Callnovo’s Global Contact Center Outsourcing Solutions Relieve Software Giant’s Customer Service Pressure

A Japanese customer service representative provides top-quality after-sales tech support to a Big Tech brand's clientele.

The impact of the COVID pandemic has made working from home an unavoidable phenomenon. For people to adjust to working remotely, many technologies have been implemented to assist in the transition. For example, Uda, a newly remote worker who lives in Japan, purchased the latest office software developed by AQ, a reputable software company. However, after one month of normal use, the software suddenly appeared unusable and prompted a warning screen of virus. Fearing that the work information inside the computer would be leaked, Uda had to call AQ’s global customer service hotline for help. AQ is a software company originating in France, and Uda was worried that his English proficiency would not be enough to explain the problem clearly. Fortunately, when Uda asked if he could communicate in Japanese, the other end of the phone immediately switched to fluent Tokyo-accented Japanese.

After learning about the problems Uda faced, the customer service staff of AQ promised to report the Uda’s situation to the technical team as soon as possible to resolve the issue. Uda accepted AQ’s remote technical operation plan and received a call from a technician an hour later. Under the guidance of the technician, he opened a remote connection to investigate the cause of the virus and deleted it. The entire inspection process only lasted half an hour to complete the virus removal, allowing the software to be used normally and completely saving the internal information.

After the service was complete, Uda received a call back from the after-sales customer service team of AQ. The customer service staff apologized for the problems encountered by the user and promised to further improve the software security. To avoid this situation from happening again, the customer service agent explained how the virus invades and introduced several precautions. Uda completely accepted the advice of the customer service and gave a five-star review for the service. The customer service team in the above scenario are Callnovo’s English/Japanese bilingual software technical support representatives, and this was one of many service cases where Callnovo’s global customer service and technical support outsourcing service team helped resolve customer crises and received praise.

A smiling male customer service agent provides a reputable software company’s customers high-quality contact center outsourcing customer service solutions to meet their pre-sales/post-sales service needs.

Not long ago, the global customer service department of AQ was in a situation of internal and external pressure. In order to further enhance its brand influence and service experience in the Asian market, AQ planned to set up a native English/Japanese customer service team and an English/Korean customer service team in the Japanese and Korean markets to satisfy the consumers in these are who are not fluent in English. However, it was difficult for AQ, headquartered in Europe, to find English/Japanese and English/Korean bilingual customer service personnel with authentic accents and able to serve Japanese and Korean software users across time zones. If they go to Japan and South Korea for recruitment, they will face high labor costs, long recruitment cycles, and other difficulties

In order to quickly solve the problem of the customer service personnel shortage, AQ decided to seek help from Callnovo’s global contact center outsourcing operations. Callnovo was able to implement the English/Japanese customer service and English/Korean customer service in the Japanese and Korean markets, as well as provide additional English, German, French, Spanish and other language support ​​in the European market.

This is not the first time Callnovo has cooperated with AQ. Since April 2021, Callnovo has been providing a 24/7 English/Spanish bilingual customer care solution for AQ’s customer base in the North American market. At present, this team has been operating successfully for more than a year. The continuing success of this customer service operation has expanded the team from 2 CSR’s to more than 10.

In a nice-looking call center office, customer service reps provide top-tier technical support to their respective tech brands’ customers.

Currently, the job responsibilities of Callnovo’s customized multilingual online customer service team for AQ include:

  • Providing pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale services of consumer software, such as product consultation, refund processing, order payment question answering, order cancellation, order information change, closing software accounts, and canceling software subscriptions.
  • Providing software installation and user guidance, and remotely handling software incompatibility problems that occur.
  • Receiving and listening to customer complaints, appease customers and actively solving customer demands, recording and regularly reporting software bugs, and promoting the overall improvement of customer satisfaction.
  • Updating the activation code for customers who cannot activate the software, and printing and mailing the invoice to the customer after the order is completed.
  • Proactively sending reminder emails to customers whose software subscription is about to expire to prevent affecting work progress of customers due to software expiration.
  • Regularly conducting customer return visits by telephone, understanding and recording customer experiences and reviewing feedback to the core team to improve product service experience.

All the customer service candidates we select have a fluent language communication level and a college degree or above, have at least two years of front-line customer service work experience and basic computer software operation knowledge. Only such a high-quality contact center outsourcing customer service team can quickly grasp the customer service points of the project, reduce the pre-job training cost and training time, and quickly go online to relieve the customer service pressure of AQ, so that the project can quickly enter a stable operation period.

A Callnovo Contact Center customer service representative provides superb technical support solutions to an eCommerce brand.

The impact of the global pandemic and local conflicts has caused many European and American companies to face the dilemma of “difficulty in recruiting” and “labor shortages”. Many front-line workers across the European continent have directly or indirectly withdrawn from the labor market after receiving government subsidies, resulting in as many as 4 million vacant jobs.  During this difficult time, Callnovo Contact Center’s global contact center outsourcing customer service operations looks forward to working side by side with new and existing clients, carrying out in-depth cooperation, providing customized multilingual global customer service outsourcing resources, solving labor shortage problems, reducing customer service operating costs, and contributing to global economic recovery.


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