Expanding Your Reach: Callnovo’s Expert Arabic Call Center Solutions for Global Market Connectivity

Callnovo’s native Arabic call center customer service and technical support solutions enable you to tap into the massive Arabic-speaking marketplace with a comprehensive Arabic call center service. Our Arabic support center is adept at handling the unique needs of customers from a wide range of Arabic-speaking countries, including Saudi Arabia, Chad, Algeria, Comoros, Eritrea, Djibouti, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Bahrain, Tunisia, and others. By leveraging our Arabic call services, your business can build strong connections and provide exceptional service to consumers in these important markets.

Arabic is also the holy language of Islam for 1.9 billion Muslims worldwide

Arabic is the official language of 26 countries, a minority language in over 30 others, and is spoken by over 433 million people, making it the 5th most spoken language in the world. Arabic is also the holy language of Islam for 1.9 billion Muslims worldwide, about 1/4 of the Earth’s population, so it is a very important global language. Centrally spoken throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), the Arabic language has 30 different dialects, and its own alphabet and script is written right to left. It has very little in common with English (other than a surprising amount of English word origins) and is difficult to learn, making it desperately under-represented in the Western world. To help overcome this shortcoming, the US National Security Language Initiative was introduced in 2006, to develop the skills of American students in “critical-need” foreign languages of regions with which the US has significant economic involvement, including Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Hindi, and Persian. Arabic is an official language in Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Iraq, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Tunisia, Somalia, United Arab Emirates , Jordan, Eritrea , Libya, Lebanon, Palestine, Oman, Mauritania, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Tanzania , Djibouti, and Comoros, as well as a minority language throughout the Arab world.

The Arab world includes important gateways to Africa

*The Arab League (formerly The League of Arab States) currently has 22 members and was formed in 1945 as a regional organization to “draw relations closer between member states and co-ordinate collaboration between them, to safeguard their independence and sovereignty, and to consider in a general way the affairs and interests of the Arab countries”. The Arab League formed the Arab Federation for Digital Economy in 2018 with representatives across the MENA region to promote and develop the region’s e-commerce sector, which has the potential to contribute US$3 trillion to Arab GDP growth. The Arab world includes important gateways to Africa, the fastest-growing and highest continental market potential in the world. African Arab countries include (in order of 2018 GDP) Algeria (US$200B), Morocco ($122B), Tunisia ($42B), Sudan ($34B), Somalia ($7.8B), Mauritania ($5.2B), Djibouti ($2.4B), Comoros ($750M).

What Callnovo’s Arabic Speaking Call Center Can Do For You

Content Moderation in Arabic
Arabic Social Media Management
Market Survey in Arabic
Amazon Seller Customer Service in Arabic
Ebay Seller Customer Service in Arabic
Aliexpress Seller Customer Service in Arabic
Data Entry in Arabic
Security Monitoring in Arabic
COD Confirmation Calling in Arabic
Customer Service in Arabic
Technical Support in Arabic
Sales, Cross-Sell and Up-Sell in Arabic
Back Office in Arabic
E-Mail Support in Arabic
Live Chat in Arabic
Phone Answering in Arabic
Order Management in Arabic
Customer Retention in Arabic

Arabic Language Consumer Market Information

The Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region is home to approximately 315 million people.
Shopping at the local Souq (Arabic for marketplace) is a cultural tradition and favorite pastime that is transitioning to online commerce.
Arabs have always been proud of their language, history, culture, and many contributions to civilization. Generous hospitality is among their most defining characteristics and cherished virtues that is a matter of honor and a sacred duty. Retailers should also exhibit this trait when welcoming visitors to shop with them.
A dramatic shift is taking place in MENA ecommerce as online businesses are belatedly starting to move into the well-developed Arabic digital landscape currently dominated by social media, and the people are eager to shop.
E-Commerce in the Arabic community has expanded rapidly in the past decade, with annual growth exceeding +30% and massive growth still anticipated in this relatively new market.
It is not widely known that the internet penetration rate in the Middle East has surpassed 74%. With the normalization of the pandemic, the e-commerce market in the Middle East is projected to reach a value of 50 billion USD by 2025, with a growth rate of over 110%. Therefore, the Middle East is undoubtedly a market that Chinese export companies cannot afford to overlook.
Saudi Arabia (US$9.8B, +25% ann. growth), the UAE ($7.4B, +18%), and Egypt ($6.2B, +17%), were the most lucrative B2C ecommerce markets in the MENA region in 2019.
In 2019, Saudi Arabia had the highest value market ($9.8B), Egypt had the highest number of online shoppers (45.3 million), and the UAE had the highest average spend per person ($426).
Mobile phones outnumber landlines in Egypt, and the internet & social media penetration have reached 99% of the population of UAE.
The first to market in 2005 and current online shopping leader in the MENA region is Dubai-based Souq.com, which was acquired by Amazon in 2019 for US$580M, a clear signal that sales are good. It now operates as Amazon.ae in the UAE but keeps the Souq name in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Souq receives over 45 million visitors per month.
Key Festive Seasons: The prime promotional periods for e-commerce in the Middle East are “White Friday,” Ramadan, and Singles’ Day, during which consumer spending significantly increases. It is advisable for businesses to make preparations well in advance to capitalize on these peak shopping occasions.

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