Top roles of a real estate virtual assistant and why you need one
For many real estate agents, being successful in a highly competitive industry is a long and bumpy ride. In fact, those who are already at the top know exactly how they have sacrificed a great deal of their time and resources to become what they are now today.
The most productive and efficient businesses have one thing in common: excellent inbound customer service – Here’s Why
Outsourcing to an inbound contact center to manage your company's customer services can greatly increase your chances of raking in more profits. However, many organizations have failed to recognize the growing importance of this approach – at least not until it'
Outsourcing is your business’ best chance to conquer the Korean market
South Korea has been an Asian economic superpower for many decades and it's not surprising that thousands of investors from all over the world have found refuge in the country's stable economy and interesting market. While some of the growing foreign busines
How multilingual tech support can break language barriers and deliver exceptional customer satisfaction
According to a 2011 European Commission study, 42% of consumers admitted that they would never buy products and avail services in other languages. This fact highlights the indisputable importance of language and how it can either make or break your company's cha
How Important is it for a Call Center Service Vendor to Have a Workforce Management Software?
24x7 call centerinbound call centerinbound contact center
For an inbound call center to remain profitable, it must maintain a high level of operational efficiency. This is particularly important when it comes to 24x7 call center operations. Workforce management solutions enable contact centers to manage their human res
Is It Essential for a Call Center Service Provider to Have Local Service Experience in the Country the Business is covering?
bilingual call centermultilingual contact centermultilingual customer service solution
Outsourcing your customer service, technical support or telemarketing to a call center can be beneficial in a number of ways, particularly in terms of cost savings. But should you take the chance of hiring just any overseas bilingual call center, or would it be
Does a Call Center Need CRM and CTI Capability and Customization?
Callnovocontact center solutions
For a call center to run at optimal performance, it must employ all of the tools and technologies available. Two of the most important technologies include CRM (customer relationship management) and CTI (computer telephony integration). Let’s take a look at some
How a Vietnamese Call Center Can Improve Customer Relations
Vietnamese Call Center
Worldwide, there are more than 4 million Vietnamese speakers found across the globe, most notably in East and Southeast Asia, North America, Australia and Western Europe. In fact, Vietnamese happens to be the 6th most spoken language in the US and 3rd most spoke
Business Benefits of Using an Indonesian Call Center
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Indonesia is the world’s 4th most populous country (260 million), after China, India and the US, with the 6th largest emerging market and the largest economy in Southeast Asia (coming in at a whopping US $1 trillion.) From a business perspective, Indonesia prese
Attention: e-Commerce Business Owners! Here’s why you Need a Malay Call Center
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When it comes to shopping, Malaysians are upping their game. In fact, 91% of internet users say they have shopped online for an average of $2000+ per person per year in online spending. Furthermore, Malaysia’s e-commerce spending is expected to double from $1.30
Philippines Call Center vs. India – Which Should You Choose?
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There was a time, even as recently as just a few years ago, when India cornered the market on outsourced call center services. The Philippines has since taken over as call center capital of the world, and for many valid reasons. If you’re considering whether to
Benefits of a Spanish Call Center
CallnovoSpanish call center
According to the Instituto Cervantes research center, there are now an estimated 52.6 million people in the US alone who speak Spanish. Furthermore, the US Census Office predicts that the US will have an estimated 138 million Spanish speakers by the year 2050, m
In-House vs. Outsourced Call Center – Which Should You Choose?
English call centeroutsourced call center
As your business grows or you expand into other areas, the time may very well come when assembling a dedicated call center to handle customer care just makes good business sense. Making this decision comes with its own set of subsequent considerations – namely w