Outsourced Social Media Management

Nowadays every business understands that having a strong social media Management is a very important business decision you will ever make, sometimes more important than having just a website.

A company’s in-house or outsourced call centers nowadays should be called contact centers, because there are so many communications channels between end-customer and company. Social media has become a more and more important channel for marketing, sales and customer service. Worldwide, we can monitor and operate clients’ twitter, facebook and other social account on behalf to achieve the most efficient way to communicate with the public. Specifically, in China, the most important social media is Wechat. Callnovo china contact center will instruct you how to setup the account and help you monitor and manage daily social media activities. Nowadays social media Management plays a vital role in your business.

Facebook known as the social media giant today has over 800 million active users with nearly 500 million people actively using the website daily. Also, there are over 30 million small businesses active pages on Facebook as at now, using the social media platform to reach new customers and further engage existing customers through sharing content and product promotions.

As a business owner, it can be confusing to adapt a service often used for leisure into one that will bring results for your company. And also, managing your brand’s social media presence can be time-consuming and very demanding. This is where we come in.

Callnovo contact center team is experienced in managing your social media channels and convert your social media efforts and investments into more leads and sales. We are specialized in managing top-performing social media campaigns such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, Wechat, Weibo for small and large business. At Callnovo, we employ relevant social media marketing strategies to grow your business, expand your reach and meet your business goals. From managing your brand’s daily content to mediating and monitoring interactions between your fans and followers. Callnovo is there to handle all your running advertising on any social network of choice.
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Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Instant traffic with Social media management

Instant traffic more sales.

Outbound global customer service via the means of an outsourced customer contact center usually proposes the initiative to proactively contact customers from within the enterprise, which is a vital part of the customer contact center service process for some business operations; validating order information, confirming delivery addresses, satisfaction surveys, follow-ups, repair reservations, dealer dispatching, product recalls, upsells, etcetera are all within the responsibility of outbound customer service representatives.

SEo Content with Instant traffic with Social media management

SEO content for your Social Media Pages.

Never have to worry about growing your brand and updating your fans with relevant content. We will help you write fresh unique contents to professionally manage your business’ social media channels. This will ultimately increase engagement, clicks conversions, and lead generation.

Building trust with SEo Content with Instant traffic with Social media management

Building Trust with Prospective Clients.

Callnovo has the advanced social advertising tools and strategies designed to grow your online presence, buіld truѕt and еѕtаblіѕh rеlаtіоnѕhірѕ with роtеntіаl customers. This will totally increase your brand or product awareness, lead generation, increase website traffic and influence sales.Let’s take social media management services off your shoulders, so you can focus on other important business areas to grow your business, increase credibility, fans, followers and establish your relevance today.Whether your business is in real estate, e-commerce, technology, nonprofit organization, manufacturing industry, consumer products whatever the case maybe, our social media management services will definitely position your business for success.Callnovo social media management services will transform your social media presence and optimize your social media channels to satisfy your marketing objectives.

Why Us?

What makes Callnovo a leading global customer service outsourcing partner? The Perfect Blend of Quality People and Cutting-edge Technology



Passionate Client Success Manager guides client through the initial implementation process into the future ongoing long-term high quality customer experience operation success in all languages globally



We screens out qualified talents, guides client through the training and pre-launch assessment, then consistently monitors CSAT, Client monthly review, agent attandance, KPI, as well as team spirit etc.


1 FTE minimum team size; Fast deployment on service team and contact center techonlogy globally; Supporting client scaling up and scaling down quickly

Cost Savings

At a fraction of cost of client in-house hiring, Callnovo as a one-stop provider to handles client global customer service needs with native or near-native speakers, as well as home-grown state-of-the-art technology

Our Process

From onboarding process to the future daily operations, Callnovo makes customer service outsourcing Simple and Relaxing!

Benefits of outsourcing to Callnovo

Through a global optimized deployment solution of qualified talents, cutting-edge technology, and 16-years proven outsourced operations processes, we enable your brand to reach the whole world customers swiftly and cost-effectively

One-stop Solution and One Responsibility

  • - 200+ Languages serving your global customers
  • - Experienced Multilingual Client Success Manager
  • - Expand your business global customer service team at your finger tips
  • - Lessen your burden of managing multiple vendors

24/7 Round the Clock Support

  • - Flexible schedule to match your business changing needs
  • - Uninterrupted service during your holidays and vacations
  • - Client Success Manager oversees the operations while you are off
  • - Callnovo IT team non-stop support behind

Cutting-edge Technology

  • - Latest and advanced voice communication technology
  • - AWS hosted CRM system
  • - Phone, SMS, Social Media, Chat, Email Omni-Channel
  • - Swift activation of ITFN 800 number and global city number
  • - Full Data Secuiryt Measures and GDPR Compliant

Cost Competitive Service

  • - Optimal Multi-site Offshore operation reducing client expenditure on customer care significantly
  • - Design customized deployment stragety for each individule client
  • - SME-Friendly. Minimum size of 1 FTE
  • - No Setup fee. No Hidden fee. No long-term contract

Extensive Experience

  • - Over 16 years experience in contact center
  • - Trusted by US and Canada Governments and 20+ Fortune 500 companies
  • - 1000+ SME support experiences in 40+ industries
  • - Customized platform integration IT solution available