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Your Gaming Partner in Customer Service ExcellenceElevating User Experience, Enhancing Player Satisfaction!

Round-the-Clock Game Support Experience seamless customer service around the clock, every day of the year. Enhance user satisfaction and retention rates while attracting more players to your game.
Omnichannel Support
Choose from a variety of customer support options, including telephone, email, online chat, game forum community management, and social media sentiment monitoring, ensuring comprehensive assistance for gaming enthusiasts.
Multilingual Support
Deliver exceptional customer service globally with multilingual support covering English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, Indonesian, and Filipino, catering to diverse gaming communities worldwide.
Flexible Talent Demand Management
Adapt quickly to market fluctuations with our skilled talent reserve team, ensuring optimal staffing levels tailored to your specific needs, empowering gaming companies to navigate changing market dynamics effectively.

Tailored Solutions for the Gaming IndustryWe provide comprehensive and valuable solutions. Our customer service team is fully committed to serving our clients, ensuring their success and long-term development.

Comprehensive Talent Matching
Access top-tier global talent swiftly to support the needs of gaming companies, ensuring stability and excellence in service delivery.
Prompt Issue Resolution
Address player inquiries and needs across multiple channels promptly, ensuring a positive gaming experience and fostering player loyalty.
Tiered Problem Resolution
Employ a tiered approach to problem resolution, with frontline staff addressing immediate issues and second-line support handling complex technical challenges, ensuring optimal player satisfaction.
Proactive Issue Management
Efficiently manage account access, game content, authorization, latency, payment, and server issues, ensuring smooth game operation and heightened player satisfaction.
QA and Performance Monitoring
Implement rigorous quality assurance measures and performance tracking, ensuring high-quality, efficient, and satisfactory customer service, driving player retention and loyalty.
Community Engagement and Brand Building
Engage actively in gaming community activities, encouraging positive player reviews and comments to bolster brand image and market influence, attracting more players to the game.

Quality game talent, multi-channel response, front-end and back-end cooperation, business order processing, multi-dimensional assessment, maintenance of the game brand image.

Team Performance Monitoring and Management ProcessDriving Performance Excellence in Global Game Customer Service


Setting Key Performance Indicators


Determining Monitoring Periods and Methods


Performance Data Collection and Analysis


Formulating Improvement Plans and Tracking Their Effectiveness


Motivation and Rewards

Game Client Case 1

Game Type: MMORPG, SLG
Service Languages: Bilingual (Chinese and English), Thai, Filipino, Indonesian
Service Channels: Phone, SMS, Email, Online Chat
Service Hours: 24/7
Service Regions: China, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia

Service Overview:

We provide comprehensive support services including handling service tickets, responding to game FAQs, managing game data inquiries, account top-ups, resolving disputes, password changes, deposit verifications, offering gameplay guidance, and organizing events. Our client, a leading domestic internet company with a strong presence in the internet industry, prioritizes brand reputation and player satisfaction. To meet their high standards for customer service quality in the gaming sector, they partnered closely with Callnovo to establish a top-notch multi-language local customer service system for players in the Southeast Asian market.

Understanding the client’s needs and the dynamics of the Southeast Asian game market, we meticulously selected, trained, and assessed customer service personnel to ensure excellence. Our team, comprising hundreds of skilled individuals proficient in Chinese, English, Thai, Filipino, and Indonesian, underwent rigorous training and assessment before going live. With a focus on maintaining high standards, we ensure smooth operations and deliver exceptional customer service experiences through meticulous KPI monitoring, quality checks, and daily reporting.

Service Overview:

We handle a wide array of tasks including responding to game FAQs, conducting game data inquiries, password changes, account recovery, managing game top-ups, providing event consultations, guiding on interface and operation, checking rewards, providing bug feedback, pacifying emotions, collecting player feedback, monitoring game public sentiment, maintaining events, and conducting satisfaction surveys.

Our client, one of the fastest-growing mobile game companies globally, excels in research, development, and distribution. With a strong presence in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, North America, Europe, Australia, and over 30 other countries and regions, the company’s products are widely acclaimed.

To enhance player experience and satisfaction in the Southeast Asian and Eastern European markets, Callnovo established dedicated game customer service centers. These centers, proficient in Indonesian, Vietnamese, Russian, Turkish, and other languages, operate efficiently through channels like Facebook, Email, and CS Sea. With our establishment, game players in these regions enjoy personalized 24/7 services, accessible through mobile phones, landlines, and the internet, ensuring prompt assistance and support regardless of time or location.

Game Client Case 2

Game Type: MMORPG
Service Languages: English, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Russian, Turkish
Service Channels: Phone, Email, Online Chat, Social Media
Service Hours: 24/7
Service Regions: Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, Russia, Turkey

Callnovo’s Gaming Empowerment Station

Elevating Game Rankings
By fostering active player engagement, promoting events, and incentivizing positive feedback, our customer service teams facilitate increased reviews and higher ratings, ultimately boosting the game’s visibility and ranking in app markets.
Amplifying Brand Influence
We actively monitor player feedback across social media and other platforms, leveraging insights to engage players in meaningful interactions. Through strategic engagement, we enhance brand recognition and influence, fostering positive sentiments among the gaming community.
Expanding Market Share
Utilizing player feedback and market analysis, we provide valuable insights to our gaming clients, enabling them to capitalize on emerging trends and competitive landscapes. This data-driven approach empowers game developers to optimize service quality, enhance gameplay experiences, and capture a larger market share.
Diversifying Gaming Routes
Our customer service teams facilitate online and offline player discussions, fostering deeper communication and understanding of player preferences. This invaluable insight enables developers to tailor gaming experiences to meet diverse player needs, ensuring a more engaging and immersive gaming experience for all.

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