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Addressing Challenges of Global Customer Service Across Industries

Unlocking Cost-Efficiency
Global businesses often grapple with the daunting costs of maintaining after-sales customer support teams. From round-the-clock service requirements to the setup of intricate systems and country-specific hotlines, expenses can quickly escalate, especially for cross-border operations. This financial strain poses a significant challenge for businesses striving to deliver exceptional customer service while managing costs effectively.
Bridging the Gap in Multilingual TalentNavigating the shortage of proficient foreign language talents is a pressing concern for businesses operating in the realm of international customer service. Effective cross-border customer support demands individuals with not only advanced language proficiency but also a nuanced grasp of cultural nuances and social customs specific to the target audience. However, sourcing such skilled professionals remains a challenge in today’s competitive landscape.
Establishing Uniform Service StandardsAchieving uniform service standards across diverse channels poses a formidable challenge for businesses engaged in cross-border customer support. From round-the-clock phone assistance to proficient handling of emails, online chats, and social media interactions, maintaining consistency in service delivery requires personnel equipped with fluent language skills, adept response strategies, and impeccable etiquette. However, for businesses prioritizing product development and sales, assembling such a high-caliber customer service team presents a formidable obstacle.
Ensuring Stability in Service DeliveryEnsuring stability in service delivery amid challenges such as time differences and national conditions remains a paramount concern for businesses managing cross-border customer support. The need for round-the-clock availability often strains the work-life balance of customer service personnel, leading to high turnover rates and service disruptions. Additionally, the risk of skilled personnel being poached by competitors further compounds the instability in service provision.

Empowering Your Global Reach with Seamless Customer Service SolutionsElevating your global presence through seamless multilingual communication solutions, we pledge to deliver comprehensive and unified customer service experiences worldwide.

Empowering Your Global Reach with Customer Service Expertise

Harnessing our expertise in multilingual talent recruitment and management, Callnovo operates across 20+ countries, offering services in over 65 languages tailored to diverse industries. Whether you’re in cross-border e-commerce, healthcare, consumer electronics, or gaming, we provide exceptional service with a wealth of industry-specific resources.

Seamless Global Communication at Your Fingertips

Experience seamless global communication with our comprehensive suite of services. Benefit from one-stop application and hosting for global 800 and city numbers, along with customizable IVR voice navigation, AI-driven efficiency enhancements, and detailed call records for quality assurance. Our voicemail function ensures no customer inquiry goes unanswered, highlighting our commitment to unparalleled global communication services.

Driving Efficiency with Advanced CRM Solutions

Experience enhanced efficiency with HeroDash, our advanced CRM solution designed to streamline operations and elevate customer engagement. Seamlessly integrating with diverse tools and platforms, including social media, email, phone, and live chat, it offers unified management and response capabilities. Whether you’re a startup or a large enterprise, rely on HeroDash for robust support tailored to your needs.

Trusted by 1000+ small, medium, and large enterprises around the world

Service Industries

Automotive Industry
Welcome calls for product consultation services and answers to common questions.
Education Industry
Management of student situations, course reminders, quiz result inquiries and feedback.
Flight inquiries, bookings, cancellations, and proper handling of passenger complaints.
Order tracking, logistics inquiries, returns and exchanges, refund processing.
Energy Industry
Product consultation, technical support services, online troubleshooting.
Fashion Industry
Order tracking, logistics inquiries, returns and exchanges, refund processing.
Financial Sector
Customer satisfaction surveys, fund collection, account recharge.
Catering Industry
Order tracking, order additions, COD confirmation, restaurant reservation reception.
Government Agencies
Agency consultation services, service appointments, status assessments.
Hotel room reservations, customer complaint handling, customer satisfaction surveys.
Insurance business introduction, accident records, insurance claims applications.
Information Technology Industry
Customer market surveys, potential customer mining, meeting appointments and invitations.
Luxury Goods Industry
Product maintenance information consultation, product maintenance and cleaning guidance.
and Express
Logistics and Express Delivery
Logistics tracking and inquiry services
Real Estate
Real Estate
Searching and updating MLS, entering contracts, preparing CMA.
Gaming Industry
Account refunds, resolving visiting players’ game issues, collecting reports on game bugs, maintaining game order.

Unlock Your Success with Callnovo

Swift and Responsive Solutions

Experience the agility of Callnovo’s service. Our adept multilingual team swiftly comprehends and addresses customer needs with proficiency and precision. Leveraging advanced technology and management systems, we deliver seamless service around the clock, ensuring prompt resolution of issues anytime, anywhere. Continuously refining our approach, we prioritize your satisfaction and elevate service efficiency through ongoing feedback and enhancements.

Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Costs

Partnering with Callnovo means shedding the burdensome costs associated with establishing a call center. Say goodbye to hefty equipment investments, HR overheads, and operational expenses. With our proficient team and cutting-edge talent management technology, we guarantee efficient, top-tier service that saves you from unnecessary expenditures. Plus, our adaptable service plans cater to your evolving needs, ensuring optimal cost efficiency. Opt for Callnovo to unlock premium service without breaking the bank.

Industry-Leading Expertise

Stand tall with Callnovo, a distinguished player among 2300 global BPO companies, ranked 134th worldwide. Recognized for excellence, we’ve been honored at Markham’s 32nd Annual Business Excellence Awards, a testament to our commitment to superior service. Backed by a management team certified in COPC customer experience standards, we adhere to strict regulatory compliance, including HIPAA and GDPR. Entrust your brand to Callnovo and soar to new heights of success.

Personalized Solutions

Your business is unique, and so are our solutions. With an in-depth understanding of your requirements, our dedicated team crafts bespoke service offerings perfectly aligned with your objectives. We’re not just focused on the present; we envision your future growth, ensuring our services scale seamlessly with your business. Whether it’s business consulting, technical support, sales, or customer relationship management, count on us for tailored solutions that drive efficiency and deliver superior outcomes.

Cutting-Edge Innovation

At Callnovo, we’re at the forefront of technological advancement in global customer service outsourcing. From AI-powered voice customer service to data-driven insights and remote management tools, our innovative solutions redefine efficiency and effectiveness. Experience intelligent and seamless customer service solutions tailored to your needs, backed by our commitment to technological excellence.

Round-the-Clock Support, Worldwide Reach

With multilingual operations centers spanning 20+ countries, Callnovo offers uninterrupted online customer service year-round. Say goodbye to timezone constraints as we ensure seamless support, enhancing the customer experience in your target overseas markets. Opt for Callnovo to unlock global business operations without borders, coupled with unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Your Personal Guide to Success

From initial negotiations to technical integration and ongoing operations management, our dedicated team is with you every step of the way. Experience seamless, efficient, and personalized service tailored to your needs, ensuring hassle-free brand operations and guiding you towards the path to success.

Unlock a World of Services

Experience the breadth of services offered by Callnovo, your one-stop destination for global customer experience management. From customer service and technical support to outbound/inbound sales, video customer service, remote assistance, and beyond, we cater to diverse needs. Whether it’s online education assistance, game customer service, social media management, or order review, count on us for comprehensive solutions tailored to your requirements.

Client Testimonials

“Our business in the Asian market requires a multilingual technical support customer service team to provide our customers with operation guidance, remote troubleshooting, and other services. For us, headquartered in the United States, it is not easy to find an Asian multilingual customer service team with certain technical support service experience. Callnovo has several local customer service centers in the Asian market, easily helping us form a multilingual technical support customer service team including Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and English. From this point of view, Callnovo is really amazing.”

California Software Company

Senior Director

“The global customer service from the Callnovo’s team has a strong learning ability every year and can quickly grasp the service points required for work. In addition, their service response speed is also very fast. Passengers who come in through our brand’s 800 service hotline can get diversified services including ticket booking, rescheduling, ticket refund, service complaints, etc. at the first time. Currently, we plan to hand over the online chat customer system channel to the Callnovo’s team to build.”

Famous European Airline Company

CEO, China Division

“Callnovo’s team is always doing their best to help us. We work hard together, learn from each other, and overcome all difficulties. Callnovo arranges customer service to work in different shifts, including night shifts, to provide 7*24-hour chat services. Our hotline service, went from “zero” to “perfect”, thanks to Callnovo.”

CSE Swimwear Company

CSE Swimwear Company

“Callnovo provided us with an excellent customer service solution. Their team is very professional and efficient, quickly completing the service plan formulation, personnel formation, and other service processes in less than two weeks. The service has now officially launched. Choosing Callnovo’s customer service outsourcing service is undoubtedly the right choice, and we plan to recommend them to our partners.”

IPTV Company

Operations Director

“I find the customer service representatives of the Callnovo’s team patient, enthusiastic, and polite to customers, and the entire team operates efficiently and is very dynamic. With Callnovo’s help, our e-commerce platform has successfully set up brand service channels that support phone, email, online chat, and social media. Compared to many companies that set up customer service teams in the United States, Callnovo’s service plan is a very competitive choice.”

California Clothing Company


“After officially signing a contract with Callnovo, they quickly formed a customer service team consisting of 20 customer service representatives and 2 team leaders according to our needs. Compared to our current self-built customer service team, the current outsourcing solution has a significant cost advantage. It is a very correct choice to outsource to Callnovo.”

New York IPTV Company

Operations Director

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