Providing professional multilingual customer service outsourcing for visa centers of foreign consulates worldwide.

With the acceleration of population mobility between countries globally, the pattern of foreign consulates outsourcing visa processes to professional visa center companies for management and operations began to rise after 2000. Initially, this model started in the United States, and soon other countries (United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Denmark, France, India, etc.) gradually emulated this outsourcing practice with success. It effectively improved the efficiency and service image of consulate visa services, significantly enhancing the visa application process experience for applicants, making the visa process for direct travel, immigration, study abroad, business trips, and other overseas activities more efficient, convenient, and pleasant.
As an important link in the service experience provided by visa centers, the customer contact center plays a crucial role in information communication and coordination. Visa applicants expect a complete, reliable, and uneventful visa process before going abroad. A well-trained customer contact center team can accurately answer all kinds of questions about visa policy, fees, process, status, requirements, precautions, etc., at any time. The full operation of the customer contact center also requires a high level of confidentiality regarding the applicant’s information.

Callnovo is a preferred and long-trusted customer contact center partner recognized by the governments and visa centers of many countries worldwide. The service languages include English, French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Malay, Indonesian, Thai, Lao, Mongolian, Korean, Japanese, Khmer, Haitian, and dozens of other service languages. Callnovo has over ten years of continuous experience in customer service operation management in visa call contact centers.

Why Choose Callnovo

Global One-stop multilingual Service
Languages: 65+ global languages
Operations Center Deployment Strategy: Consider language costs and time differences comprehensively; scientifically train and centrally allocate manpower to achieve optimal cost. Disaster Recovery for Personnel and Sites: For large languages and high-traffic key visa countries, train and deploy multiple simultaneous operations centers.
Professional Mastery of Consulate Visa Service Knowledge and Processes
Business/Travel Visas, Work Visas, Student Visas, Exchange Visitor Visas, Transit/Crew Member Visas, Religious Worker Visas, Domestic Employee Visas, Journalist and Media Visas, Immigration Visas
Real-time updates on visa documentation, processes, requirements, and policies for various countries.
Secure and Robust Operations Centers
Building security, data center compliance, dual power supply, dual ISP network providers, annual fire compliance inspections, regular fire drills.
Robust and Mature Operations Management
Flexible allocation and scheduling of customer service personnel during peak and off-peak visa seasons. Full-channel KPI key operation indicator management: Calls, Emails, Web Chat, Line, Skype, etc.
Expert in Global Communication Resources and Technoligcal Integration
Apply for and activate phone numbers in various countries on behalf of clients. Integration with CRM software such as Salesforce IVR hosting and design.
Highly Confidential and Secure Operating Solutions
Project Personnel: Due diligence on educational background, professional background, address verification, no criminal record, no history of drug use

Operations Centers: Independent isolated workspaces, fingerprint access control, surveillance camera monitoring

Network and Hardware: Isolated network, IP whitelist, hardware firewall, prohibition of irrelevant transmissions from PCs and software, etc.

Regular Security Audits: Quarterly analysis of information security measures, risk point checks, semi-annual vulnerability scanning, and intrusion detection on production systems

Emergency Response: 24/7 emergency response team

Comprehensive Information Security and Anti-Fraud Training: Implementation in all global operation centers, carried out by dedicated personnel, complete training records

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