Global Direct Placement Service

Pain Points in Enterprise Recruitment

Callnovo Global Direct Placement Solution





Callnovo global HR team specialized in providing customized direct placement processes for our client, handling everything from job posting to candidate screening and interviews. With a focus on efficiency and a streamlined approach, our team is dedicated to reducing the time and communications cost associate with hiring, helping our client to find the right candidates quickly and easily.

Project-based recruitment management

Professional HR Team, tailorate to your specific requirements

Global resource allocation capabilities

Variety of recruitment channels, both online and offline

Breaking national boundaries
assist your company build a global team

With 18 years of experience in the business process outsourcing industry, Callnovo has abundant talent resources. We can quickly match and hire employees who meet your requirements anywhere in the world according to your different needs.


Identifying Hire Needs

Job posting (Muti-channel)

Screening and Shortlisting


Callnovo HR interview

Background/ Reference Checking

Client Interview

Candidate Confirm (2 days after client interview)


Warm up Conference Call

Global Direct Placement Service
Plans and Pricing

Basic Platinum Referral Credit Annual Member*
US$ 299/Person/Hire
Plus US$ 199/Person/Hire
US$ 66/Person/Hire
US$ 99/Month
Dedicate HR manager

Written test, HR interview Background check

Arrange Client interview

Assist contract signing

Assist contract signing

10 days Guarantee*

Referral, 2nd time service purchase credit : You will get US$66 credit for referring a client or making a second service purchase! Only applicable once per basic package.

10 days Guarantee: within the first 3 business days of starting work with Client, either Client terminates Direct placement’s employment for cause, or Direct placement terminates employment with Client for any reason, Callnovo will provide a one-time replacement candidate for the same role

Annual Membership:Pay yearly and receive 5 free upgrades to our platinum package everymonth. Plus, earn bonus referral points for even more savings.

Some Global direct placement service clients examples

(Confidentiality agreements with some of our clients prohibit us from providing a complete list.)

South Korea

Why Us?

Trust Callnovo to understand your business and your unique recruitment needs, and deliver exceptional candidates every time


Save Time

Sorting through and qualifying resumes, scheduling interviews and tests, and following-up with candidates can be time-consuming and daunting. As your trusted partner, Callnovo handle every aspect of the recruitment process for you. Leaving your managers with more time and energy to focus on their day to day work.

Save Cost

High turnover rate can be costly. Callnovo professional HR team have experience identiflying red flags and company culture mismatches that reduce the liklihood of a bad hire. With our extensive talent pool and recruitment channels, we can help our clients save costs while finding top talent.

Extensive Industry Coverage

Callnovo's talent pool covers multiple industries, including not only customer service, technical support, telemarketing, social media management, content moderate, virtual assistant, translation, remote monitoring, website design, search engine optimization, data entry, etc, but also professionals from various industries such as lawyers, accountants, engineers, medical personnel, parenting experts, and so on.



Callnovo has a specialized HR team that analyzes your job requerements and tailor recruitment plans base on market conditions in different countries to ensure excellent recruitment results. After a regorous screening process, when you receive candidate resumes, you will also receive a candidate recommendation report written by our HR team, which will help you gain a deeper understanding of the candidates’s background.