By the nature of the service provided, inbound call centers are driven by the primary goals of achieving customer satisfaction and call resolution. Having an inbound call center is simply a must-have for any business that wants to expand, achieve growth and most importantly win the customers trust, confidence and continued loyalty. In this article, we focus solely on the business benefits of and requirements for an Inbound Call Center.

Why Your Business Needs an Inbound Call Center

When it comes to customer service, there are certain aspects that cause an inordinate amount of frustration to clients or potential clients. Some of these include:

  • Not having the facility to speak directly to a company representative.
  • Having to wait for a response on email for days at a time.
  • Not having the option of service that’s available 24/7 or caters to the client’s time zone.
  • Not having an option to chat with a person real-time online instead of having to use the phone.
  • Not having a toll-free number to contact.
  • Not having a representative who speaks the client’s language.

While technology does make life easier in that people have multiple channels of communication with companies, a lot of people still prefer speaking to an actual person and getting the sense that problems will get resolved. Having a quality inbound contact center will ensure that you are able to address all of these and do so much more to achieve customer satisfaction and retain customer loyalty.

The Benefits of an Inbound Call Center

By working with an inbound call center, your company will benefit in a number of different ways:

  • Customers will be more likely to recommend your business to others if you have a strong inbound call support system in place.
  • You will not have to dedicate any additional resources to handling calls. Your team can focus on tasks only they can accomplish while the call center staff handles inbound calls.
  • You do not have the expenses associated with hiring employees or setting up your own call center. These expenses can quickly add up when you factor in employee salary and benefits, facility costs, equipment costs, and other costs.
  • Call center management will handle agent training, monitoring, and other tasks. You can be completely hands-off yet still trust that your inbound calls will be handled quickly and professionally.
  • Your customers will be able to get help or answers to questions more quickly, improving your overall customer satisfaction.
  • Because customers are more satisfied with your company, they are likely to shop at your business again.
  • Customers may make more over-the-phone orders outside of business hours because it’s more convenient for them and they know they can rely on your after-hours call center team.
  • Strong inbound customer support will improve customer loyalty and decrease the chance that your customers will be lured away by your competitors.

What Every Inbound Call Center Should Have

There are certain features that inbound call centers should ideally have and the more you have of these the better as customers get added flexibility and more service options:

24/7 Availability

Customers love being able to reach someone any time of day, especially when they are time-crunched otherwise with responsibilities or activities.

Toll-free Number

Nobody wants to pay to deal with a problem that seems to arise from the specific product or service they’ve purchased.

Ease of Communication

Agents should ideally be multi-lingual or proficient in the more widely used languages together with the one or ones that are being used locally.

Skill, Training, and Empathy

Agents should be skilled at handling calls and be adequately trained to carry out their responsibilities effectively. It is also just important that agents display empathy, understanding, and ownership to achieve the first-call resolution. Agents should be thoroughly trained to handle your needs, including any special circumstances or tasks your customers may have.

Technologically Sound

Inbound contact centers should have technology in place that makes it easy for customers to contact you, monitor calls for feedback purposes, enable agents to work with the least amount of distraction, and enables you to survey customer satisfaction.


Your call center should be able to scale up or down your services as needed. You will likely grow your business over the years, and the ideal call center will be able to dedicate more resources to your needs as you do.

A Large Staff of Professional Agents

The call center provider should understand their own needs and grow their staff when it’s necessary so that they can continually provide call coverage for all clients and scale client services as needed.

What Does it Take to Begin Working with an Inbound Call Center?

Partnering with an inbound call center provider requires very little work on your end. First, you have to select the call center provider you want to work with. You can use the list above to evaluate call centers and determine which meet your needs.

After you have selected your provider, you will need to work with them to set up training for their agents. In some cases, you may have very little additional training or specialized services that the agents need to understand. In other cases, you may need to share the training resources you built in-house to the call center. If you don’t have any training materials, you may have to create them or work with the call center to put together a training course.

Once the call center has trained your agents, you have very little to do. You may need to address some unexpected issues in the first few weeks or months in order to fine-tune the system, but that is the extent of your involvement unless you need to change or scale your services.

Why Callnovo Should be Your First Choice Inbound Call Center Provider

Callnovo has been in the Outsourced Contact Center service industry for more than 15 years. We offer customized solutions that cater to your company’s specific needs. Some of our key features include, but are not limited to:

  • Multilingual Capability (35+ languages)
  • Fully trained Agents
  • Quality Assurance
  • Latest cloud-based call center Contact Center Technology
  • 24/7/365 Availability
  • Confidential data protection
  • Cost-effectiveness with a personal touch
  • Reporting and other management functions

Now is the time to successfully improve your brand's customer service experience; take action today to maximize on your long-term market benefits!

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