Outsourced Global Customer Service

CX-Centric Competitive-Edge Strategy for Global Market Expansion

An exceptional multilingual and omnichannel customer service experience that surpasses customer expectations and continuously improves customer satisfaction is a long-term strategic way for brands to succeed; Callnovo extremely values your customers and is delightedly committed to providing your customers personalized outsourced customer service solutions that guarantee wonderful customer satisfaction experiences that would give your business a strong competitive edge in the global market.

If your business or corporation would be looking for an exemplary customer service call center provider that successfully provides omnichannel customer service throughout all communication and telecom channels (i.e telephone, SMS messaging, e-mail, live web chat, and social media) with global coverage and multilingual capability, then Callnovo is most definitely your preferred choice; with experience in more than 40 industries – as well as more than 16+ years of outsourced customer service experience – our client success managers are 100% committed and guaranteed to take care of all customer service responsibilities as well as each detail of the entire process of customer service system operations — including: the obtaining of client toll-free 1–800 toll-free numbers, the designing and recording of IVRs, the configuration of all telephone systems and CRM settings, the recruitment and training of all customer service representatives (CSRs), quality assurance, communications, follow-ups, operation feedback, the organization of meetings, recording and monitoring — plus, so much more. In addition to the above, Callnovo’s information technology (IT) team uses leading cloud communication and CRM platforms to cater to all brands’ specific requirements; likewise the IT team handles ticket management, phone recordings, SMS messaging, social media, Amazon Sellers, and Shopify Sellers, as well as advanced reporting and other functions in one perfectly-integrated platform.

Our global multilingual customer service team provides SME and Fortune 500 companies in various industries complete coverage 24/7/365 in 10 key locations throughout the world and in over 35 native languages – including, but not limited to, the following languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin / Cantonese, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Malay, and African Swahili – all so that businesses and corporations can successfully expand their global market opportunities; furthermore, our global coverage successfully reaches 5 billion people and counting worldwide – without locational limits nor time restrictions. We likewise not only arrange highly flexible CSR shift scheduling plans to meet your actual needs – but, we are also proud to be able to customize our global customer service and CRM solutions for every company’s needs regardless of your demographical reach or various verticals.

Cost optimization is an extremely important common goal for both your business / corporation and for ours – so, we guarantee an improved global customer service operation experience from a managerial and contact center technology perspective to achieve maximum cost reduction, improving our clients’ service efficiency; for large projects, we use the contact center industry’s most advanced Workforce Resource Management (WFM) software to manage the complex dynamics of the call center team. Callnovo’s customer service management team always makes it their top priority to provide clients the profitable benefits of working with a cost-efficient contact center; we know how to successfully turn customer complaints into huge business growth opportunities, guaranteeing positive five-star reviews as we regularly analyze operational data to obtain even more valuable opportunities that increase corporate profits and boost sales revenue.

Our outstanding global customer service outsourcing process strategy successfully generates strong brand value for every company; Callnovo’s honorable 16+ years’ experience in global customer service outsourcing management and contact center technology has generously brought us global clients in various industries (such industries as: travel, consumer electronics, government visas, cross-border e-commerce, medical equipment, security, education, transportation, machinery, chemical, gaming, etcetera) who have already awarded us for their sales success and have also spoken highly of our business.

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Inbound Global Customer Service via an Outsourced Customer Call Center

Inbound global customer service via the means of an outsourced customer contact center entails providing global customer service system operations after having received consumer requests via the various communication and telecom channels that are available (i.e. phone calls, SMS messaging, live web chat with integrated conversational AI (Artificial intelligence), e-mail, and social media); this includes pre-sales inquiries – such as: business consulting and product / service inquiries) and during-sales and post-sales inquiries – such as: package inquiries, parts checking, troubleshooting, product replacements and returns, account issues, billing issues, and technical support. Customer service representatives usually utilize customer relationship management (CRM) systems or client backends to obtain customer order or account information so that they may communicate with customers to successfully solve their problems.

Outbound Global Customer Service via an Outsourced Customer Call Center

Outbound global customer service via the means of an outsourced customer contact center usually proposes the initiative to proactively contact customers from within the enterprise, which is a vital part of the customer contact center service process for some business operations; validating order information, confirming delivery addresses, satisfaction surveys, follow-ups, repair reservations, dealer dispatching, product recalls, upsells, etcetera are all within the responsibility of outbound customer service representatives.

Callnovo Contact Center's Popular Service Features

Various customer service outsourcing cases

(Confidentiality agreements with some of our clients prohibit us from providing a complete list.)

Chinese Call Center
English Call Center
French Call Center
Indonesian Call Center
Japanese Call Center
Malay Call Center
Portuguese Call Center
Korean Call Center
Russian Call Center
Spanish Call Center
Thai Call Center
Vietnamese Call Center

Why Us?

What makes Callnovo a leading global customer service outsourcing partner? The Perfect Blend of Quality People and Cutting-edge Technology



Passionate Client Success Manager guides client through the initial implementation process into the future ongoing long-term high quality customer experience operation success in all languages globally



We screens out qualified talents, guides client through the training and pre-launch assessment, then consistently monitors CSAT, Client monthly review, agent attandance, KPI, as well as team spirit etc.


1 FTE minimum team size; Fast deployment on service team and contact center techonlogy globally; Supporting client scaling up and scaling down quickly

Cost Savings

At a fraction of cost of client in-house hiring, Callnovo as a one-stop provider to handles client global customer service needs with native or near-native speakers, as well as home-grown state-of-the-art technology

Our Process

From onboarding process to the future daily operations, Callnovo makes customer service outsourcing Simple and Relaxing!

Step 1

Request for a Quote

Full out our web quote form or communicate with our team directly about your needs

Step 2

Callnovo Customize solution
Callnovo business team will customize an outsourced operation stragety and technology solution for your current size and needs, and will quote the price to you

Step 3
Sign Agreement We will send an e-agreement for you to review and sign. Only minimum 6 months with 1 FTE minimum team size
Step 4

We Build Your Team
Callnovo HR departement will start to match candidates in your field from our candidates pool. We will assess candidates language skills and service skills.

Step 5

Connect Technology Solution
Callnovo IT department will start to customzie CRM and implement contact channel inter-connection, as well as other integration work if needed

Step 6

Training and Onboarding
Client Success Manager will be focused and fully involve through out this most important step. We will closely communicate the monitor each single details to ensure the success

Step 7

Go-Live and Expanding

Callnovo outsourced team begins to work just like a genuune extension of your in-house contact center team, providing world-class CX functions to assit your company grow.

Benefits of outsourcing to Callnovo

Through a global optimized deployment solution of qualified talents, cutting-edge technology, and 16-years proven outsourced operations processes, we enable your brand to reach the whole world customers swiftly and cost-effectively

One-stop Solution and One Responsibility

  • - 200+ Languages serving your global customers
  • - Experienced Multilingual Client Success Manager
  • - Expand your business global customer service team at your finger tips
  • - Lessen your burden of managing multiple vendors

24/7 Round the Clock Support

  • - Flexible schedule to match your business changing needs
  • - Uninterrupted service during your holidays and vacations
  • - Client Success Manager oversees the operations while you are off
  • - Callnovo IT team non-stop support behind

Cutting-edge Technology

  • - Latest and advanced voice communication technology
  • - AWS hosted CRM system
  • - Phone, SMS, Social Media, Chat, Email Omni-Channel
  • - Swift activation of ITFN 800 number and global city number
  • - Full Data Secuiryt Measures and GDPR Compliant

Cost Competitive Service

  • - Optimal Multi-site Offshore operation reducing client expenditure on customer care significantly
  • - Design customized deployment stragety for each individule client
  • - SME-Friendly. Minimum size of 1 FTE
  • - No Setup fee. No Hidden fee. No long-term contract

Extensive Experience

  • - Over 16 years experience in contact center
  • - Trusted by US and Canada Governments and 20+ Fortune 500 companies
  • - 1000+ SME support experiences in 40+ industries
  • - Customized platform integration IT solution available