Almost every business understands this principle: having a strong brand influence on social media is extremely important for your brand development, sometimes even more important than building an official website.

A company’s in-house customer service team or outsourced call center should be referred to as a contact center, as there are many channels of communication between the end customer and the company. Social media has become an increasingly important channel for marketing, sales, and customer service. Globally, we can monitor and operate clients’ social accounts like Twitter and Facebook on their behalf, which is the most effective way to communicate and interact with consumers. In the Chinese market, the most important social media network is WeChat. Callnovo’s Chinese contact center will guide you on how to set up an account and help you monitor and manage daily social media activities.

Today, Facebook, known as a social media giant, has more than 800 million active users, with nearly 500 million people actively using Facebook every day. To date, there are over 30 million active business pages on Facebook, using the social media platform to reach new customers and further attract old customers by sharing content and posting product promotion information.

For business owners, how to turn social media, often used for leisure, into a profitable channel for the company is a major challenge. The time and effort spent on managing social media accounts is also a significant concern for many merchants, and this is where Callnovo’s social media management service shines.

Our experience in social media management is very rich, and we can effectively help you with social media management and convert potential customers into your loyal fans. The social media management channels we provide for businesses include Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Linkedin, WeChat, Weibo, etc. We will use a wealth of social media marketing strategies to help you expand your business, enlarge your brand influence, and achieve your business goals. This includes managing the daily content of the brand, mediating issues, monitoring fan trends for fan interaction, placing advertisements for you on social networks, and other tasks.

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Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Driving More Traffic to Boost Product Sales

Through outsourcing customer service contact centers for global customer service outbound services, proactive outreach to customers from within the company is often made, which is an important part of the customer contact center service process. The services provided include: order information confirmation, logistics inquiry, customer satisfaction survey, order follow-up, repair appointment, product recall, returns and exchanges handling, all of which are handled by outbound customer service representatives.

Optimizing Social Media SEO Content

You never have to worry about the release of social media operational updates, as we will help you write novel and unique brand marketing content. We professionally manage your company’s social media channels, helping you attract brand fans, increase brand interaction participation, click-through rates, and potential customer conversion.

Gaining the Trust and Support of Potential Customers

Callnovo has advanced social media promotion tools and operational strategies that effectively enhance your brand image and gain the trust and support of potential customers. This can comprehensively improve your brand awareness, potential customer conversion rate, increase brand official website traffic, and product sales. If you entrust social media marketing management to a professional team, you can have more time and energy to focus on other important business areas, such as business expansion, enhancing brand reputation, attracting loyal consumers, etc. Whether you are in real estate, cross-border e-commerce, information technology, social organizations, manufacturing, or the FMCG industry, our social media management service will certainly lead your enterprise to success. Callnovo’s social media management service will transform your social media image and optimize your social media channels to meet your marketing goals.

Why Choose CallnovoCallnovo is your reliable recruitment partner. We deeply understand your business and unique recruitment needs, and are always committed to providing you with excellent candidates.

Save Time
Screening and evaluating resumes, arranging interviews and tests, and following up with candidates are tedious tasks that often consume a lot of time and energy. As your trusted recruitment partner, Callnovo handles every step of the recruitment process for you, allowing your management to focus more on your core business. Our professional team and efficient tools ensure a swift and efficient recruitment process, saving you time, reducing costs, and ultimately securing top talent.
Reduce Costs
A high employee turnover rate increases a company’s human and financial expenditures. Callnovo’s professional HR team has extensive experience and can identify potential problems in the recruitment process, take appropriate measures, and thus reduce the risk of improper recruitment. Through our extensive talent pool and recruitment channels, we can help clients save recruitment costs while finding matching talent. We are committed to providing you with efficient and precise recruitment solutions, creating greater value for your business.
Wide Industry Coverage
Callnovo’s talent pool covers multiple industries, including customer service, technical support, telemarketing, social media management, content review, virtual assistance, translation, remote monitoring, website design, search engine optimization, data entry, and more. In addition, we have professional talent from various industries, such as lawyers, accountants, engineers, medical personnel, childcare experts, etc. Wide industry coverage means we can provide high-quality recruitment services for enterprises of various sizes and types. No matter what type of talent you need, we can provide you with customized recruitment services to help you stand out in a competitive market.
Callnovo boasts a professional HR team that will analyze your recruitment needs and tailor recruitment plans according to market conditions in different countries, ensuring you achieve satisfying recruitment results. Our recruitment consultants will screen candidates that meet your needs and provide comprehensive recruitment support, ensuring your recruitment plan is smoothly executed. Our goal is to help you find the most suitable talent in the shortest time, providing strong support for your business development. No matter what type of talent you need, we can provide you with professional recruitment services, creating greater value for your business.

Our Service ProcessFrom customer service recruitment and onboarding to daily operation of live projects, Callnovo’s one-stop service makes customer service outsourcing easy and effortless!

The Advantage of Outsourcing Your Customer Service Team to CallnovoWe have a large number of experienced customer service talent, top-notch technical support talent, and a proven track record of over 18 years of serveice experience across various industries. We can provide you with first-class global customer service outsourcing solutions, allowing your brand to quickly and stably win the favor of consumers.

One-Stop Turnkey Customer Service Outsourcing Solution
Choose from 65+ global customer service languages.
Experienced multilingual customer success managers manage the entire process.
Expand your global customer service team as needed based on your business situation.
Save your energy in managing and operating customer service.
24/7 Round-the-Clock Online Service
Flexible working hours to meet your ever-changing business needs.
Uninterrupted online service during holidays – customer success managers help you monitor the operation of the customer service team in real-time.
Uninterrupted technical support from Callnovo’s IT team in the background.
Advanced technical support
Latest and advanced global cloud communication voice technology.
Support for AWS-hosted CRM customer relationship management system.
Quick activation of ITFN 800 brand service hotlines and application for global local city numbers.
Cost-Competitive Service Plan
Design customized project deployment strategies for each individual customer.
Rich operational experience with small and medium-sized enterprises, supporting a minimum of 1 customer service operation plan.
No onboarding fees, clear and transparent billing terms, support for short-term operational plans.
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