Indonesian-Bahasa Indonesia (literally “the language of Indonesia”) is the official language of Indonesia. Callnovo’s Indonesian outsourced call center enables you to access one of the world’s largest emerging economies, Indonesia. Outsource your Indonesian Sales, Customer Service and Tech Support with us and we will assist your growth in the Indonesian language market.

What Callnovo’s Indonesian Speaking Call Center Can Do for You

  • Customer Retention in Bahasa Indonesian
  • Fraud Monitoring and Investigations in Bahasa Indonesian
  • Indonesian Social Media Management
  • Market Survey in Bahasa Indonesian
  • Amazon Seller Customer Service in Bahasa Indonesian
  • Ebay Seller Customer Service in Bahasa Indonesian
  • Aliexpress Seller Customer Service in Bahasa Indonesian
  • Lazada Customer Service in Bahasa Indonesia
  • WeChat, BBM Customer Service in Bahasa Indonesia
  • Customer Service in Bahasa Indonesian
  • Technical Support in Bahasa Indonesian (Level I, Level II and Level III Support)
  • Sales, Cross-Sell and Up-Sell in Bahasa Indonesian
  • Back Office in Bahasa Indonesian
  • E-Mail Support in Bahasa Indonesian
  • Live Chat in Bahasa Indonesian
  • Phone Answering in Bahasa Indonesian
  • Order Management in Bahasa Indonesian

Why the Indonesian Language Speaking Market Is So Important?

  • Indonesia is the world’s 4th most populous country (260 million), after China, India & USA.
  • Indonesia has the world’s #1 largest Islamic population (205 million Muslims).
  • Indonesia’s economy is the largest in South-East Asia at US $1 trillion.
  • Indonesia is the world’s 6th largest Emerging Market, after Brazil, Russia, India, China (BRIC) and Mexico.
  • Indonesia has the 5th most internet users in the world (132 million).
  • Indonesia’s e-commerce sales were US $5.65 billion in 2016, and projected to surpass $14 billion in the next five years as the number of online shoppers is expected to double.
  • Indonesia’s total imports have grown from US $98.7 billion in 2009 to $178 billion as of 2014.

Indonesian Language Consumer Market Information

  • Indonesia is the world’s third largest democracy, after India & USA.
  • Indonesia’s population is scattered and culturally diverse, with over 300 distinct ethnicities living on more than 6000 inhabited islands spread out over almost 2 million sq. kms of ocean.
  • The nation’s motto is: “Unity in Diversity” or “Many, Yet One.”
  • Indonesia’s is a relatively young population with a median age of 29.9 years, making half the population younger than age 30, and half older.
  • Indonesia has the world’s 4th most Facebook users (77 million), 3rd most Twitter users (24 million), and world’s #1 most BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) users (91 million).
  • BBM Messenger (including BBM Money instant mobile payments) for Android is the most popular smartphone app in Indonesia.
  • Despite the huge number of users, Indonesia’s social network usage by percentage of population (34%) is among the lowest in the entire Asia-Pacific region (average 63%).
  • Online Indonesians are best approached with a mobile first strategy. Almost half the population (43%) is accessing the internet via smartphone, the highest rate in South-East Asia.
  • Indonesia has 326.3 million active SIM subscriptions, 126% of the total population, indicating many citizens own more than one mobile device.
  • Indonesian online shoppers have almost doubled from 4.6 million in 2013 to 8.7 million in 2016.
  • Indonesian e-commerce is booming with a variety of online marketplaces competing for a piece of the pie, including Lazada (acquired by Alibaba), Zalora, Tokopedia, MatahariMall, Blibli, OLX, KasKus and Bukalapak.com