Workforce Management (WFM): Benefits, Best Practices, and the Importance of Customer Service Outsourcing Solutions
Customer Service Outsourcingwfmworkforce management
“As Commerce and eCommerce (i.e. eBay Sellers, Lazada Sellers, Shopee Sellers, Online e-Commerce Store Sellers, etcetera) businesses alike – regardless of the industry – are met with new product/service demands, there’s a grand need for companies to consider the
KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for Live Web Chat: Their Metrics and the Importance of Customer Service Outsourcing
Customer Service Outsourcingkey performance indicatorskpilive chatlive web chat
“In consideration that it’s been estimated that approximately 41% of all consumers (significantly growing every year) are becoming accustomed to utilizing live web chat as their main communication method to connect with commerce and eCommerce businesses (i.e. eB
U.S. Live Chat Etiquette and the Importance of Outsourced Customer Service
Customer Service Outsourcingcustomer service standardsecommercelive web chatunited states
“The United States’ e-Commerce market has been basking in the spotlight over the past year due to its fast-driving eCommerce sales momentum despite the COVID-19 pandemic and is about to reach a long-awaited-for trillion dollar milestone next year (2022); this me
Shopee Thailand and Lazada Thailand: Behind Each eCommerce Platform’s Sales Success, Callnovo is Ready to Help Cross-border eCommerce Sellers with Exceptional Localized Customer Service in the Thai Language
ecommercelazada thailandLocalized Customer Serviceshopee thailandthailand
“Within Southeast Asia’s Thailand – officially recognized as the Kingdom of Thailand and formerly known as Siam – Lazada Group’s Thai e-Commerce platform and Shopee Pte Ltd’s Thai eCommerce platform have been flourishing when it comes to monthly traffic despite
Tier 1 Tech Support Employee Highlight: Diego Orbegoso – Callnovo’s Bolivian Tech Support Team Leader for a Solar Energy Inverter Business
callnovo boliviaemployee highlightinterviewsolar energy inverter businesstech support
Recently, our very own Callnovo Contact Center had the wonderful opportunity to interview one of our very own 1st tier technical support team leaders (TL) for one of the clients that we serve in the South American country of Bolivia (La Paz, Bolivia) – recognize
English Customer Service Outsourcing within the Plurinational State of Bolivia in South America: the Advantage and Process of Recruiting Highly-Proficient Bilingual Bolivian English/Spanish Speakers
boliviaCustomer Service Outsourcingenglishlanguage skillsrecruitment process
“The South American country of Bolivia is considered as one of most technologically-advanced countries throughout all of Latin America that offers reputable education in the English language, focusing on the provision of high-quality English teaching from childh
Malaysia eCommerce Market – its Dominance and Shopee’s Success: Callnovo’s Localized Customer Service in the Malaysian Language Can Successfully Help Global eCommerce Sellers
ecommerceLocalized Customer Servicemalaysiashopeeshopee malaysia
“Following Malaysia’s eCommerce market dominancy and the increasing success of Shopee Malaysia, global eCommerce sellers can generate a stronger long-term sales success and financial stability by successfully adhering to the Shopee eCommerce platform’s service s
Lazada Vietnam: Behind Lazada’s eCommerce Market Success, Callnovo is Ready to Help Global eCommerce Sellers with Exceptional Localized Customer Service in the Vietnamese Language
ecommerceLazadaLocalized Customer ServicevietnamVietnamese customer service
“Lazada Group’s Lazada website has been turning up great online shopper success within the booming eCommerce market that is found in Southeast Asia’s Vietnam despite the COVID-19 pandemic; with such e-Commerce sales success and an unprecedented opportunity for c
Cash on Delivery (COD) within the eCommerce Market in Vietnam: Callnovo Contact Center Has the Expert Service Necessary to Help eCommerce Sellers Overcome Pain Points and Ensure Completed Transactions
case highlightcash on deliveryLocalized Customer Serviceoutsourced customer servicevietnam
“In the booming eCommerce market of Southeast Asia’s Vietnam, the cash on delivery / collect on delivery (COD) business model – though the most convenient for Vietnamese e-Commerce consumers due to their “see it and touch it before purchasing” culture – is accom
Indonesia’s eCommerce Market is Booming: Callnovo’s Provision of Localized Customer Service is a Viable Option for eCommerce Sellers Tapping into the Indonesian Market
CRMecommerceindonesiaLocalized Customer Servicemarket expansion
“Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Southeastern Asian and Oceanian country of Indonesia, with an estimated overall population of 267 million people, is a rapidly growing market for eCommerce sales; with its ongoing trend of steady gross domestic product growth
Amazon Poland Ready to Launch: Callnovo is Ready to Help Global eCommerce Sellers’ Entrance into the Polish Market by Providing Exceptional Localized Customer Service
AmazonCRMecommerceLocalized Customer ServicePoland
“With Amazon.com, Incorporated preparing to launch within the European country of Poland – a young, attractive market for the development of eCommerce that has also been showing positively optimistic economic growth since 2019 – global eCommerce sellers have an
The Strong Rebound of China’s Domestic Market Economy is Significantly Increasing Demand for Mandarin and Cantonese Outsourced Call Center Services
chinaeconomyoutsourced customer servicepandemic
“Despite the economic setback throughout Q1 and Q2 of 2020, China’s domestic economy has been largely brought under control and has even strongly rebounded as of the end of the 4th financial quarter of last year, 2020, creating a significantly increase in demand
Customer Relationship Management (CRM): An Introduction to Callnovo’s Global Omnichannel SaaS CRM Platform’s Benefits and Advantages
CRMcustomer relationship managementcustomer serviceecommercemarket expansion
“For eCommerce sellers (Amazon Sellers, Shopify Sellers, eBay Sellers, Lazada Sellers, Shopee Sellers, Online Stores, etcetera) that want to take traditional foreign trade international in order to successfully integrate into global markets, it is vitally import