Outsourcing Customer Service Call Centres: Helping global overseas Chinese merchants to efficiently “dig gold” in the Chinese market
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In order to stand out among a multitude of competitors and seize the market opportunity, the well-known 40-year-old Los Angeles all-inclusive service travel wholesalers - APF Travel's brand Golatin (hereinafter referred to as Golatin) and the Callnovo Call Centr
What is After Call Work in a Call Center?
There is a lot more to working in a call center than simply picking up a phone. After call work (ACW) is every bit as important as the calls themselves, but what exactly is ACW? After call work involves everything the operator does once the call has ended. Typi
What is Average Handle Time in a Call Center?
In the industry of the modern day call center, there are a lot of buzz terms and metrics in order to gauge effectiveness and handle performance. As the industry becomes more and more competitive it's important to stay on top of these terms and understand their m
4 Reasons Why Outsourcing A Call Center Can Work For Your Business
Outsourcing your company's incoming traffic to a call center services company can dramatically increase productivity, lower running costs and help to grow your business. If you're considering doing so here are just a few reasons it can really help. Leave It To T
Why You Should Outsource To A Bilingual Call Center
Since the dawn of the digital age, the world has never been closer together. We have truly come together as one global nation and so it's more important than ever that your business speaks the right language. With the whole world at your feet, why would you want
Why Good Customer Service Should Be A Priority For Your Small Business
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There is a saying amongst many business owners that 1 happy customer is worth 7 or 8 new sales. Meaning that just 1 sale that results in the customer being satisfied enough to recommend the service and come back again is the best marketing you could ever buy. Ho
7 Key Call Center Metrics for E-Commerce Business
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A call center can help your e-commerce business to flourish. By setting up a clear point of contact and advertising the number to call if your visitors have any questions or just need a little assistance can be the difference between a hit and a miss when it com
3 Ways to Future-proof Your Call Center
The need to future-proof your call center is a necessity given the scale at which technology has been developing. The internet has made it possible for customers to independently learn more about products and services, which, in turn, means that they know what t
5 Important Performance Metrics that an Inbound Call Center Should Be Tracking
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Modern technology has made it relatively easy for Call Center Managers to determine how well the call center is doing in terms of performance, measurement as well as tracking. However, sifting through the amount of information that's available can be an overwhel
Does your call center provide Full reporting ability to generate every aspect of history performance?
The success of a Call Centre lies in the relentless effort and exceptional performance of the agent, team, the department and the company as a whole. The primary aim of a call center should be to quantify and evaluate the performance of the employees. By follow
A Reputable Call Center: Important Areas that Need Extra Attention
Even though reputable call centers have systems or equipment for supervisors to manage and control the performance simultaneously, there are still areas that need human interaction. There are areas like screening new hires, training, calibration, and even motiva
Taking care of your customers should be at the top of your priorities especially if you want to make
Taking care of your customers should be at the top of your priorities especially if you want to make it big someday. However, many companies fail to recognize this reality because they are too busy focusing on efforts to market and promote their products and ser
Hiring an English call center company should be your first step before going global – here’s why
The ultimate goal for every business organization is to reach the global market and compete among the world's best companies. In order to do that, they have to be ready for what's ahead and make the right decisions moving forward. Business owners like you who