Effortless Remote Management SolutionGain seamless control over your global workforce, regardless of their geographical location.

Automatic attendance – Easily monitor your team’s work status, including online presence, breaks, training sessions, and meetings, with automated attendance tracking.
Screen Monitoring – Capture real-time screenshots of your employees’ computer screens at scheduled intervals, ensuring transparency and accountability.
Comprehensive Reports – Access detailed reports on employee work hours, productivity levels, software usage, and websites visited, empowering informed decision-making.

Boosting Workforce AttendanceAchieve a 15% increase in attendance rates and enhance working hour alignment by 28%.

Grant employees control over the monitoring software, allowing them to activate or deactivate it as needed.
Identify prolonged periods of inactivity by monitoring keyboard and mouse responses, automatically marking them as absences.
Send timely reminders for meal breaks, overtime, and other important tasks to ensure adherence to schedules.
Automatically detect instances of employees leaving their workstations or attempting to manipulate attendance records for improved accountability.

Elevating Workforce EngagementElevate employee activity levels by 18%, fostering proactive engagement and continuous learning during idle periods.

Initiate automatic pop-up prompts when mouse and keyboard activity indicates a lull, encouraging employees to remain productive.
Track and analyze the duration and distribution of employee activity across different software applications and links automatically.
Automatically notify both employees and managers when activity levels drop below predefined thresholds, facilitating timely intervention and support.

Amplifying Work EfficiencyEnhance employee productivity by 22%, streamlining operations with integrated CallnovoDesk cloud customer service platform.

Integrated with the CallnovoDesk cloud customer service platform for greater automation and intelligence.
Automatic screenshots at key moments (incoming calls, missed calls, hang-ups) to supervise work.
Instantly notify managers and employees of identified sensitive words or negative sentiments, enabling timely intervention and resolution.

Mitigating Negative Work IncidentsAchieved a remarkable 220% decrease in work accidents.

Monitor keystrokes during work hours and employ AI analysis to identify sensitive words or phrases (e.g., taboo language, expressions of dissatisfaction, negative emotions).
Instantly notify managers and employees of identified sensitive words or negative sentiments, enabling timely intervention and resolution.

Improving Work Quality through AI SupervisionAchieved a 25% increase in work quality and conscientiousness.

AI conducts random daily assessments of work screenshots to evaluate work quality.
Identifies instances of subpar employee performance and promptly alerts the employee.

Core Features

Group Management

Web & Software Analytics

Screen Capture Monitoring

Keyboard Tracking & AI Supervision

Activity Insights

Network Speed Testing

GDPR compliance

Custom Settings

Reporting & Alerts

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices does the screenshot and attendance software support?

Currently, it supports Windows devices and will soon support Mac devices. Please inquire with our business team for more details.

Does the screenshot and attendance software capture non-working hours computer information?

No. The software only begins recording relevant information when the employee has activated it. Once they log out, the software will not capture any further information.

Do employees need a VPN to use this software?

No. After downloading and installing, you only need to log in to your account to use it normally.

Does the screenshot and attendance software comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)?

Yes, it complies with the GDPR.

How often does the screenshot software capture the screen?

The default setting is every 5 minutes, but this can be adjusted flexibly according to your needs.

Does the screenshot software support daylight saving time in North America and the time zone differences between the East and West?

Yes, it accurately handles attendance and reports across all global time zones.

Can the screenshot software work without the internet?

Don’t worry about temporary network disconnections. The screenshot function will continue to work and will automatically upload once the network is restored.

How does the screenshot and attendance software interact with CallnovoDesk?

If the user is working with the CallnovoDesk cloud customer service system, the user’s status (online, eating, meeting, training, etc.) will be synchronized. Additionally, when there are new incoming calls, missed calls, new chats, and other key timing points in CallnovoDesk, the system will trigger the screenshot software to take additional screenshots

Can the screenshot and attendance software be purchased and used independently? What is the price?

Yes, they can be purchased and used independently. The pricing is as follows and is paid monthly. You can cancel at any time with 30 days’ notice.

How are charges handled when using the screenshot and attendance software and CallnovoDesk simultaneously?

All CallnovoDesk users can use the screenshot and attendance software for free.

PriceIf you require more than 100 accounts, please contact our business team.

Unified pricing for global users

US$5.00/user/month or US$50.00/user/month

Pay monthly, no long-term contract, cancel at any time with a 30 days’ notice.

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