Global Talent Recruitment Agency

Global Recruitment Challenges

HR/Administration Overload: Juggling numerous basic tasks combined with administrative duties.
Lengthy Recruitment Cycles: Delays in the recruitment process extending the time-to-hire.
Rising Labor Costs: Yearly increases in labor and recruitment expenses.
High Turnover Rates: Difficulty in finding employees that fit well with the job, leading to frequent turnovers.

Callnovo’s Global Talent Agency Recruitment Solution





Callnovo’s global recruitment team streamlines the client’s recruitment process by optimizing job design, precise job postings, resume screening, initial candidate assessments, and preliminary interviews.
Tailored recruitment services for projects, a project-based management model.
Experienced recruitment team and targeted recruitment methods.
Global cross-regional project operations and asset allocation.
Combination of online and offline diversified recruitment channels.

Breaking Geographical BoundariesCallnovo leverages nearly two decades of expertise in the business process outsourcing industry to offer a vast pool of talent resources. We specialize in quickly matching and hiring top global talent tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs. Whether you require full-time employees, part-time staff, or remote workers, our professional team ensures timely and cost-effective recruitment solutions, driving your business towards success.

Confirm recruitment agency needs
Job posting
Resume screening
Written Test
Callnovo’s HR Interview
Background Check
Client’s Interview
Candidate Confirmation
Signing of the “Intent to Hire” Letter
Talent handoff

Global Talent Agency Recruitment Pricing Plan

Referral and Repeat Purchase Rewards: Enjoy 660 points, equivalent to a US$66.00 discount, for every successful referral or repeat purchase of our basic package. These points can be redeemed towards your next service, providing you with ongoing savings and value.package is only allowed to use the points discount once.
10 Business Day Protection Period: We offer a 10-day protection period, allowing for a free rematch if either the client or the candidate requests to terminate the contract. This ensures peace of mind and guarantees alignment with your initial requirements.
Annual Membership: As an annual member, pay a yearly fee and receive 5 free upgrades to our Platinum package every month. Additionally, benefit from referral/repeat purchase rewards and maximize your savings while enjoying premium services.

We provide one-stop global talent agency recruitment for our cooperative clients(Due to confidentiality agreements, some client information is not displayed. Thank you for understanding.)

South Korea
Hunan, China
Guangzhou, China
Shenzhen, China

Why Choose UsCallnovo is your trustworthy recruitment partner. We deeply understand your business’ and unique recruitment needs and are committed to providing you with excellent candidates.

Save Time
Delegate the time-consuming tasks of resume screening, interview arrangement, and candidate follow-up to us. Our efficient recruitment process allows your management team to focus on core business activities while we handle the rest, ensuring a swift and hassle-free recruitment experience.
Reduce Costs
Minimize the risk of improper recruitment and mitigate high employee turnover rates with our professional HR team. Through strategic talent identification and cost-effective recruitment solutions, we help you save on recruitment expenses while securing top talent for your business.
Wide Industry Coverage
Benefit from our extensive talent pool spanning multiple industries, including customer service, technical support, marketing, and more. Whether you need specialized expertise or general staffing solutions, we offer tailored recruitment services to meet your unique business needs.
Rely on our seasoned HR consultants to analyze your recruitment needs and develop customized plans tailored to your market conditions. With comprehensive candidate screening and recruitment support, we ensure efficient talent acquisition to drive your business growth.

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