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More than just customer service, we are your gaming partner!User experience; player satisfaction

Round-the-clock 24/7 Game Support
Whether it’s day or night, weekends or holidays, we provide high-quality customer service anytime, anywhere. We help your game attract more users and improve user satisfaction and retention rates.
Multi-Channel, Multi-Format Customer Support
Telephone, email, online chat, game forum community management, and social media sentiment monitoring, we offer a variety of choices for comprehensive customer support for gaming companies.
High-Quality Cross-Language Customer Service
Americas: English; Europe: German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch; Asia: Japanese, Korean; Southeast Asia: Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, Indonesian, Filipino. We offer global multilingual game customer service and cross-cultural services to tap into the global market.
Flexible Control of Talent Demand Fluctuations
With our experienced talent reserve team, we can adjust the scale of personnel according to the specific situation of the customer, and provide the highest quality talent resources to help gaming companies respond to changes in the market environment.

Gaming Industry SolutionsWe provide comprehensive and valuable solutions. Our customer service team is fully committed to serving our clients, ensuring their success and long-term development.

We offer excellent global talent matching services for gaming companies. Oriented by customer needs, we quickly match appropriate talent for our clients, ensuring stability. Callnovo maintains a plentiful and high-quality talent pool.
We respond to players’ questions and needs through multiple channels (Web, App, Facebook, Line, telephone, email, and online chat software). We promptly solve problems encountered by players, making them feel cared for and respected by the gaming company, and allowing them to enjoy the game long-term.
Our first-line customer service staff responds to and directly resolves problems in the shortest time, while our second-line customer service staff handles more complex technical issues. Together, we are committed to ensuring players have the best gaming experience and receive fast, accurate customer service.
We effectively manage and track account access, game content, authorization, latency, connection issues, payment problems, bugs in the game, and large-scale server issues, ensuring normal operation of the game business and improvement of player satisfaction.
We strictly assess response time, problem resolution rate, quality inspection rate, satisfaction surveys, and return visit rate. We ensure that our customer service team can provide high-quality, efficient, and satisfactory services, thereby promoting player retention and loyalty.
We actively participate in gaming community activities, positively guiding players to leave reviews and comments on platforms like the App Store or Google Play. This allows more players to see the reviews and become interested in the game, improving the game’s brand image and market influence.

Quality game talent, multi-channel response, front-end and back-end cooperation, business order processing, multi-dimensional assessment, maintenance of the game brand image.

Team Performance Monitoring and Management ProcessAchieving effective performance monitoring and management of global game customer service.
Improving the service quality and efficiency of the customer service team, thereby providing strong support for the development of the gaming business.


Setting Key Performance Indicators


Determining Monitoring Periods and Methods


Performance Data Collection and Analysis


Formulating Improvement Plans and Tracking Their Effectiveness


Motivation and Rewards

Game Client Case 1

Game Type: MMORPG, SLG
Service Languages: Bilingual (Chinese and English), Thai, Filipino, Indonesian
Service Channels: Phone, SMS, Email, Online Chat
Service Hours: 24/7
Service Regions: China, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia

Service Overview:

We handle service tickets, respond to game FAQs, perform game data inquiries, manage account top-ups, resolve account disputes, change passwords, verify deposits, provide gameplay guidance, pacify players, organize and maintain events, distribute rewards, collect and feedback on bugs, monitor game public sentiment, provide daily work reports, and collect feedback. Our client is a domestic internet company with a mature internet industry at home. With a keen emphasis on brand reputation and the gaming experience of players, the client has set high standards for the quality of customer service in their games. After careful consideration, the client chose to collaborate deeply with Callnovo to establish a high-quality one-stop multi-language local customer service system for players in the Southeast Asian market. Due to the large number of project personnel and high-quality requirements, the Callnovo team has given this project utmost attention. After understanding the customer’s needs and the development of the Southeast Asian game market, we have set high standards for the selection, training, and assessment process of customer service personnel. Callnovo has assembled a team of hundreds of people from the Southeast Asian customer service center who are proficient in both Chinese and English, Thai, Filipino, and Indonesian. After a month of strict training and assessment, they officially went online to cope with the growing number of players from the client. Currently, this project is operating smoothly under the management of Callnovo, maintaining a stable, efficient, and high-quality customer service experience through KPI service indicators, order quality checks, and daily work reports.

Service Overview:

We respond to game FAQs, conduct game data inquiries, change passwords, recover accounts, manage game top-ups, provide event consultation, guide on interface and operation, check rewards, feedback on bugs, pacify emotions, collect player feedback, monitor game public sentiment, maintain events, and conduct satisfaction surveys. Our client is one of the fastest-growing mobile game companies in the world, integrating research and development with distribution. The company’s main business is the research and development and distribution of mobile games. Its products are spread across mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, North America, Europe, Australia, and more than 30 other countries and regions. Callnovo has built a game customer service center team for the client in the Southeast Asian and Eastern European markets, efficiently launching multiple customer service centers in Indonesian, Vietnamese, Russian, Turkish, and other languages. Mainly through channels such as Facebook, Email, and CS Sea, we answer various problems encountered by game clients online, actively respond to questions raised by players, and collect suggestions for game optimization. After the customer service center was established, game players in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe could enjoy 24/7 personalized services. No matter when and where, players can consult customer service in various ways through mobile phones, landlines, and the internet.

Game Client Case 2

Game Type: MMORPG
Service Languages: English, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Russian, Turkish
Service Channels: Phone, Email, Online Chat, Social Media
Service Hours: 24/7
Service Regions: Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, Russia, Turkey

Callnovo’s Gaming Empowerment Station

Boosting Game Rankings
By sharing game tasks, promoting events and benefits, our customer service teams actively guide players to leave reviews, providing guidance and suggestions to encourage positive feedback and high scoring evaluations. This helps to improve the game’s ranking in app markets.
Enhancing the Game’s Brand Influence
We pay attention to player reviews on social media or other channels to gain insights into their views and opinions about the game. We engage with players in a way they enjoy, which helps to spread the power of the brand through interaction.
Increasing Market Share
We collect and analyze player feedback, monitor market trends and competition, and summarize data reports to provide feedback to our game clients. This enables the game operations team to seize opportunities better and optimize service quality and game experience, thereby enhancing the game’s competitiveness and market share.
Launching Diversified Game Routes
Our customer service staff can organize online or offline player discussion sessions to engage in in-depth communication and discussion, understanding their gaming insights and opinions. This helps developers better understand player needs and offer a more diversified gaming experience.

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