
  • Agents can be trained to use your own systems, allowing them to provide customer-specific information.

With a team of dedicated customer service call center agents, you will not have to worry about losing sales due to little or poor customer service. All of your needs will be taken care of by experienced professionals who are trained to use your particular language and systems.

Outbound Customer Service/After Sales Support

Outbound customer service/after sales support involves phone calls made from your business to customers. It is also an integral part of service and account management. Verifying account details, confirming profile changes, updating customers on account terms or product recalls, and following up on recent purchases are among the common duties of an outbound rep. Some companies make routine follow-up calls a certain number of days after purchase. A rep might call, for instance, to ask how the product has worked for the customer and whether there are any issues.

Our Past Experiences in Outsourcing Customer Service/After Sales Support Call Center

Billing Inquiry
Product Repair and Exchange Inquiry
Account Information Update
Account Refill
Plan Change
Refund Management
Dealer Locator
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Complaint and Issue Resolution
Hotel Booking
Visa Information Helpline
Real Estate Virtual Assistant
Shipping Status Inquiry
Payment Information Update
Welcome Call
Airline Information and Ticket Booking
E-Commerce Website Product Update
Amazon Seller Customer Service/After Sales Support
Ebay Seller Customer Service/After Sales Support Ebay
Aliexpress Seller Customer Service/After Sales Support
Taobao Customer Service/After Sales Support
Tmall Customer Service/After Sales Support
JD Customer Service/After Sales Support


As with our inbound customer service, your team of outbound callers will be trained in your particular needs and can be scaled as necessary. All of our callers will follow your scripts and gather the information you require while acting in a professional manner to all clients.

Callnovo Offers Customer Service/After Sales Support in the Following Languages:

Chinese( Mandarin, Cantonese) customer service/after sales support

English customer service/after sales support

Spanish customer service/after sales support

French customer service/after sales support

Russian customer service/after sales support

Vietnamese customer service/after sales support

Bahasa Malaysia customer service/after sales support

Bahasa Indonesia customer service/after sales support

Japanese customer service/after sales support

Korean customer service/after sales support

Thai customer service/after sales support
Portuguese customer service/after sales support

Some Customer Service/After Sales Support Outsourcing Call Center Clients

(Confidentiality agreements with some of our clients preclude us from providing a complete list)

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Multilingual Call Center Deployed City Language Services International Markets
Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) Call Center China English & Chinese Bilingual, English & Mandarin & Cantonese trilingual Greater China Region and overseas-Chinese communities
English Call Center Philippines English United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, etc.
Spanish Call Center South America Spanish & English Bilingual, Spanish & Genman Bilingual, Spanish & Italian Bilingual, Spanish & French Bilingual, Spanish & Dutch Bilingual, Spanish & Russian Bilingual United States, Mexico, Spain, South America, Central America
French Call Center South America French & English Bilingual, French & Spanish Bilingual, French & Russian Bilingual France, Canada
Russian Call Center East Europe Russian & English Bilingual, Russian & Italian Bilingual, Russian & Romanian Bilingual Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Poland, East Germany, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovakia, and Latvia Wait.
Korean Call Center Seoul In Korea Korean & English Bilingual, Korean & Chinese Bilingual, Korean & Janpanese Bilingual Korean, American Korean community, Canadian Korean community, European Korean community
Japanese Call Center Seoul In Korea Janpanese, Janpanese & English Bilingual Japan
Indonesian Call Center Jakarta In Indonesia Indonesian & English Bilingual, Indonesian & Chinese Bilingual, Indonesian & Malaysian Bilingual Indonesia
Malay Call Center Kuala Lumpur English & Malaysian Bilingual, English & Mandarin & Cantonese trilingual, Malaysian & Mandarin & Cantonese trilingual Malaysia
Vietnamese Call Center Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh In Vietnam Vietnamese & English Bilingual, Vietnamese & Chinese Bilingual, Vietnamese & French Bilingual Vietnamese, American Vietnamese Community
Thai Call Center Bangkok in Thailand Thai Thailand
Portuguese Call Center South America Brazilian Portuguese & Portugal Portuguese Bilingual, Portuguese & English Bilingual, Portuguese & Spanish Bilingual Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Timor-Leste, Guinea-Bissau, Macau, Cape Verde, Sao Tome and Principe, and thousands of Portuguese-speaking immigrants around the world.

Are You in Need of Customer Service Call Center Support?

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