Empower Your Global Customer Engagement with CallnovoDesk

Your complete solution for international voice, messaging, social media, and powerful AI.
Consolidate multichannel ticketing for seamless customer interactions.
Single-service package

Screen/Attendance Monitoring

Per user/month
(2 users to start,billed monthly)
  • Screen/Attendance Monitoring
  • Team and Project Allocation
  • Website and Software Analytics
  • Keystroke Monitoring
  • Employee Engagement Summary
  • Internet Speed Test
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Custom Configurations
  • Reports and Notifications
  • Work Hours and Status Analytics
  • Remote Notifications and Alerts Deployment
  • Program and Website Blacklist Protocols
  • Support for Global 24-Hour Time Zones
  • Scheduling and Attendance Tracking

Suite Growth

 Per user/month
(2 users to start,billed monthly)
Everything in Screen/Attendance Monitoring and …
  • International Toll-Free Number Application Service
  • Toll-Free Number Hosting
  • Multilingual IVR Navigation
  • Customizable Call Flows
  • Inbound and Outbound Calling
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Queuing
  • One-Click Dial-Out
  • Call Recording and Call Logs
  • 20 Free AI Quality Checks per Month
  • Voicemail
  • KPI Performance Dashboard
  • Automatic Ticket Creation and Association
  • Automated Ticket Task Dispatch and Collaboration Module
  • Customizable Fields
  • Time Clock and Attendance
  • Ticket Record Keeping and Data Analysis Management
  • Data Import and Export
  • 24x7h Online Technical Support
  • Multilingual Content and Support
  • Contact Information Management and Consolidation
  • Call Reception and Ringing Records
  • Accountability Determination for Lost Calls

Suite Professional

Per user/month
(2 users to start,billed monthly)
Everything in Suite Growth and …
  • Multi-Channel Support (Phone, Online Chat, Email, Social Media, SMS, etc.)
  • Automatic Tagging for Missed Calls and Callbacks
  • Voice Prompts for Off-Hours and Holidays
  • Global Two-Way SMS
  • Automated SMS Responses
  • AI Voice Customer Service
  • 50 Free AI Quality Checks per Month
  • AI-Powered Semantic Recognition and Categorization for Incoming Calls
  • Customizable Email and Online Chat Script Templates
  • Email Handling Timeout Alerts
  • Online Chat Plugins
  • CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) Telephone Surveys
  • Multi-Level IVR Custom Configuration
  • Free Multilingual Professional Voiceovers for IVR Phone Navigation
  • Ticket Task Dispatch and Collaboration Module
  • Integration with Amazon Seller Central
  • Integration with Shopify
  • Integration with YiCang
  • One-on-One Customer Support and Troubleshooting

Suite Enterprise

Contact us for a complete solution that comprehensively addresses your organizational challenges.
  • Customizable Call Flows
  • Customization for Multi-Channel Requirements
  • Full-Channel Customization
  • Customization of Integration and Plugin Development Language Content
  • Customizable AI Voice Customer Service
  • Customizable Customer Satisfaction Survey Processes
  • Development of Other Custom Features
  • Customization for Security
  • Customization of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Models
  • Provision of Dedicated Technical Support Teams
  • Exclusive Server Deployment
  • Integration with Proprietary Corporate Systems and Software
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Expanding Globally with Enhanced Customer Service, Succeeding with a Comprehensive Channel Approach

Understanding diverse communication cultures and channel preferences is crucial. CallnovoDesk offers a comprehensive solution by integrating global 800 or local telephone numbers, SMS, emails, website online communication, and overseas social media on a single platform. This consolidation eliminates fragmented customer communication, enhances customer relationship management, boosts service efficiency, and ultimately delivers a superior global brand experience.

Streamline Operations with One Unified Platform

Experience heightened customer service efficiency and elevate your brand’s reputation. Say goodbye to juggling multiple browsers and tools; our unified platform simplifies workflow. With a remarkable 55% increase in first-contact issue resolution, we ensure heightened customer satisfaction and a brand experience that sets you apart from the competition!

Empowering Global Teams, Enhancing Experiences

We prioritize the user experience for customer service operations managers, representatives, and clients alike. By distilling operational insights from our global service operations, we optimize features to maximize practicality for all involved parties.

Moreover, leveraging AI, we empower these stakeholders, ensuring a seamless and delightful journey at every touchpoint.

Elevating Customer Service with AI SupervisionEmpowering Every Representative to Shine

Our AI supervises customer service calls in real-time, evaluating professionalism, politeness, empathy, efficiency, and patience. This ensures a consistently high level of service quality.
By verifying the consistency between CRM records and actual communications, our AI upholds your brand’s commitment to excellence.
Furthermore, analyzing screenshots of work screens, AI provides timely guidance, empowering representatives to excel.

Seamless Global CommunicationEmpowering Your Call Center Operations

Effortlessly apply and manage 800 numbers and city numbers across 120+ countries worldwide.
Our platform offers complete features for inbound and outbound calls, including voice navigation, call recording, call queuing, working hours management, and call forwarding.
With multilingual voice-to-text, AI quality inspection, and intelligent summaries, language barriers are eliminated, ensuring managers understand the content of customer service calls in various foreign languages.

Efficient AI Chat Bot and Live Collaboration

Our natural language AI efficiently handles online communication, addressing 80% of customer complaints to elevate customer experiences. It effortlessly establishes and updates an FAQ database for continuous improvement.
For the remaining 20% of complex customer complaints, our live customer service representatives step in to provide personalized support.
We conduct CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) evaluations to ensure ongoing service excellence.

Streamlined Management Insights and KPI MonitoringEmpowering Managers with Data

Access international standard report templates and seamlessly integrated data across regions for comprehensive insights.
Monitor AI quality inspection scores, manual quality inspection scores, customer satisfaction, SLA compliance, unjustified missed calls, attendance, utilization, activity, and other essential KPIs with our extensive management reports and real-time alerts.

Ensuring Data Privacy and Security Compliance

We strictly adhere to GDPR and HIPAA regulations for information privacy and security.
Utilizing robust security encryption and access control measures during data transmission and storage, we prioritize data security and safeguard consumer privacy.

Core Modules of the CallnovoDesk Customer Service Platform

Activation and
Hosting of 800 Numbers 
Phone Call
Online Communication
Social Media 
Insightful Reports
Manual Quality
AI Quality Control
Permission Management
Telecom Fee Management
AI Customer Service
Attendance Management
Work Schedule Reminder
Shift Management
Global Ecosystem Integration
Attendance and Working Hours
Screen Capture Monitoring
Knowledge Base
Skill Assessment
Global Holiday Management
Internet Speed Monitoring
Rewards, Penalties, and Honors

Why Choose CallnovoDesk Cloud Customer Service Platform

One-Stop Solution

Comprehensive tools and functionalities for all customer service needs, eliminating the hassle of using multiple software tools.

Easy and Effortless Setup

Ready to use within 12 hours, facilitating quick deployment and management in a single browser.

High-Cost Performance Ratio

Integrates call center, CRM, attendance, and training software, saving up to 70% in software costs.

Seamless Support

Round-the-clock IT support team available for communication and assistance at all times.

Multilingual Interface

Supports major languages like Chinese, English, and Spanish for global markets.

Time Zone Compatibility

Handles global time differences for effective collaboration and reporting integration.

Omni-Channel Contact

Fully integrated voice calls, emails, SMS, and social media for flexible communication options.

AI Integration

Large language models for quality control, supervision, management, and AI-driven customer service.

Data Security Compliance

Complies with GDPR and HIPAA regulations, ensuring the security and privacy of enterprise and consumer data.

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices does CallnovoDesk support?

CallnovoDesk currently supports Windows and Mac devices. Users can access it simply by opening the Chrome browser.

Does CallnovoDesk use the public cloud?

Yes, CallnovoDesk utilizes Amazon AWS and Alibaba Cloud.

What kind of companies is CallnovoDesk most suitable for?

CallnovoDesk is tailored for cross-border enterprises aiming to streamline their global customer service operations. It is especially beneficial for businesses with a global sales focus, providing core service and management tools within a single software solution.

Do I need to download and install it?

No, CallnovoDesk runs directly within the Chrome browser, eliminating the need for downloads or installations. However, additional small software may be installed for features like automatic attendance and screenshot management if required.

What is the pricing of CallnovoDesk?

CallnovoDesk offers two pricing options: US$40.00 per user per month and US$60.00 per user per month.

How do the screenshot and attendance software interact with CallnovoDesk?

When using CallnovoDesk, user status (e.g., online, dining, meeting) synchronizes with the system. Additionally, key events such as new calls or chats trigger screenshots for further documentation.

Can CallnovoDesk be purchased and used independently? What is the price?

Yes, CallnovoDesk can be purchased and used independently. The pricing structure is as follows: monthly payment with the option to cancel at any time with 30 days’ notice.

If I use CallnovoDesk with the screenshot and attendance software simultaneously, how will I be charged?

All CallnovoDesk users have access to the screenshot and attendance software at no additional cost.

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