Outsourced Sales Call Center

Cross-sells, Up-sells, Win-back

Callnovo Outsourced Sales Call Center team has full experience in Cross-sells, Up-sells, and Win-back. The China call center team always work with client together to design the most optimal strategy to achieve client marketing and sales team objectives in Cross-sells, Up-sells, and Win-back.

Inbound B2B and B2C Sales

Inbound Customer Service is very crucial to client not only because of the importance of revenue generation, but also because client marketing team’s efforts, strategy, budget are all relying on inbound call center team. As a result, the management strategy of inbound call center sales team is different than outbound call center team. Callnovo one stop multi language inbound sales team has more than 10 years in Inbound Customer Service experience in different industries and regions. We really know how to maximize the sales closing rate and motivate the sales team in every single hour.

Outbound B2B and B2C Sales

Callnovo Outsourced Sales Call Center service is a money generator for your business. With more than 10 years B2B and B2C outbound telemarketing experience in different industries and in different regions, such as Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, US, Canada, Australia, UK, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, we deeply know how to sell on your behalf. Callnovo call center outsourcing team has talents in different industries with different language skills. We are flexible to match clients’ needs. Starting with 1 telemarketer or 300 telemarketer? No problem, Callnovo one stop multi language outbound call center outsourcing team is happy to work with you in any flexible way.

Our past experiences in sales call center outsourcing

Some sales outsourcing call center clients examples

(Confidentiality agreements with some of our clients preclude us from providing a complete list)

Chinese Call Center
English Call Center
French Call Center
Indonesian Call Center
Japanese Call Center
Malay Call Center
Portuguese Call Center
Korean Call Center
Russian Call Center
Spanish Call Center
Thai Call Center
Vietnamese Call Center

Why Us?

What makes Callnovo a leading global customer service outsourcing partner? The Perfect Blend of Quality People and Cutting-edge Technology



Passionate Client Success Manager guides client through the initial implementation process into the future ongoing long-term high quality customer experience operation success in all languages globally



We screens out qualified talents, guides client through the training and pre-launch assessment, then consistently monitors CSAT, Client monthly review, agent attandance, KPI, as well as team spirit etc.


1 FTE minimum team size; Fast deployment on service team and contact center techonlogy globally; Supporting client scaling up and scaling down quickly

Cost Savings

At a fraction of cost of client in-house hiring, Callnovo as a one-stop provider to handles client global customer service needs with native or near-native speakers, as well as home-grown state-of-the-art technology

Our Process

From onboarding process to the future daily operations, Callnovo makes customer service outsourcing Simple and Relaxing!

Benefits of outsourcing to Callnovo

Through a global optimized deployment solution of qualified talents, cutting-edge technology, and 16-years proven outsourced operations processes, we enable your brand to reach the whole world customers swiftly and cost-effectively

One-stop Solution and One Responsibility

  • - 200+ Languages serving your global customers
  • - Experienced Multilingual Client Success Manager
  • - Expand your business global customer service team at your finger tips
  • - Lessen your burden of managing multiple vendors

24/7 Round the Clock Support

  • - Flexible schedule to match your business changing needs
  • - Uninterrupted service during your holidays and vacations
  • - Client Success Manager oversees the operations while you are off
  • - Callnovo IT team non-stop support behind

Cutting-edge Technology

  • - Latest and advanced voice communication technology
  • - AWS hosted CRM system
  • - Phone, SMS, Social Media, Chat, Email Omni-Channel
  • - Swift activation of ITFN 800 number and global city number
  • - Full Data Secuiryt Measures and GDPR Compliant

Cost Competitive Service

  • - Optimal Multi-site Offshore operation reducing client expenditure on customer care significantly
  • - Design customized deployment stragety for each individule client
  • - SME-Friendly. Minimum size of 1 FTE
  • - No Setup fee. No Hidden fee. No long-term contract

Extensive Experience

  • - Over 16 years experience in contact center
  • - Trusted by US and Canada Governments and 20+ Fortune 500 companies
  • - 1000+ SME support experiences in 40+ industries
  • - Customized platform integration IT solution available