Why outsource medical customer service to Callnovo HIPAA Compliant Call Center?

10+ years of experience in various scenarios of medical customer service, ensuring high service quality.
Compliance with HIPAA information confidentiality and security certification.
Effective support from CallnovoDesk, a full-channel customer service technology platform.
Significantly saves operational costs for medical institutions.
Patients feel more secure and happy; medical institutions feel more at ease.

Safe and reliable medical customer service outsourcing solution

24/7/365 – Empowering hospital and clinic customer service processes; never missing any message or missing any calls
Multilingual medical customer service talent – English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, Thai, and other 65+ languages
Full-channel SaaS service platform – Phone, Email, Live Web Chat, SMS, social media, etc., maximizing the convenience of communication between medical institutions and related parties
Cost-efficiency – Maximizing native language; optimizing cost
Information confidentiality – Compliance with HIPAA medical information confidentiality and security regulations certification.
HIPAA Compliant Call Center

Common medical customer service scenario outsourcing services for various types of medical institutions worldwide

Patient Appointment Scheduling
Through inbound or outbound calls, or SMS/Email for appointments, explaining medical service content, communicating with patients to determine the most suitable clinical schedule, and communicating related precautions.
Patient Appointment Reminder
Notify patients in advance not to miss the appointment date, and again remind them again of relevant medical testing diagnosis or treatment precautions. When necessary, send SMS or Email for the convenience of patients. Cancel or change appointment times.
Medical Equipment After-sales Support
Customer service support for medical equipment and first-line technical support for medical products or services; users get a better experience of medical products or services. Product troubleshooting; use of online medical service platforms.
Telephone Answering and Process Coordination
Answer all kinds of calls, coordinate the related processes of medical services, make the communication between hospitals; clinics and patients receive smoother, more efficient, accurate and warm care. Patients feel the meticulous and warm care of medical services.
Medical Office Back-end
Medical worker personnel services, including resume management of medical job seekers, background verification, etc. Dynamic scheduling management of medical staff through telephone/Email/SMS.
Medical Translation and Interpretation
Remote telephone or video for the translation or interpretation of information between medical workers and patients.
Can’t find the service scenario your medical institution is planning to outsource? Please inquire via Callnovo’s business team.

From Medical Information Security to HIPAA Compliance

What medical information needs to be protected in an outsourced medical customer service center?

HIPAA protects an individual’s health information. This is known as “Protected Health Information” or “PHI”. If someone comes into contact with certain information about a patient, even without the patient’s name, they may be able to infer who it is; this information is PHI. This PHI can relate to an individual’s past, present, or future physical or mental health condition. PHI describes a disease, diagnosis, procedure, prognosis, or personal situation, and it can exist in any medium – documents, voicemail, emails, faxes, or oral communication, etc.

If the information includes the following details about the patient, the patient’s family members, or the patient’s workplace, then the information defined by HIPAA as “Protected Health Information (PHI)”:
• Patient’s name
• Dates related to the patient, i.e., date of birth, medical treatment, admission and discharge dates, and date of death
• Phone numbers, addresses (including city, county, or zip code), fax numbers, and other contact information
• Social security number
• Medical record number
• Photos
• Finger and voice prints
• Any other unique identifying numbers

There are many hospitals, clinics, and medical care institutions of all sizes around the world. When these institutions choose to outsource their service processes to a customer service call center, it is crucial to select a global customer service outsourcing provider that complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and holds a HIPAA certificate. Callnovo has obtained and maintains HIPAA certification.

Why choose Callnovo?Making every service a pleasant brand experience for customers.

Easily Overcome Language Barriers with 65+ Global Languages
Whether your business market is in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, etc., we can quickly match you with native-level customer service staff to achieve barrier-free communication and service.
1-to-1 Account Managers Assist in Project Management Throughout
Our professional management team provides customers with comprehensive, thoughtful, and efficient detailed management, regularly tracking service quality and conducting reviews to ensure the successful operation of the project.
Full-Channel Service Support
We support multiple service channels such as phone, email, online chat, and social media, effectively solving customer problems, improving customer satisfaction, reducing customer churn rate, and increasing market share.
16+ Overseas Operations Centers
Zero Time Difference, Efficient Service
Our 16+ overseas operations centers are distributed across different time zones globally, providing 24-hour non-time-difference services, offering customers an efficient and convenient service experience.
Self-Developed CRM Customer Relationship Management System
Our professional management team provides customers with comprehensive, thoughtful, and efficient detailed management, regularly tracking service quality and conducting reviews to ensure the successful operation of the project.
Flexible Scheduling Management for Peak and Off-Peak Seasons
According to different seasons or the business volume of peak and off-peak seasons, we flexibly adjust the scheduling, effectively use human resources, reduce costs, respond better to market changes, and provide support for the development of the enterprise.

The Choice of Many Brands for Medical Customer Service Outsourcing

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