No long term commitment, you are using our service on-demand. With this service, you get

  • Outbound interviewers in native languages from our call centers from China, Philippines and many other countries. The outbound interviewers will be very professionally trained of your product or service so that they can talk with the interviewees on behalf of your company professionally.

  • CATI software. We use advanced open-source CATI software so you can check the result real-time on the cloud.
  • Single Point of Contact. You don’t need to contact different manager in different team. Callnovo will assign a single POC for you so that you can easily manage the multi-language call center.
  • Advanced Call Center platform. Full function of call center hi-tech, including Auto-dialer, predictive-dialer, preview-dialer, DNC management etc.
  • Team Leaders, Trainers, QA specialists from global call centers. The call center team leaders, trainers, QA specialists are optional depending on your specific operation requirements.
  • You will get all real-time recordings on the cloud for monitoring and training purposes.
  • Conference Call. Our platform also allow you connect into the conversation for multiple-party conference calls.
  • You will have access to all the call report in details, such as call time, talk length, call disposition, etc.

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