Outsourcing of Human Resource Services for Go-global Online Education Global Education at Your Fingertips – Callnovo’s Outsourcing of Human Resource Services for Go-global Online Education

With Callnovo as the engine, we drive the global competitiveness of the education industry and chart new courses for your go-global online education business going global.
Our service is a bridge to global online education, making it easy for you to reach the world and create endless possibilities for your educational venture abroad. With our outsourcing of human resource services, it will be easier for you to find high-quality foreign language teaching resources, explore international markets, and establish connections with learners worldwide. Let’s work together to promote the global development of the education industry and bring a better online education experience to learners everywhere.

Our ServicesCallnovo provides you with precise and comprehensive global education expansion services. Whether it’s human resources, language translation, or multilingual marketing talents, we can tailor solutions for you and create your own globalization strategy for education.

Foreign Language Student Consultation Support
Taking on student consultation work, answering their questions about course content, learning progress, registration process, etc. For example, when students have doubts about the specific requirements and arrangements of a course, customer service staff can provide detailed answers and offer relevant guidance and suggestions.
Technical Support
Providing support to solve technical problems on online learning platforms, such as login issues, video playback, etc.
Foreign Language Learning Advisors
Providing suitable course and learning suggestions, understanding the needs and goals of students.
Educational Consultants
Responsible for communicating with students or parents, understanding their needs and goals, and providing suitable course and learning suggestions.
Course Promotion and Sales
Outsourced call centers can also participate in the promotion and sales of online courses. They can communicate with potential students via phone, email, or online chat, introduce the advantages and features of the course, answer their questions, and guide them through the registration and payment process. This can increase student engagement and course sales.
Content Creators
Responsible for creating and producing online teaching content, such as teaching videos, courseware, teaching materials, etc., to provide a variety of learning resources.
Student Satisfaction Surveys
Outsourced call centers can conduct student satisfaction surveys to understand students’ evaluations of courses and services, collect their feedback and suggestions. Through survey results, educational institutions can improve course design, teaching quality, and student support services, enhancing student satisfaction and learning experience.
Online Foreign Language Teaching
Teaching foreign language knowledge and skills, interacting with students in a foreign language, and providing guidance and feedback.
Multilingual Translation and Interpretation Services
Providing multilingual translation and interpretation services to help overcome language barriers.
Learning Data Analysis
Responsible for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting student learning data, providing data-driven educational decisions and improvement suggestions.
Foreign Language Education Brand Promotion
Responsible for online education brand promotion and marketing activities, formulating marketing strategies to attract more students and users.

Why Choose CallnovoOur Strength, Your Competitive Edge.

Our global vision, excellent multilingual service team, and comprehensive and robust resource network will become your powerful booster on the global education expansion journey.
Native-level Foreign Language Resources
Callnovo boasts world-class foreign language teacher resources, providing native-level foreign language support that can meet multilingual education needs, and ensure the provision of high-quality, professional teaching support.
Fast Recruitment
Callnovo can quickly recruit and deploy suitable talent to meet the rapid demand response for education service outsourcing from customers.
Low Cost
By choosing Callnovo’s services, customers can achieve cost-effectiveness. Callnovo offers competitive pricing, saving operational costs for customers and realizing higher returns on investment.
Comprehensive KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Management Process
Callnovo has a comprehensive KPI management process in place to track and evaluate service quality and performance.

What makes us unique

What makes us unique is our foreign language talent resource services. Our global talent network and strong resource integration capabilities enable us to provide you with tailor-made global education overseas solutions.

Cooperation Process


Consultation and demand communication
Please get in touch with us via our contact information and our expert team will communicate with you as soon as possible.


Plan formulation
Based on your needs, we will develop a detailed overseas education service plan for you, including human resources, translation services, talent training and other aspects.


Plan confirmation
We will discuss and refine the plan with you to ensure it meets your expectations. After the plan is confirmed, we will sign the contract and start the service.


service execution
Our team will provide you with services according to the content of the plan. During the service process, we will regularly report the progress to you and adjust and optimize the service content in a timely manner.


Service launch and ongoing maintenance
After the service is launched, we will provide a detailed service report and evaluate the service effect. We provide ongoing post-maintenance services to ensure the continued stable operation of your global education projects.

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