Four Major Limitations and Solutions for After-Sales Customer Service for Cross-Border E-Commerce Independent Sellers in 2020
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Independent cross-border e-commerce sellers have entered and maintained steady growth after 2-3 years of operation. Due to the insufficient human resources to manage a global after-sales customer service team, they have been experiencing a growing pressure. The
Five Key Soft Skills E-Commerce Customer Service Team Should Master
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On April 13, 2020, Amazon announced to recruit an additional 75,000 employees after hiring 100,000 new employees since March, to keep up with a coronavirus-related spike in demand. The public relations department at Amazon revealed that it will offer permanent a
How IVR has Evolved from Traditional Button-based Menu Mazes to Natural Voice Navigation to Enhance Overseas Customer Service Experience via Toll-Free Numbers
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Regardless of whether cross-border e-commerce enterprises or SMEs, products that are sold to the US market through online marketplaces, for instance Amazon or independent e-commerce sites, are required to be equipped with an English after-sales customer service
The Key to Enhance Brand Image for Overseas Security Industry Through Outsourcing Customer Service for Long-Term Stability and Consistency
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The security service industry was originated in the United States in the early years. After half a century of industry development and evolution, it has gradually developed into a mature industry globally. The security market worldwide has an annual growth of 10
In Pandemic, The Secret of Chinese Medical Suppliers Initiating Overseas After-Sales Customer Service Solution for in 2 Weeks
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Introduction: With the global pandemic outbreak, countries are waiting for Made in China! COVID-19 related-medical apparatus and supplies, for instance, test agents, surgical masks, goggles, gloves, protective clothing, ventilators, disinfectants, and thermomete
Utilizing CRM and Toll-Free Numbers can Encourage 5-Star Amazon Feedback Ratings and Improve Customer Reviews for Cross-Border Sellers
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An inconspicuous headline related to Amazon has caused many cross-border sellers to pay serious attention, as well as dominating the news headlines of major e-commerce platforms. "Policy Update: Effective December 3, Amazon prohibits sellers from using languages
News | The Ultimate Outsourcing Guide to Enter the International Market for Chinese Innovative Technological Brands at CES Las Vegas 2020
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The annual Consumer Technology Exhibition CES (January 7-10, 2020) held in Las Vegas, US, has officially ended on January 10, 2020. CES is a global leading platform for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies and innovative products, also a
[Case Study] How can the future electronic component industry effectively outsource its customer service?
Review: As domestic electronic components gradually enter the era of low profits, cross-border e-commerce exports have begun to guide more and more electronic component suppliers to embrace the "Internet + industry" to enter the overseas market. By 2018, th
Are Cross-Border E-Commerce COD Orders Still Being Distributed Blindly?
COD (CASH ON DELIVERY),  commonly known as " CASH ON DELIVERY." COD has appeared frequently in the e-commerce industry in recent years, especially in cross-border export of e-commerce. Based on the low penetration rate of online payment in emerging mar
Chinese pet products cross-border e-commerce fully enter the US market
The “US priority” policy is bringing further uncertainty to the world and the US economy. American economists predict that if the United States implements the tariff increase on Chinese goods in full, it will lead to a 25% increase in the cost of daily consumpti
Why Work With An eCommerce Call Center?
Many businesses are in need of additional customer service representatives, after hours message takers, and other basic assistance for customers who call in or want to place an order over the phone. By partnering with an eCommerce call center, you have access to
How to help you implement remote assistant services quickly and efficiently?
Global Real Estate Virtual Assistant Interview---Seek the promise of outsourcing and enjoy the quality of service! Hello everyone, welcome to Callnovo's global multilingual customer service outsourcing center. I am the moderator Hannah. Everyone who know
The “Black Friday” after-sales tide is approaching, how should Chinese cross-border sellers achieve a perfect ending?
"Black Friday," the most prominent shopping carnival in the Atlantic. It is not only the last chance for local traditional retailers to improve their annual sales performance, but also an important day for Chinese export cross-border e-commerce sellers to look f