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Callnovo’s native Chinese call center solutions enable you to focus on the Greater China Region as well as overseas market expansion in Chinese communities.

Why Chinese Language Market Is So Important

Chinese Call Center Global Business Language

Chinese is a Vital Global Business Language

The most populous country in the world, China is also the second largest global economy after the US. China is home to over 1.3 billion people and one of the most ancient, well preserved and guarded cultures in the world. Additionally, over 50 million Chinese emigrants have formed ethnically distinct Chinese communities in major cities around the globe. The Chinese people are very proud and protective of their cultural traditions. Any company that intends to do business with the Chinese market must adapt to their various languages and regional ways of thinking if they plan to have success. Callnovo’s Chinese call center agents have a native knowledge of China’s regional languages, traditions and cultural nuances, and can expertly help your business access and navigate this massive complex market.

Building the Future Business with Chinese Call Center

Building the Future Business

China is a very positive, hopeful and forward looking nation and one of the great superpower nations of the planet. The booming upper-middle class has more than doubled in size since 2010, and is expected to double again by 2020, when affluent households are projected to exceed 100 million. That’s a lot of new disposable income! However, as a culture the people are also very loyal and protective of their traditions and language, making China one of the most daunting nations in business to localize for. Social media within China has polarized the market even further, with Chinese consumers quickly accepting or dismissing foreign businesses based on “word of mouth.” Furthermore, less than 1% of the Chinese population speaks English, requiring import companies to rise above business-as-usual. If only your company could reach this market on their wavelength, you would have a good chance to build loyal customer relationships to help carry your business into the future. Callnovo’s Chinese call centers can help bridge the span between your business and this highly lucrative marketplace.

What Callnovo’s Native Chinese Call Center Can Do for You?

Callnovo Shares Chinese Market Insights from 15 years experience

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