Contact Center Outsourcing: It’s Advantages & How Our Own Callnovo Can Help You Begin

Contact Center Outsourcing: It’s Advantages & How Our Own Callnovo Can Help You Begin

A few Fortune 500 company executives take the time to meet regarding the short-and-long-term advantages to outsourcing their non-core business functions.

For go-global businesses penetrating international markets with their products/services to find market domination and increase brand reputation/loyalty through sustainable sales margins/long-term market share, business processing outsourcing (BPO) is a grand necessity – as, by outsourcing business functions, your business can efficiently/effectively maximize on international sales opportunities while minimizing operational overhead, improving efficiency/effectivity of administration, operations, and your various departments’ functions, reducing operations/resource costs, and adding value to your brand. In this article, we’ll focus on general customer service outsourcing/BPO outsourcing advantages and then provide info. on how our very own Callnovo Contact Center can help you start to build solid international brand growth/global sales success via our superb customer service outsourcing solutions.

What’s Customer Service Outsourcing?

Call center outsourcing/contact center outsourcing (synonymous with business process outsourcing) refers to:

“hiring/contracting external BPOs/call centers/contact centers in an effort to handle business processes (core and/or non-core depending on each businesses’ particular outsourcing needs) efficiently/effectively – in particular when it comes to customer engagement.”

Following the above, outsourced customer service organizations handle all human resourcing (HR)/training of call center personnel (management, team leaders, operations, virtual assistants, sales agents, customer service representatives [CSRs], etc.), as well as all client/customer communications. As such, the immediate goal of call center outsourcing is: global companies – like your own – can focus time/energy on other key areas – such as: product development/manufacturing, content creation, and sales – rather than assigning additional personnel to handle such tasks; the long-term goal/benefit is that businesses can cut costs while extending net profit and enjoy superb customer engagement dividends that bring long-term brand growth, brand loyalty, and brand reputation while increasing international customer acquisition/retention numbers.

What’re Some Customer Service Outsourcing Benefits?

Since we have a quick overview provided on what call center/contact center outsourcing is and what outsourced BPOs do, let’s review some short-and-long-term advantages customer service outsourcing solutions bring to go-global businesses like your own:

Reduced Costs

BPO outsourcing – especially in reference to customer service (CS) – can help your global business save on infrastructural, equipment & utility, operation, and labor costs by 15%+; there’s no cap, and businesses can reduce costs to the max – dependent upon the number of business operations outsourced and any other changes you desire to implement internally. Some cost-savings examples are:

  • Labor costs – such as: salaries, payroll taxes, medical insurance, travel allowance, and pension plans,
  • Training/Recruitment Costs – such as: initial experience training, sales training, customer service soft-skills training, recruiter bonuses, personnel acquisition/recruitment, and recruiter website fees, and
  • Workspace, Equipment & Utility Expense Costs – such as: office space rental & maintenance, workspace expansion, construction, computer equipment, headsets, microphones, VoIP and/or Telecom. fees, and electricity, etc.

Complete Service w/out Limitations

Tailored customer service outsourcing solutions allow your business to provide high-quality service 24/7 through omnichannel, multilingual communication support that meets customers where they’re at and when they need service; furthermore, as call centers have operations centers worldwide that can provide native language speaking service personnel, nothing gets lost in translation – and quality customer interactions that follow cultural norms are fostered, leading to high-quality CX that enhances brands through long-term customer loyalty.

Improved Time Efficiency

Outsourced contact centers can also help your go-global company more efficiently utilize time/energy – as outsourced call centers handle internally the interviewing, hiring, training, and continual operations of all service personnel – ensuring the following:

Risk Mitigation Associated w/ Lack of Industry Experience

Let’s face it: every business specializes in specific industry fields – including yours; if customer service and/or other business processes would be a weak point, then customer service outsourcing solutions will ensure the risks associated with non-specialized service personnel handling special operations processes are properly mitigated/resolved – accomplished by having partnered call centers provide service personnel experienced in their fields who can handle/provide special attention to the operations processes your business isn’t specialized in, leading to improved brand reputation – and evading that it becomes tarnished.

Callnovo Contact Center’s Outsourcing Solutions – a Worthwhile Means to Start Building International Brand Growth/Global Sales Success

Four prominent customer service representatives provide superb technical support/troubleshooting solutions to a go-global eCommerce vacuum company based in Asia.

So your global brand can benefit from the above-mentioned customer service outsourcing advantages and build international brand success, our very own Callnovo Contact Center – a globally-outsourced 17+ tenure international call center leader/CS expert – is ready to highly support your business with multilingual, omnichannel customer service outsourcing solutions that make your desire for a dominant competitive drive in the global sales market a reality.

To ensure your business grandly capitalizes on the above-mentioned outsourcing advantages, we can ensure your business benefits from:

  • Improved Cost-savings – from recruitment/training, to operations management, to brand success; since our pricing is comprehensive and affordable, our contact center helps you save on incurred costs – such as HR/recruitment expenses, office space rental, and employee salaries w/ benefits.
  • Complete Service w/out Limits: with our own tailored plans that include omnichannel, multilingual customer support, your business can ensure its clients/customers aren’t lacking in service solutions, making sure they receive the right service, via the right channels, at the right time – leading to maximization in customers’ satisfaction/CX – without limits.
  • Native Language Services: our own native language support ensures you can professionally meet customers’ needs rapidly/efficiently, conforming to cultural expectations and improving customer acquisition/retention numbers.


Outsourcing can take your brand to the next level, allowing you to venture out into other international sales markets and gain from global sales competition that brings substantial increases in long-term market share and global brand success. To help you accomplish this endeavor, our very own Callnovo Contact Center offers a comprehensive multilingual, omnichannel customer service outsourcing solution to help your business take advantage of the global market and in-turn increase its brand’s reputation/success, leading to long-term, global sales success.


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