Chinese pet products cross-border e-commerce fully enter the US market
The “US priority” policy is bringing further uncertainty to the world and the US economy. American economists predict that if the United States implements the tariff increase on Chinese goods in full, it will lead to a 25% increase in the cost of daily consumpti
Why Work With An eCommerce Call Center?
Many businesses are in need of additional customer service representatives, after hours message takers, and other basic assistance for customers who call in or want to place an order over the phone. By partnering with an eCommerce call center, you have access to
How to help you implement remote assistant services quickly and efficiently?
Global Real Estate Virtual Assistant Interview---Seek the promise of outsourcing and enjoy the quality of service! Hello everyone, welcome to Callnovo's global multilingual customer service outsourcing center. I am the moderator Hannah. Everyone who know
The “Black Friday” after-sales tide is approaching, how should Chinese cross-border sellers achieve a perfect ending?
"Black Friday," the most prominent shopping carnival in the Atlantic. It is not only the last chance for local traditional retailers to improve their annual sales performance, but also an important day for Chinese export cross-border e-commerce sellers to look f
The Initial Construction of Liugong Overseas Customer Service System Has Achieved a Great Success.
On July 1, 2019, Callnovo Call Center was invited to participate in the launching of the Liugong Outsourced Thai call center held at YTK headquarters (YTK is Liugong Thailand Distributor), as  the  overseas multilingual one-stop customer service outsou
How To Pick The Best Call Center For Your Start-Up Or Small Business and Why You Need One
For any business whether big or small, a happy market is the most important measure of your success. Looking after your customers means they'll be back for more and recommend your product or service to their friends. Building a great reputation is especially imp
How Cloud Migration is The Future of Call Center Services
Companies have been alleviating costs by outsourcing their customer service needs to third-party call centers for years. By allowing a separate company to handle their customer calls, they're able to save on networking, infrastructure, and software needs, paying
Top Call Center Trends You Need To Follow
Whether you're running your own or looking to employ one for your own business, understanding the call center market and what is working for the majority is key to making the most informed decisions. We all know customer service is key and the call center mar
How to Vertically Manage Overseas Customer Support and After-Sales Service
According to the Top 50 Global Construction Machinery Manufacturers in 2018 (Yellow Table 2018), China's engineering machinery industry has witnessed strong rebound growth after years of declining sales data since 2017. For example, the excavator 
Customer Recommendation From TP-Link Brazil
 “I would like to take the chance to thank Callnovo Multilingual Call Center for its continuous support to our TP-Link, especially the Portuguese customer service team of Callnovo Bolivia, for their excellent service provided to our customers in South Ameri
How to Develop Overseas Market of Auto Parts
Callnovo provides a one-stop multilingual customer service, outsourcing solutions to one of the largest auto parts importers and distributors in Canada—Tiger Auto Parts. With its combination of English-Spanish and English-French professional customer service tea
How to successfully manage your WeChat official account in China?
As we have explored, WeChat official account is a very powerful tool for growing your business in China but it is also a complex and very different digital eco-system to be working in. Partnering with a local specialist is key. We at Callnovo, a promin
Why you should consider WeChat official account for business in China?
For a WeChat user, adding an official account is practically the same as adding a friend. Users can also send messages to official accounts in the same way as their friends. This creates interesting opportunities to use WeChat official account as a customer